Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why Liberalism fails.

Liberals begin with a flawed premise, and their beliefs go downhill from there. In my last post, I pointed out the Conservative Answer to Piracy, and now, friends, I'm going to explain why an armed Population is the answer to crime, and terrorism. 

We've all watched in horror the attacks, and cold blooded murders that happened in India this last week. It took hours for the Police to make any kind of response that was potentially efective. This is because, Police Forces are not designed, nor are they prepared, for a true Terrorist attack. 

The purpose of the Police is to determine if a crime has been committed, capture, and arrest the suspect, gather evidence for the court, and carry out their duties with so many conflicting policies that describe the actions they must take in forty thousand situations, that they are utterly useless in a true emergency. 

I was in the Army at the time of the Norco Shootout. I can remember shaking my head as I watched it on Television. The Police were acting like Police, instead of like Soldiers in a war. They were in a war, and were responding exactly as they had been trained, only they were not trained for this. One officer, who was certainly couragous, drove his police cruiser right at one of the gunmen in the street. Then just as he'd been trained, he slammed on the brakes, and jumped out of the car to effect the arrest of the suspect. 

The Army answer would have been a little simpler. I would have driven the car over him, then backed up to make sure I'd finished the job. That, is what I was trained to do. That's the problem. When you face a situation that is stressful, surprising, and especially one that is dangerous, you react as you've been trained to react. You go with what you're trained to do. Police, they are still trying to arrest the bad guys, even when the Bad guys are not committing crimes per se, but an armed attack on innocents. The Police want time to negotiate, allow the superiors to decide what actions should be taken. The Soldier wants to kill the enemy, because that is what he's trained to do. That's the purpose of a Military, kill the enemy, and break things, or be prepared to do so on a moments notice. 

Imagine the lives that could have been saved in India if the population at large was armed

Mr D'Souza added: "I told some policemen the gunmen had moved towards the rear of the station but they refused to follow them. What is the point if having policemen with guns if they refuse to use them? I only wish I had a gun rather than a camera."
 Mr. D'Souza doesn't seem to understand that only when we're disarmed, are we supposedly safe. Safe to the attackers. A handful of armed men were able to run roughshod over the hundreds of victims, killing many of them, wounding many more. So far, there are more than three hundred dead, and the Terrorists wanted to kill as many as five thousand. Why do we allow ourselves to remain sheep people of the world? The Sheepdog can't protect all of us, so why are we allowing ourselves to remain sheep? 

Take this situation in India, and imagine, just imagine for a moment if a vast majority of the population was armed. Five men walk in with automatic rifles, and begin to spray bullets around, striking many. Let's be fair, and say that three seconds pass while people are brain frozen, unable to think that this is real. Then they start to seek cover from the flying bullets. Now, here is where the bad times happen. In the reality of the attack in India, all the people could do was hide, and wait to die. If everyone had access to a firearm, the attack would have ended there as a hundred people started to shoot back. Final count of the dead and wounded? Let's say ten or twenty dead civilians. Five dead terrorists, and twice as many wounded. Far better than the three hundred dead we see so far. 

The Wild West wasn't this wild, and not because machine guns and assault rifles hadn't been invented. Most of the people were armed. Most of the people who went west were veterans of the Civil War. You couldn't have fought at Gettysburg and then been impressed with some young punk with a six shooter. You already knew what to do, so you did it again. 

Arm the population, and watch attacks like these end up in the historical sections of the news, instead of in our headlines. Arm the population, and let them defend themselves against the wolves. The wolf avoids the more dangerous prey, the wolf leaves the Wolverine alone. The Wolf may win the fight, but will be so injured himself that it's the last meal he ever has. An armed population is a people which is easily as dangerous to terrorists as the Tasmanian Devil is to anything that it gets annoyed at. 

So people, are you ready to stop being sheep? Waiting for the sheep dog to come and rescue you? Are you ready to become far more dangerous prey to those who would attack, rob, rape, or murder you? The Answer just may save your life, or the lives of your children one day.

As I said before, no one mugs a cop, because they don't want to get killed. 

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Conservative answer to Piracy

The news headlines of late seem to be perpetually filled with stories of Pirates from Somalia who are seizing more and more ships nearly every week. They are of course, the most often reported, however they are not the only pirates on the seas. So the obvious question, why is the world continuing to use the obviously ineffective Liberal response of disarming and trusting your fellow man, and in the event of danger, calling for help? 

The arguments are numerous, and they're all based on the simple lie that violence doesn't solve a problem. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Violence is the best answer for Violent Criminals. No one mugs a cop in uniform on the street. Not because they might get arrested, because they will get shot, probably killed. By the same token, the Pirates don't attack Military Ships. Not because there will be protests in the United Nations. Because the Military ship of any one of the worlds Navy will fire back and sink them. 

So why don't we arm the Commercial vessels of the world? Why don't we allow them to fight back instead? The Shipping companies worry about escalating violence. That argument is flatly nonsense. The Wolf may attack a dog, but he prefers the lamb, so why would you take the guaranteed victimhood route of the lamb? 

International law frowns on the use of force to resist. Phooey. Ladies and Gentlemen. Shoot the bastards. Sink their boats, and if they happen to survive, wish them well as you sail the hell away from them.

One of the warnings from conservatives after 9-11 is we would forget the lessons of that day. The world never really learned those lessons. The first lesson is if someone attacks you, threatens you with violence, you fight back. The passengers on the planes which co-operated and went along with the hijackers died just like the passengers of Flight 93. Yet, the Terrorists goals were achieved on the other three flights, and not on Flight 93. It's also possible that had everyone attacked at once on 93, that the Terrorists themselves would have been the only ones dead at the end of the day. We know that the passengers saved the aircraft in the case of the shoe bomber Abdul Raheem (one question, if he changed his name to reflect his Muslim Religious Beliefs, why don't we respect his desire instead of calling him by his western name Richard Reid) don't we? In that case, he tried to light his shoe bomb and was tackled by the passengers and duck taped to the seat. 

So why don't we arm the merchant vessels of the world? By putting two or three .50 cal Machine Guns on the ships, you could fire on the Pirates at up to a mile away. It would end the ability of the Pirates to seize your ship with small light craft. Forcing them to use heavier boats to survive your fire to get in closer. Larger but still easy to use guns are also available. The latter would force the Pirates to use virtual Frigates to seize your ship. This is the tactic that essentially ended the era of Piracy in the 1600's. 

The Pirates started out using small fast boats to attack the merchant Vessels. When the Merchant Vessels armed themselves with Cannon, the Pirates had to get larger ships, and more men to run those ships. This gathered them together, and allowed the Navy to hunt them down and destroy them. 

Yet this painfully obvious answer, arming the victim to remove them from the prey category is the one we won't use. Why? The world is run by asinine liberals who think someone in authority is the only ones authorized to use force. Phooey. I'm a conservative, and I believe that anyone who is threatened should be allowed to use whatever force is deemed necessary by the law abiding person to defend themselves. 

Personally, I suggest that the Merchant ships be armed. If they are attacked and the Pirates survive the sinking of their fragile wooden boats, throw some chum into the water to attract the sharks before sailing away leaving them in the water. Make Piracy a job with a guaranteed death, and you'll see Piracy return to the asterisk of criminal reports in the world. Post the video of the Pirates crying for help online, to help the other potential Pirates understand the fate that awaits them. Death from bullets, or from Sharks, you choose punk. 

The first rule that we as a civilization need to make for the world is that you have a right to be armed, and to defend  yourself. Civilization only exists when everyone follows the rules, and an armed public guarantees that the rules will be followed, by all. Those who break the rules risk death, and a vast majority of the people aren't going to risk Death for a small payday. 

Arm the Merchants, and let them fight back. Never in history has it been a good thing to be a victim. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random Thoughts

I've been rather busy this week, almost no time to read the news, much less comment. I've enjoyed the perpetual anger of the left as they learn that hope and change are just the rhetoric if the one.

I downloaded the MP3 of the Saudi all Girl rock band The Accolade. They're actually very talented. I'm pessimistic concerning the future for them however. Women are still property in that culture. I am afraid I'll be reading how they were arrested and whipped by the Religious Police any day now. The Saudi Justice System has done far worse to girls in the past.

I have to wonder though. Imagine living in that kind of restrictive society, and having the courage to risk death to pursue your love of music. Perhaps the times are changing after all. My compliments to the ladies. Your music is excellent.

Now as I read about the series of attacks in India, I suspect the future doesn't hold as much change as we had hoped for.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is Prop eight to be the new McCarthy?

Not McCarthy in reality, who warned that Communists sympathethic to the Soviet Union, and actual spies of the Soviet Union, were working for the Government, and assisting our enemy of the era. McCarthyism in Liberal historical rewrite fantasy, which was that liberals were berated for just having different opinions. 

Blacklists have started, and if you donated money to the Yes to Prop eight campaign, you're going to be hounded out of your job. 

So where are the leaders of the inclusion movement? Where is the One? He's considering giving up his Blackberry right now, and can't be bothered with stopping the violence and out of control radicalism. 

The fifty two percent of California Voters who supported this measure should come back and fight fire, with a flame thrower. If you donated money to the no on Prop eight measure, you should be listed on a similar blacklist, and people should boycott your business. With the majority, barely, on our side, we can win this. 

When the radicals march down the streets, the public should call and complain to the police, reporting the ugly hate speech and threats from the lefties. 

Friday, November 14, 2008

The dangers of ignorance

Liberals love to deride Conservatives as homophobic, racist, and even ignorant.

The truth is of course just the opposite. Conservatives believe in education, and quality education. We don't believe in leaving children in failing schools where no education is gained. We don't believe that kindergarden kids should get sex education. We believe every child should learn the basics.

I have long detested what I call the class of people known as trash. You know these people, they are ignorant and proud of it. They demand that no one else ever learn more than they have. The Taliban is a great example of this kind of enforced ignorance.

This story from Fox News us a perfect example of the barbaric trash we are fighting. Not only are they content being ignorant, but they violently oppose anyone getting an education. This Trash shouldn't be considered human, the only simularity being they walk on two legs.

Anyone who would throw acid on children going to school is not human, as they have demonstrated no humanity.

Yes I find this intolerably offensive. There is no punishment I can imagine which is sufficient to this crime.

Now you my friendly reader know what we are fighting. Not only ignorance, but the use of terror to condemn the rest of civilization to the darkness of ignorance. Ive never met an ignorant man who didn't swear that all he knew was all anyone ever needed to know. The Taliban are just as bad, if not worse, that any other person who seeks to restrict knowledge from the people.

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Michelle Malkin on Emperor Paulson

Michelle hits the nail squarely on the head with this article. She clearly points out that the bailout plan that was passed, called Crap Sandwich, was a disaster, as predicted by most of us on the right. She also highlights the fact that the whole purpose of it's being passed, to buy up troubled Asset's, that is to say housing mortgages, is now been tossed aside.

Read her article here

Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson finally confirmed what lonely bailout opponents tried to tell the American public all along: The man doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.

Paulson held a bazooka to taxpayers’ heads. He groveled on his knees in front of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He lured leaders from both political parties into linking arms in a panicked Chicken Little line dance for the beleaguered mortgage industry. Paulson demanded an unprecedented $700 billion troubled assets relief program for the good of the country. For the health of the housing market. For the survival of the economy. No time for deliberation. No time to review the failures of such interventionist approaches around the world. Now, now, now!

Dallas School District hands out fake social security numbers to illegals

You can't make this kind of thing up. You wouldn't dream that anyone would be so asinine as to hand out fake social security numbers to people. I wonder how many of the staff have fake numbers? 

Years after being advised by a state agency to stop, the Dallas Independent School District continued to provide foreign citizens with fake Social Security numbers to get them on the payroll quickly. 
So even thought a state agency caught them, and said you can't just do that, stop it. They continued to pass them out? The news story doesn't say, and I'll guess that there isn't a criminal investigation going on, but you never know. There certainly should be a criminal investigation into this.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Homosexual Liberals to the Black Community. "You N*****s"

Homosexual Liberals outraged at the passage of the Gay Marriage Ban in California have lashed out at one of the largest groups that supported it, the Black Community. They're using language that if I dared to speak this word, I'd be labeled a racist, and a hate speech purveyor, and no amount of apology would suffice. However, there is no outrage from anyone on the use of the disgusting N word when spoken by Liberal Homosexuals

Although I'm posting this from my computer, I'm going to include a picture from my iPhone to let you see the love and understanding first hand. I expect that the websites will change in time. 

So is this the worst that we've seen from the left? Not at all. Roseanne Barr noted homosexual and radical leftist has derided the Black Community as ignorant. We all know that Ignorant is code word hate speech that means the same as the N word. 

They showed themselves every inch as bigoted and ignorant as their white christian right wing counterpartners who voted for mccain-palin and bush-cheney.

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U.S. Spent 5 Trillion on Bailout so far.

The Federal Budget, including Defense, and all departments, is roughly 3 trillion dollars each year. Now we're told that the Government has thrown $5 trillion dollars at the economy, with no end in sight.

Now over the last week how has the market responded to this action?

It would seem that the Market isn't too impressed. The obvious question is when will Washington learn that you can't solve a problem by throwing money at it?

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Harvard preparing for reduced income

I rarely post College information, mainly because I'm suspicious of the notion that they are selfless keepers of the knowledge who graciously share the information. In my experience so far, all they do is re-enforce the box the students have already been taught to think within. Original thought from a college campus seems to be rather short in supply, to my admittedly limited experience.

However, I may have to reconsider that notion. Harvard University may be facing a similar situation to the University of California fund shortage I already blogged about. I blogged on that one because the answer the UC system came up with was original, they cut students. Obviously this struck me as rather funny. The very idea of a school with no students is at the very least, oxymoronic. 

Harvard University as I said is facing budget shortages, and is considering it's options regarding spending cuts. 

The story linked above highlights a number of universities, none of which has thus far gone with the plan from the University of California system, reducing students. Most have gone with hiring freezes, postponement of construction or other large projects, and reviews to determine where additional savings could be located. 

The reason I may have to reconsider my view towards Universities, is that only one has gone with the blatantly stupid, removing students, while the others are taking a more mature and obviously a more serious look at the issue. Perhaps the knee jerk asinine response from the University of California was less about saving money, and more about throwing a tantrum. It would be hard to say one way or the other, however I'd like to think that even the least educated among us are well aware of one simple sobering fact. The purpose of a school is to teach students. If you have no students, why have a school? 

I'd like to congratulate Harvard University for not following the example of the University of California system. Perhaps this trend of reducing expense by getting rid of students won't continue in our schools after all.

Team Obama scrubs Change.Gov website

Obama after a weekend of Bloggers like me, pointing out that you can't just institute most of your policies has removed all agenda and policy items from his website. My previous complaint about Obama bringing back Slavery was echoed by others who are apparently aware of the thirteenth amendment to the constitution. Thankfully, I got the screenshots before Obama changed it to show some sort of vague tax credit plan for those middle school kids who are apparently going to be taxed. 

Now, after removing nearly twenty five specific agenda items, that he campaigned on I might add, we're left with this promise from The One. 

President-Elect Obama and Vice President-Elect Biden have developed innovative approaches to challenge the status quo in Washington and to bring about the kind of change America needs.

The Obama Administration has a comprehensive and detailed agenda to carry out its policies. The principal priorities of the Obama Administration include: a plan to revive the economy, to fix our health care, education, and social security systems, to define a clear path to energy independence, to end the war in Iraq responsibly and finish our mission in Afghanistan, and to work with our allies to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, among many other domestic and foreign policy objectives.
Where is the details you had up a few days ago guys? To quote a commercial from my youth, where's the beef? 

Team Obama has gone into Prevent Defense mode. Allow me to summarize the position for you.

"Yes, we have very detailed plans that we're going to put into effect the moment that President Obama, that's Majesty to you begins ruling on day one." (Side note, Yes, the Obama team really used the term Rule, as if we're merely peasants who glory in the glow from our Majestic King. Link on the word.)

When asked about the Plans in detail we get this answer. "Look, you can't see them right now, and no we didn't save a copy of the website, why would you want to see a copy? Don't you understand how historic this is? All you people need to know is that President Obama has an agenda, and he's well on his way to implementing it." 

UPDATE: I've decided to link to the Obama Transition team co-chair where she claims that President Obama's ready to rule on day one. 


Monday, November 10, 2008

Michael Medved: Determined to be Moderate

A week ago, election day trounced the Moderates around the nation. Conservatives who had little to cheer about, took pleasure in seeing what Conservative gains were made, and again, there were a few. Gay marriage was defeated again in California, and in other states. 

So as we conservatives stand defeated, we do so in the knowledge that we're right, and we're going to win eventually. Then of course, the enlightened among us begin to explain, why we're not. The crying shame is that they are absolutely demonstrably wrong. Michael Medved's article today is a perfect example. 

Mr. Medved demands that people show him where a Conservative won in a statewide race, or in a national race. I can't, because there weren't any running. That's the problem Mr. Medved. 

In this article, we see that for the last thirteen years, a vast majority, sixty percent, consider themselves to be Conservative. Sixty percent of the population agrees with us that Conservative values are the best way to go, and we're afraid to do it.

Why did McCain lose? Mis-steps to be sure. However the biggest reason was issues. For the most part, there wasn't a dimes worth of difference between McCain and Obama. Let's take a couple issues shall we? 

The War on Terror. Obama wanted to withdraw the troops from Iraq, and shut down Club Gitmo. McCain wanted to leave troops in Iraq, despite the early noises from Iraq, that they would like to know when the troops are going to leave. McCain also wanted to close Gitmo. 

Energy/Environment. Obama wanted to institute a Cap and Trade policy, so did McCain. The only difference here, was McCain was in favor of Nuclear Energy. Now, with the Democrats set to gain seats in both houses, did anyone really believe that McCain would get Nuclear Energy through a Democratic Congress? 

We can do this with every single issue on the table. From the economy, more bailouts was the answer from both, more Government interference was the answer from both. To Welfare, no changes thanks, things working just fine. 

We didn't have a Conservative on the ticket who was going to tell people the truth. We had two populists running for office, and thus the more charismatic was probably going to win. Here's the thing though, Populists are pander machines. They'll pander to their base. For McCain, that was the Independent and Moderate vote. That's who he was for twenty years. 

So the idea that we didn't reach the Independents from Mr. Medved is laughable. What we failed to do was campaign with Conservative issues, because Conservatives weren't welcome until the last two months of the campaign. 

The first thing we need to do is stop apologizing for being Conservative. Despite what the Liberal elites and the Moderates would tell us, we aren't wrong. We're not racist, hate filled, nuts. We represent the majority of Americans.

For some Reason, Mr. Medved thinks that if only we were just a little more likable, more Moderate, we could have won. That's another of those laughable conclusions. Congressman Shays lost. He's about as moderate and even liberal as you can get. Yet he lost. The problem isn't that he wasn't moderate or independent enough, it's that there isn't a dimes worth of difference between him and the Democrats. 

Mr. Medved, if your prescription for our party takes hold, where we become more socialist in a doomed effort to out liberal the Democrats, I quit. If the Republicans won't take a look at this election, and consider the historic victories that Conservativism has had, and most importantly learn from it, then it's hopeless. 

Then each election is a referendum on Socialist issues, the only question being do we jog towards Socialism with the Republicans, or do we run towards them with the Democrats? If both parties offer nothing but different levels of generosity in Government Giveaway programs, then we as a nation of free thinking people, are doomed. 

Mr. Medved, do you know how Bush won those people in 2000, and 2004? He campaigned as a more conservative individual than Gore, or Kerry. The fact that he didn't govern that way, well that's another story. A story of the lack of a true belief and an ability to articulate Conservative ideals. The answer isn't to run towards the center Mr. Medved. It's to step to the right, and this time tell our elected officials, and our candidates, that we're not going to slide towards the left, we're going to run as Conservatives, and we're going to Govern as Conservatives.

Your suggestion that we should continue moving towards the left is not only unwise politically, making us the Political Party known not as the GOP but as the ME TOO. When the Democratic Candidate states he has a plan for the Government to pay the people for a toothache, we can scream "Me too." That is all the Republican Party will be, and if it does move that way, it deserves to be on the outside of Washington looking in wishing it had the power. 

If indeed that is the case, we Conservatives should consider remaking the Democratic Party. Taking it over as it were. Think about this friends. All the Conservatives voting for a Conservative Democrat candidate, along the lines of Zell Miller, for some office in the next election. If the Republican Party is determined to go farther left than the Democratic Party (which seems about impossible) then we have to consider taking the Democratic Party over, and dragging them to the right. Bringing back the era of Conservative Democrats. 

It will take us twenty years, and be a long hard fight to drag the Democrats from the clutches of the Kos Kids and the Huff Nuts, but we would probably find less resistance there than we do with the entrenched moderates like Michael Medved

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Democrat literally urinates on crowd

In the really gross catagory tonight, a Jersey City Councilman was arrested for Urinating on a crowd at a Grateful Dead Tribute Band Concert. We were given his name, the city he was elected to serve, even that this is his second term. Only the Political Party was left out.

This is Councilman Steve Lipski. Here's the story from the NBC page.

Now here is the story from the CBS page.

I would tell you how hard it was to find the Political Party of the Democrat, but I'm betting you got the point. If he keeps that kind of behavior up, he's liable to get elected to the Senate.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

A National Holiday for Obama

This Screenshot is from Michelle Malkins Website. All I can say is Wow.

Can we have a National Holiday to celebrate Obama? Yes we can. Can we make Obama the National Religion? You bet we can.

As I and others have said, Obama can't possibly love up to expectations. That's why I'm encouraging more people on the left to continue celebrating The One.

I've even written the FAA to have Air Force One renamed O Force One. The reason is obvious, the higher his deciples build the pedistal, the farther he'll fall.

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Osama warns Obama

This screenshot from the UK Sun Newspaper shows that one true thing came out of the Obama campaign. He's being tested all right.

Direct threats of the sort we've been receiving for a very long time. We ignored those threats for many years, and the Terrorists are praying that Obama returns to ignoring them.

At the same time notionally friendly nations are deploying Nuclear Weapons to threaten democratic nations.

The international situation mirrors the domestic one. While every nut in the world demands that Obama change to suit them, every liberal group at home is demanding the same thing.

President Obama's mandate such as it is remains impossible to reach. Simply put, he can't be all things to all people. Anything less means a group of supporters will be discarded.

Add to this the economic woes that the Democrats created, and we have the perfect person in office. A Democrat determined to make things worse.

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

California's Big Education cuts students

California's State University facing budget cuts decided that the first thing they should cut wasn't salaries of the teachers. It wasn't a review of program to determine where true educational value lay. No, the State University system decided the thing they needed least was students.

In this screenshot of the story from you can see the story.

Apparently the University system has a mission, and it is just as apparent that educating students would not be in that mission.

Perhaps Congress should conduct hearings into Big Education.

Perhaps if the light if scrutiny is turned on these Liberal havens, the desire to teach students might once again become the purpose of the school.

On the other hand, if they're teaching our kids to think like the Hate America first faculty, perhaps it's a good thing they aren't registering students.

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Conventional Wisdom on Display

Conventional wisdom on display from Jazz Shaw.

I could easily post the entire article but allow me to summarize. Palin was a small town rube who was selected by morons in the McCain campaign who erroniously thought that she was experienced enough to play in the big leagues. The contention is obviously that Sarah Palin is too damaged politically to ever leave Alaska again. There are enough derisive adjectives to fill a bucket in the article.

I once asked the difference between John Kerry and Nevile Chamberlain? The obvious difference, Chamberlain didn't have himself as an example of appeasement failure.

Now what is the difference between the Country Club Blu Blood Republicans and Chamberlain? Obviously again, Chamberlain learned the folly of his ideas.

After the Munich accords, which gave the Sudetenland to Germany, Hitler then took the rest of Czechoslovachia. Chamberlain realized his mistake and admitted his error. The CCBB's won't.

Despite the obvious futility of appeasement and the New Tone in Washington, Republicans refuse to admit they need to behave, act, and most importantly govern as Conservatives. They confine to insist the path to victory is in co-operation.

Let's look at it this way, if there's not a dimes worth of difference between you and your opponent, why would the people choose you? Especially when you've co-opted the opponents positions.

McCain was in reality a Moderate who attempted to package liberal policy as the New Conservative plan. As we've learned it was rejected while real Conservative principals won huge victories.

All the derisive arguments that can be made fail to explain how you win by joining your opponent.

The problem lies in how we view both our nation, and our party. The CCBB moderates insist that we need to join the Democrats in building coalitions. The problem as the Democrats are learning is that coalitions have different objectives. I've already highlighted some of the problems facing President Obama, and that is within his own party. No matter what course he takes, the coalition will fracture. Any action will pit one group of radicals against another. They will also turn against him.

The way you avoid, or minimize this is to have clearly communicated core principals, and actually govern on those views.

What has turned the conservatives against the Republicans? It's a long list. Bankruptcy reform. McCain Feingold. Amnesty, out of control spending. It's a long list. It's getting longer.

I reject the idea that we can out liberal the Democrats. The last two elections clearly show I'm not alone in that rejection. It's time the CCBB stopped pretending their way works, before we really are the United Socialists of America.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

President Elect Obama promises return to Slavery

In one of his first moves highlighted on the transition website, President-Elect Obama announced his plan to return to both Slavery, and enforced Child Labor.

Allow me to point out the relavant part in this screenshot.

As you see, President-Elect Obama plans on requireing 50-100 hours of labor from students by Federal Mandate. The plan from the Harvard Law School Grad and former Constitutional Law Professor would appear to violate the 13th Amendment.

Nothing in the news yet from Child Labor activists.

When you require a person to work without pay that is the literal meaning of slavery.

So this was the change we hoped for?

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Disgust at the Moderate CCBB Republicans

As the week continues, more stories keep coming out about how dumb Sarah Palin supposedly is. Frankly, I'm disgusted by this nonsense. It's asinine upon it's face, and demonstrates that the CCBB Moderates are even closer to the slime tossing Democrats than we had previously suspected.

From Rush Limbaugh's website, I get this transcript of a report by Fox Reporter Carl Cameron.

CAMERON:  Early on, they began to discover that there were these gaps in her knowledge.  I just want to rattle off a couple of the things that insiders say she just simply didn't know.  There were real problems with basic civics, government structures; municipal state and federal government responsibilities.  She didn't know the nations involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement, we're told.  She didn't understand, McCain aides told me today, that Africa was a continent and not a country, and actually asked them -- they argue, they say -- if South Africa wasn't just part of the country as opposed to a country in the continent.  They go on to say that she didn't understand the idea of American exceptionalism, a classic principle of Wilsonian doctrine that says that the United States is exceptional in the world and has therefore a very special role in leading the globe.
Now why Carl Cameron didn't look at his secret source and go. "You know, Sarah has been in Municipal and State Government. She's been the one who has worked in those levels of Government. I think she's liable to know the responsibility that she had as a City Councilman, a Mayor, and a Governor. I also don't think that the people in Alaska are so stupid that they would elect a drooling idiot to those offices." 

Yet, Carl Cameron, who has demonstrated that he is a moron in his own right, never bothered to ask even this most obvious questions. Instead of seeing this for what it was, he promptly ran with it like he'd managed to get the scoop of the century. 

Now look, let's be honest. Ten minutes after Sarah Palin was named as the Vice President, the DNC, and every newspaper tabloid in the world were en-route to Alaska with fists full of hundred dollar bills, digging through every courthouse in the state to find something, any dirt they could. They came up as empty as an Obama promise to be bi-partisan. 

The rest of the assertions are equally asinine. I've already addressed most of them. 

Instead, I'm going to link to other supporters of Sarah Palin, and the actions they're taking. Team Sarah is the obvious first stop. 

Michelle Malkin is another excellent source of information. Her weekly column is posted here

The link to Michelle's website takes you to a page where she encourages you to sign a petition to show your appreciation for, and support of Sarah Palin. I'm one of the ten thousand people who've signed this, and I'll invite you to sign here.  

Finally, this link takes you to a page a local Alaska Radio show has up. They interviewed Governor Palin Thursday Morning. Please take a few minutes and listen to it. 

You can also write Fox News and object to them allowing themselves to be the instrument of baseless character assassinations. 

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thoughts on the McCain/Palin relationship

I've been thinking about the McCain camp's vetting of Sarah Palin, and the recent backstabbing of her by the same said camp. I believe I've satisfied my own curiosity regarding this. 

I refuse to believe that the Vetting team did not read the book I highlighted, Sarah, her biography. I refuse to believe that they didn't take a handful of hours, probably on the flight to see her, or in leaving, to read the book. I refuse to believe that they were utterly ignorant of her demonstrated character. Thus anyone who's read any of the news articles, or biographical information, which speaks highly of her integrity, and determination to do what she honestly believes is right, would be so asinine to think she would change. 

However, the McCain team was from inside the Beltway. Where Republicans who ran as hard core rock ribbed Conservatives, are moderated by the determined forces there. Where the Washington Waltz is the game that everyone plays. 

A local Congressman is Representative Jack Kingston. Who has rapidly become the king of earmarks in Georgia. He shakes loose a great deal of money for local projects, which the Federal Government would do well to remain clear of. This Republican is considered a Conservative, despite the growing history of his shaking loose a ton of money for pet projects in the state. 

Now, it's obviously not compatible to have a Conservative principal of smaller, more efficient Government, and handing out tons of earmark legislation. This is what I'm talking about with the Washington Mentality. This is why we had to work so hard to stop the Illegal Amnesty plan of Washington. We literally had to send bricks to Congress to get our point across to the elected officials there. 

Now why would the Team McCain folks think that Sarah Palin would change and be a Stepford Wife kind of Politician? That's the way the game is played to the CCBB Republicans. The true Conservatives don't think that way, which is why I wonder how many true Conservatives we really have in Congress. 

I think Sarah Palin really surprised them. She showed tremendous conservative values, which she has obviously taken to her own heart, and exercised in her life. Accustomed to dealing with phony Conservatives in Washington, like Chris Shays, the McCain Team seriously misjudged Governor Palin, and failed to really understand who she was. They were really upset when they found out she was more popular with the base than the original "Maverick" and the donations started to flood in. 

Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and a host of other young, fresh, and passionate Conservatives are coming up. The Country Club Blue Bloods are scared, because if this takes hold, there will be no place for them in the Republican Party. The CCBB's are really scared about one thing. Actually having to explain why they're more easily associated regarding issues to the Democrats, than their own party the Republicans. 

When I was in the 82nd Airborne Division. We had a motto for young soldiers who were joining us. Here, you can lead, follow, or get out of the way. 

Senator McCain. You've tried to lead, and led us down the path of defeat. You've rarely tried to follow, grudgingly accepting that we didn't want Amnesty. Now, it's time for you to get out of the way, and let the next generation of Conservatives up and at them. They grew up during, and after the Reagan era. They believe in their hearts, and souls, that American exceptionalism isn't something genetic, it's faith in the individual, to see after their own success and failure. 

They believe in hard work, and education. The same keys that have allowed tens of thousands of Generations to succeed through history. 

They believe that conservative values are moral and they know what you and the rest of the CCBB Republicans don't. Americans are Conservative by nature. It's demonstrated every time we have a Conservative issue on the ballot, almost without fail. It's time to embrace those conservative ideals, and your litmus test should be the NY Times. Any time the NY Times approves of your ideals or plans. You are doing the wrong thing as far as the American Public is concerned. 

The idea that you could corrupt Sarah Palin so quickly, and easily, is one you should have rejected right off the bat. She's grounded, and her family, and her faith keep her grounded. She's aware of who she is, and what she's going to do. 

The future lies with the next generation Senator McCain and the rest of the CCBB's. The future, is upon us now. I and a majority of Americans, including even California, say no to Moderation, and yes to Conservative principals. 

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Rush Limbaugh says Yes We Can.

Can we do it? Can we take the Republican Party back from the Moderates and return this nation to it's conservative roots? Yes we can.

Ann Coulter: The Reign of Lame falls mainly on McCain

I thought I was done blogging tonight. I thought I was going to step away from the computer, and relax re-reading a book I haven't read in many years. As I was about to walk away however, this week's article from Ann Coulter came out. Ann is on fire once again. 

I would post it here in it's entirety. However I feel you'll get the effect the best if you follow the link above. I will post a teaser from the article however. 

Indeed, the only good thing about McCain is that he gave us a genuine conservative, Sarah Palin. He's like one of those insects that lives just long enough to reproduce so that the species can survive. That's why a lot of us are referring to Sarah as "The One" these days.

Like Sarah Connor in "The Terminator," Sarah Palin is destined to give birth to a new movement. That's why the Democrats are trying to kill her. And Arnold Schwarzenegger is involved somehow, too. Good Lord, I'm tired. 

And for those of you who wonder what Ann may be up to in the future? Well, she's outlined her plans for you in her article. I loved it, and I hope you enjoy it too. 

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When Moderates Attack.

The CCBB (Country Club Blue Blood) or Moderate Republicans are hopping mad. They can't believe that reaching towards the left didn't work, and they don't have the guts to be Conservatives, so they're blaming Palin for the loss. Friends, this is absolutely infuriating and laughable at the same time. 

Now, here's what we're supposed to believe according to the Country Club Blue Blood Moderate Republicans. Sarah Palin is so stupid that she didn't know that Africa is a continent

And scandal of scandals, She answered her hotel room door having just gotten out of the shower wearing a bathrobe

Here is what this is all about. The McCain camp made a huge miscalculation when they vetted Palin. Anyone who's read her biographical book Sarah, or looked at her history even in passing, knows she's not going to be a loyal troop and sit down and shut up when told to by the Party Bosses. 

In the book Sarah, we're shown what kind of person she is, and what kind of independant Integrity Sarah Palin has. Chapter Six, pages 75 to 84 clearly show she doesn't just sit down and shut up when she's told to. If anything, the McCain camp loved this aspect, so long as she did what they told her to. 

They should have known better. McCain hasn't ever done what the Party wanted. Nor has he done what the Republican Base wanted. He touted Palin as another Maverick. No, she is a Principled Conservative. There is a difference Senator. 

Michelle Malkin, and other websites are all over this, tearing the Moderate Republicans to shreds. 

Sarah Palin worked her heart out. She energized tens of thousands to come out who would have otherwise stayed home. She touched countless families. I didn’t agree with everything she said on the campaign trail. But two fundamental conservative stands she took mattered greatly to me: She vigorously defended the Second Amendment and the sanctity of life more eloquently in  practice  than any of the educated conservative aristocracy.
Bravo Michelle. I'd like to take this discussion a bit farther.

Liberal Republican Chris Shays as been voted out of the House of Representatives. This means that there are literally no Republicans representing the New England area in Congress. Not one. Why did Shay's get voted out? He had the right stands on all the issues. He had the right views for the Liberals. The reason, they hate Republicans period Chris. You can't agree to the Liberal Agenda Items that they have Chris, they hate you in the morning, after they get your vote of course. 

The CCBB Republicans are fighting back, and using the language of the Left to do it. All Conservatives are stupid. What is really funny to me is this. The McCain camp vetted the Governor, and yet now they're trying to tell us that she's so stupid that you practically have to wipe the drool from her chin every couple minutes. Perhaps the McCain camp can explain how she managed to pass the Vetting? Oh that's right. She's a brilliant individual. 

I'm not disappointed in the McCain Camp. They're reverting to what they have always done best, attack Republicans and try to get some kindness out of the Liberals. 

I am disappointed in Fox News, because they should name these sources that are smearing the Governor. Fair and Balanced doesn't mean you are the tool for whiney maggots to use to bludgeon someone. Join me in demanding that they name the people who are passing these smears off. 

No, this is the standard McCain play. Attack the Conservative Republicans. It's part of the reason the NY Times loved him once, and will probably love him again. They love it when Moderate/Liberal Republicans attack the Conservatives. 

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Examples of Opposition to the Obama Plans

Friends, I've been listening and reading the brilliant people who claim we need to be gracious and supportive of the Obama Administration, so we don't end up acting like we have Obama Derangement Syndrome. I decided to explain what we need to do to show how Obama's plans will affect those groups which make up his coalition of the offended. As a simple example of the idea, let's take the Cap and Trade plan, as explained by Obama which has the primary goal of bankrupting the Coal Industry.

For this example, I'm going to give you a speech that could be given on the floor of the house by the Republicans. 

"Madam Speaker. I rise in opposition to this legislation. My reasons are simple. Despite the acknoledgement of the Administration, and the Government Accounting Office that this will more than double the cost of electricity, we've not addressed the cost to our nations citizens. I will never vote for legislation that would require the poor people in this nation to freeze to death in the winter, all for the chance to tax businesses a little more. We're supposed to care for the Seniors, and frankly, this doesn't show compassion, it shows disdain." 

Follow up on the round table discussions that some Liberals, like Rainey on PBS, think is more important than any other platform. 

"Look, let's be honest. Anyone who votes for this Bill is trying to murder the poor by freezing them to death. It's not even a matter of debate. Anyone who would vote for this legislation is frankly guilty of Crimes against Humanity by causing an estimated five million citizens to freeze to death this winter. There will be another four million seniors who die from heat related illnesses next summer when they can't afford to cool their homes. Only a true Stalinist would even consider voting for such legislation."

As we saw in the national debate concerning Amnesty for Illegals, public pressure, an informed Public, is very powerful. Therefor, the Democrats would be forced to either modify the Cap and Trade plan to exempt energy production, or accept the shame of starving families and freezing little children in the winter time. If we fight this intelligently, we can win the matter easily. 

Next example, higher taxes. Again a speech from the floor that would be broadcast by CSPAN and then shot around the web like wildfire.

"Madam Speaker, I must urge this legislative body to reject this tax proposal. The implications from the Congressional Budget Office on the numbers of lost jobs due to this tax increase would push our nation into the worst Depression in the history of Civilization. The Great Depression could well pale in comparison of outright suffering and misery. There are some economists who say that this tax increase will in fact, lead to a quarter of the population being unemployed within a year." 

Again on the Talking Head's shows. 

"Jim, let's be honest for a moment. Do the Democrats care that we're talking about putting sixty million people out of jobs? What kind of idea is that to put forth? Turning to the American People and telling them that being homeless is just their tough luck of living in a nation where Socialism is the rule of the day? What kind of barbaric nonsense is this?" 

Keep hitting the points, they'll resonate with the people. Take any issue you want, you'll find a group that helped elect Obama affected. How about the Fairness Doctrine?

"Are you telling me that with an economy in the toilet, that the most important piece of business this Congress has is shutting up Rush Limbaugh? We have the Middle East threatening to explode into war, we have the Russians threatening to invade Poland, we have millions of people out of work here in the United States. We have people suffering all over the place, waiting for leadership, and this is it? Are you joking? Allow me to remind the Congress of a little advice on this matter. Congress shall pass no law abridging the freedom of speech. That seems pretty definite on the matter of Talk Radio. If the Democrats decide that the unemployed of this nation, and the poor can suffer on for a few more weeks while we debate and drag this unconstitutional nonsense through the halls of congress, then I'm ashamed to be in the same legislative body with them." 

Obviously all we have to do is highlight the impact that the legislation will have. Take the stimulus package that Reid and Pelosi are drooling to pass. 

"Madam Speaker, taking an old axiom and applying it to this situation, I suggest that we table this legislation and instead consider a job training program. It being an undeniable truth that giving a man a fish only feeds him for one day. Instead of giving the poor a fish. Let's help them make a better life for themselves. Jobs training to give them skills that they need to move out of poverty. As our own President has clearly shown, hard work, and Education, are the keys to success. No one here will deny that President Obama got to the White House as a result of hard work and education. No one would dare claim that President Obama was elected because of a hand out mentality. No Madam Speaker, education, and hard work. The results of that are undeniable. Only those who think that the poor deserve what they have, the barest possible existence, living literally hand to mouth, would consider voting for this program." 

Bring the Conservative argument to the fore, let the people see the Democrats as the Socialists they are. Even go so far as to point out that the Stimulus package is a plan to keep the Blacks in virtual slavery, beholding to, and dependent upon, the Federal Government. 

Let the Democrats explain why they don't want to teach the poor how to fish. 

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Congressman Jeff Flake gets the real message

Congressman Jeff Flake gets the message that the disgust from the Base of the Republican Party is real, and it's based upon principal, and it's not going to be placated easily. 

Hot Air cued me to this story, and I'm going to be honest, and say I've had more than a few disagreements with the commentators at Hot Air. 

From the Washington Post, linked from Hot Air of course. 

Well, we Republicans have just made history. Not the type of history we wanted to make, mind you, but history nonetheless. Not only did we lose the White House but, after losing our House and Senate majorities in 2006, we followed it up last night with even steeper losses in Congress.

In January, Democrats will enjoy lopsided congressional ratios not seen since the 1970s. Let's face it: We Republicans are now, by any reasonable measurement, deep in the political wilderness.

The temptation for Republican members of Congress today will be to assume the role of the post-Watergate Republicans of 1974 and accept minority status as a permanent condition. Indeed, the terrain is more difficult for us now than it was in 1992. Then, Republicanism was still largely defined by the Reagan years. Today the party is defined in the public mind by the Bush presidency. We've got a steep hill to climb.

Much of the backroom maneuvering and media speculation in the coming weeks will focus on identifying new standard-bearers for the party. This is important, and after a second straight drubbing, the House Republican leadership should be replaced. But the far more critical task is determining what standard these new leaders will bear.
Many more Republicans are going to be singing the song over the next few weeks and months. Conservative ideals are popular, and they're historically proven to work. So why did the Republicans abandon those ideals when George W. Bush was elected? That's going to be another series of discussions. The Republicans governed as Democrat Lite. We nominated the leader of the Moderate faction, the often bemoaned Country Club Blue Blood Republicans. 

Even now, these CCBB Republicans are trying to blame Palin, but the facts already established will continue to slam this re-writing of history. Fact, donations increased after she was named as the VP. Fact, grass roots efforts like Team Sarah, got started once she was named. Fact, the base which had looked like they were attending a wake became energized finally. 

This election is a lesson. One which we must learn. Voters are not going to turn out to elect a Moderate ever again. Even if the opponent is a true blue Socialist, like Obama, a Moderate can't win, so when we read about how the Moderate Republican is the most electable in the next election, ignore the NY Times. They've been wrong so many times it's not even funny.

Conservative ideals were popular. California which went for Obama, also passed Proposition 8, which banned the Gay Marriage court decision. You can't pretend that California is anything approaching Conservative in their thoughts, yet the clearly stated Conservative ideal passed easily.

Conservative ideals are popular, as proven in California. Conservative principals are demonstrated to work. The Socialist ideals put forth by Obama will tear the Democrats apart, one special interest group at a time. We can help that along, and put our own ideals out there at the same time. This is how, we tell the Republican Leaders that it's time for Conservative ideals to be the mainstay of the Party. No more moderate nonsense. No more governing from the center, or working with the extreme liberals. 

More people voted in 2004, than did this election. That tells me that the base wasn't thrilled with McCain, even with Palin backing him. 

Lot's of lessons out there to learn, will we learn from them? Or will we decide that Michael Medved is right, and we move to the Center, which is what caused our downfall in 2006 and again this year. 

Jeff Flake gets it. Other Conservatives are saying it too. Now, will the party finally listen, and realize that the Liberals are running the Democratic Party, their Socialist Agenda is the enemy of free thinking peoples everywhere? Or will the Republican Party insist that the Moderate go along get along theory is going to work eventually. 

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Am I the only Conservative who sees opportunity in Defeat?

Perhaps it's my training at the hands of the Masters of Guerilla Warfare in the Army. Perhaps it's that I've read Sun Tzu who was a brilliant strategic thinker. 

Perhaps I am the only one who sees the opportunity for us to win? I can't believe that however. 

Unconventional Warfare teaches us that we fight to our strengths, and away from the enemies strength's. We don't attack where the enemy is strong, we attack where the enemy is weak. 

The Democrats are strong, but very very weak right now. I'm nearly overwhelmed with enthusiasm as I consider it. You should be too. 

First, let's consider the Obama Agenda, what we know of it anyway. The Poor, especially the Poor Blacks are expecting checks to arrive very soon. Obama has even said these stimulus checks, or free money, should be paid for by the Oil Companies, or Payroll Taxes. Payroll taxes is Washington Elite Political speak for Social Security/Medicare. 

When those checks don't arrive about the time that good old Barry is sworn in, the Poor are going to get angry. When the checks aren't regular payments to the Poor, and it's going to take some time for that to sink in, assuming the checks ever show up, then the Poor are going to get awfully resentful. 

Now, let's say that Obama focus's on his plan for Universal HealthCare. Does he make all Doctors Government Employees? Or does he just create a national Health Care Insurance program, which will cover everyone? Either way, he's going to have to address Tort Reform, which means offending the Lawyers who fund a big part of the Democratic Party. So Barry has a real problem with that. Let's lay it aside, and see what else, something easy for Barry to do.

How about his Environmental ideals? He could institute his cap and trade plan, which is already designed to bankrupt the Coal Industry. 

Wait, the Coal Miners are Union workers, which is another major source of power, and money, for the Democrats. The people transporting the coal are Teamsters, and RailRoad workers, again Union workers. Damn, if he kills the Coal Industry, he'll put them out of work, and erode the rank and file support he has. 

OK, let's move along to something else easy. Iraq. If he just pulls the troops out, he can save all that money. Wait, if he does that, and Iraq's Government falls, he'll be blamed for the failure. Even the Obama loving press wouldn't think it could pretend to blame Bush for that. Not when even the NY Times is grudgingly admitting that real progress has been made. 

Perhaps he can address the pitiful state of the Economy. By increasing regulation on business, and thus increasing their costs, he can lead us to higher unemployment, and that means more disgruntled people who will be on Welfare, the problem with that is that most of those do want to work, and they'll be unhappy. High Unemployment rates is not a good re-election tactic. 

He can give the Middle Class their tax cut, but he can't pay for all his programs without taxing them at a higher rate. So expect your taxes to go up for a while. Especially in 2010, when the Bush Tax Cut's expire. Higher taxes are a real good way to get re-election chances improved for the Democrats. 

OK, he could balance the budget, but not unless he reforms Social Programs, like Welfare, to push more of the people into work, and thus productivity. He won't do that, because the Democrats need those people to be dependent, so balancing the budget is out.

President Obama is completely screwed. He has a coalition of special interest groups, all voting for their own specific agenda items. He can't act on one, without alienating another two, or three. If he institutes cap and trade on energy. The Poor won't be able to afford to heat and cool their homes due to the rising costs of energy production. Having news stories about elderly people freezing to death is not a big re-election helping situation.

So he can do nothing, and claim credit when the Market sorts itself out, and finally absorbs the junk paper pushed on them by Fannie Mae, which makes him look like a do nothing President, and still doesn't satisfy the demands of another core group, the Poor. 

So why are you Conservatives Depressed? We're talking about some pain for the rest of us, sure. However we're determined, and dedicated to ideals of survival and success. We'll work harder to make it, while the whiners will be standing in the streets demanding that Obama do something. 

If he does learn from History, and take something other than the radical Socialistic Liberal approach, the Kos Kids will turn on him in a moment, and nuke him like they did Lieberman. 

President Obama only has one future open for him. He is going to replace Jimmy Carter as the Worst President of all time

Take a moment friends, and consider the debates for the next four years as more and more Liberals who are demanding action NOW turn on Pelosi, Reid, and the rest. The Environmental Wackos want all drilling stopped right now. The Truckers and other Blue Collar workers want Diesel Prices down and right now. They can't satisfy both groups, and now, can't blame the Republicans for it.

As World War II began, it was apparent that Stalin intended to stand back, and allow the Fascists, and the Imperialists, to destroy each other, and then step in and fill the power vacuum. Right now, we get to do much the same thing. The Liberal Groups are going to be slashing each other like nothing we've ever seen before, the Environmentalist Wackos and the Unions. The Rich are right now fighting to invest in Municipal Bonds, which offer tax free savings options, and other tax free or reduced tax options. Business' will close, and the unemployed are going to blame, Washington DC, and President Obama.

If we Conservatives play this right, do you realize that we can finally make the modern Democratic Party such a minority that they'll be screaming from the cheap seats for the rest of our lifetimes? 

All it's going to take, is Conservative Counterpoints on the Web, and in the local papers. 

I'm already composing a letter to the Editor of my local paper. It's time to actually educate the population on Conservative Value, and stop letting the Media and the Democrats define us as Racist hate filled greedy people. 

We can do this friends, and we can destroy the enemies of freedom at the same time. 

Next, I'll be explaining to prospective political figures and potential Presidential Candidates how to explain Conservative ideals to the masses in easy to swallow bites. Perhaps I'll write a book. The Politically Incorrect guide to Conservative Idealism. 

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin, God Love her, is ready to fight for Conservative Values and Ideals, are you? 

There is no time to lick wounds, point fingers, and wallow in post-election mud.

I’m getting a lot of moan-y, sad-face “What do we do now, Michelle?” e-mails.

What do we do now? We do what we’ve always done.

We stand up for our principles, as we always have — through Democrat administrations and Republican administrations, in bear markets or bull markets, in peacetime and wartime.

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The Onion understands my happiness.

President Elect Obama has made a thousand promises, all wrapped in the claim of hope and change, and together, yes we can. 

The problem? Obama's answers are historically demonstrated to fail, to increase the misery of the population, and again historically has caused said leaders to be labeled as absolute abject failures by Historians. 

There will be setbacks and false starts. There are many who won't agree with every decision or policy I make as president. And we know the government can't solve every problem.
The Onion, which has long been a favorite of mine, has accurately pegged this election. 

WASHINGTON—African-American man Barack Obama, 47, was given the least-desirable job in the entire country Tuesday when he was elected president of the United States of America. In his new high-stress, low-reward position, Obama will be charged with such tasks as completely overhauling the nation's broken-down economy, repairing the crumbling infrastructure, and generally having to please more than 300 million Americans and cater to their every whim on a daily basis. As part of his duties, the black man will have to spend four to eight years cleaning up the messes other people left behind. The job comes with such intense scrutiny and so certain a guarantee of failure that only one other person even bothered applying for it. Said scholar and activist Mark L. Denton, "It just goes to show you that, in this country, a black man still can't catch a break."
Peggy Jones, well it looks like she's still going to have to worry about things like how to put gas in her car, and how to pay her mortgage. 

It's historic all right.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why am I not depressed? Easy, I'm a Conservative.

I've been watching and reading online tonight, and I've seen a lot of people who are upset with the election of the Socialist Obama. I'm not upset, nor am I feeling depression. If anything, I feel happy, and resolve.

Happy because the Black Community thinks they've finally done it, overcome racism. Resolve because the vessel of that victory is a Socialist. 

The Democratic Party has maintained the Black Community is virtual Slavery for generations. Now, the Black Community has nothing left to complain about. What will Jesse Jackson bemoan? What will the famed Jeremiah Wright complain about? Are we still the US of KKKA? The answer may surprise you, Yes we are. 

The policies that led to Black American's living in a country led by Rich White People are continued by Black Leaders like Michelle Obama, and Jeremiah Wright. 

Michelle Obama told the Black Community not to become Wall Street Lawyers, or Hedge Fund Managers, like her and the $300,000 a year salary. No, they should stay in the community, and become Social Workers, for a tenth as much money.

Michelle Obama, and Reverend Wright have lied to the Community for decades. They have lied to the community, telling the average Blacks that they can't possibly succeed. Not with the Racism that supposedly exists. I have little use for, and even less respect for Black Community Leaders for that reason. 

Tell me this, why is it that Herman Cain isn't the featured Speaker at dozens of events around the nation every month? This Black Man became a Vice President of the same corporation that his Father was a Janitor at. Why isn't Mr. Cain featured as a motivational speaker telling the Black Community that they can succeed with hard work and education? 

Obviously, if he told the people the truth, that success, that a better life for you, for your children, is possible, with hard work, and education, then Reverend Wright would be out of a job. Why would the Black Community need Community organizers if they were successful on their own? They wouldn't. 

Which is why Welfare is set up the way it is. It is an axiom that if you give a man a fish, you've fed him for a day. If you teach him to fish, you've fed him for a lifetime. Why does this program tell people that if they're caught fishing, they're cut off from the free fish? Why doesn't this program teach people job skills that will give them more than the barest possible existence? 

The Democratic Party want's the blacks right where they are. Dependent upon Government, Dependent upon Democrats, and aligned behind people like Reverend Wright. 

Have you ever noticed, that when people like Obama speak to the poor, it's always the same old song and dance? "We'll take care of you, and give you what you need." 

Why haven't they once said. "We're going to start job training programs to end your way of life, so you can become Middle Class through the same techniques they used, hard work, and education." 

Why isn't Clarence Thomas, Michael Steel, and a host of others too numerous to list ever invited to speak to the Black Community about the possibilities that exist with hard work and education? 

Because there is more power, more money for the Black Leaders like Reverend Wright if the Blacks stay in the Slavery forced upon them by the current social economic system. 

While I've focused on the Black Community, demonstrating the Racism that exists within that community, the same is absolutely true for poor whites. Never is job training even considered. The message is obvious. You can't succeed. You can't make it. Those who do cheat, and you'll never be given the chance.

I wonder if the Black Community will notice, that everyone who is telling them this, is college educated and being paid huge amounts of money? I wonder if now that Obama is the President Elect, if we'll see the message of success being taught to the Black Community? 

I doubt it, the Radical Leaders like Reverend Wright are far too happy living in the exclusive gated communities to allow anyone to learn the truth of life. 

From Michelle Obama's College Roommate. 

Her roommate and great friend, Angela Acree, said Obama's hardworking style stood out among her peers. "She was very organized. We got up very early in the morning, studied before we went to breakfast. We went early. Breakfast started at 7 a.m., and we were usually the only people in the dining hall." 
It's a shame that recipe for achievement isn't the message she teaches those who follow in her footsteps isn't it? 

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Time to adjust our thinking Republicans

It's time for the Moderate Republicans to be tossed out of control, and to stand aside while the Conservatives launch the next revolution within the Party, and the nation. 

It began with the era of Goldwater, and was stomped out by Nixon and Ford for some time. Ford won the nomination after a tough fight with the new voice of Conservative Idealism Ronald Reagan. Through all of this era, the Country Club Blue Blood Republicans were trying to moderate the message of the Conservatives.

Ronald Reagan spent as much time fighting against these CCBB Republicans as he did the Democratic Party. In 1988, George HW Bush took over, and since he was a CCBB Republican, he promptly began to work with the Democrats, and signed a tax increase, despite his promise of no new taxes. 

Clinton won in 1992, largely on the Perot Effect and the broken promise of tax cuts. 

The Republican Revolution in 1994 startled the media and beltway insiders. They were astounded that a document as simple as the Contract with America would resonate with voters. 

History clearly shows, that Conservative ideals resonate with the voters. That Conservative principals and people will win elections. The why is obvious, in Conservative Capitalist systems, people are able to achieve greatness for themselves, and their children. They're able to achieve a better life for themselves, and their families. 

So why, after more than twenty years of evidence should the Republicans continue to moderate their stance with the American People, returning to the era of Eisenhower, and Nixon, and Ford, to the CCBB Republicans? 

This election clearly shows that the Democrats and the Republicans are fighting two different games, and only one of us is determined to win. The Democrats are fighting to destroy Republicans, especially Conservative Republicans, and have allies in the Media, who will do anything to suppress negative stories about Democrats. The Republicans by comparison, are always fighting to, get along with and work with the Democrats.

Mainstream Democratic operatives use the language of the extremist left wing sites, and we pretend they don't mean it. They hate Republicans. They call Republicans Evil, Racist, Fascist, and have hundreds of sites which donate money to the Democratic Party which are like this one, Evil GOP Bastards

The Democrats are never forced to apologize for the existence of this hatred. The Democrats are held to a completely different standard by the Press. If a Republican's Father was once a member of a club that was whites only forty years ago, then that person is a Racist. If a Democrat was once the Grand Wizard of the KKK, then that person is enlightened. 

Republicans are told they must learn to get along with, to compromise with the Democrats, and when they are dumb enough to do that, the re-election is that they broke their promise, in compromising with the Democrats, and raised taxes. 

The changes we need to make are internal, and it's long past time to make them. First, Democrats are not simply another political party in the same nation, they are the enemy. We need to start using the same mentality, not if we're going to win, if we want to survive as a free people in a nation based upon individual liberty and freedom. 

If we want to win, we're going to have to make sure that our nation is given a clear and concise choice. No longer can we be Democrat Lite, we must be Conservative Unleashed. We must point out that our so called loyal opponents are in reality Racists, we must point out the truth about the Democratic Party. We must agree to fight, not for a month, or a year, but for the rest of our lives.

We must realize that the press is not our friend. The NY Times, LA Times, and the rest of the Mainstream Media are agents of our enemy, and the Liberals are our enemies. We must as a knee jerk reaction, automatically reject for consideration any proposals put forth from these organs of the Socialist Left. Just because Pravda had wide readership, didn't mean they told the truth. 

We must realize that the Educational System is viewed by the left as the Breeding Ground for Liberal Socialism. We should immediately start discussing the price gouging that is carried on by "Big Education" like the Universities. Their prices and fees are going up hundred fold over the cost of living, yet no one ever wonders what that money is going for, or what kind of profits they're showing. 

Shouldn't the executives of Big Education be willing to take a pay cut to help the American People? Shouldn't the federal funding of Big Education mean that they insure to represent all points of view, not just the extreme left wing point of view? Shouldn't they be forced to have more than a Token Conservative on the University Campus as a Janitor? 

There are tens of thousands of specifics. Yet the fundamental change that is required is this, we must view Liberals as the Enemy. We should continue to point out the unpatriotic behavior of the left. Why is it considered by the Press to be just as Patriotic to root against your country as it is to root for your country? Why is it just as Patriotic to hate the Constitution as it is to love it? 

We have two years until the next election. In less time than that, Newt put the Contract with America together. We took back the Congress, and turned Clinton from a Liberal to a Moderate for the next six years of his Administration. We can do this, but we have to start to fight for victory, not for some means of common ground to meet our opponents. We must fight for the survival of our nation, and our freedoms. 

The days of the Moderate Republican, or the Liberal Republican are over. The enemy is telling us we have to play by their rules. I say it's past time to start playing that way. 

Cry Havoc, and let slip the Dogs of War. Liberal Socialism is our enemy, and it's time to act that way. 

Obama thanks Gracious Press

Democratic Candidate, the One, The Messiah, made a short trip into the press section of his campaign plane, O Force One, to thank the Press for being so Gracious towards him.

I thought it would be helpful to lay out some of the Gracious Coverage of the Messiah, Obama. 

First one can not consider this issue without taking into account Michelle Malkin's point of view. 

Then my own ideals on Press Graciousness. My first video is Chris Matthews describing a thrill running up his leg. 

Then there was the awesome example of the Press's ability to remain personally uninvolved, and merely report the facts in an unbiased manner.

Ladies, I'd suggest you learn some self control. If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was standing behind the Freshmen Girls in High School, not the adult and theoretically mature Journalists who are supposedly charged with determining truth for the masses. 

Of course, the result of this debacle will be even less esteem for the press by the public. Hey NY Times, any ideas on how to beat that Junk rating for your stocks? 

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