Saturday, November 08, 2008

California's Big Education cuts students

California's State University facing budget cuts decided that the first thing they should cut wasn't salaries of the teachers. It wasn't a review of program to determine where true educational value lay. No, the State University system decided the thing they needed least was students.

In this screenshot of the story from you can see the story.

Apparently the University system has a mission, and it is just as apparent that educating students would not be in that mission.

Perhaps Congress should conduct hearings into Big Education.

Perhaps if the light if scrutiny is turned on these Liberal havens, the desire to teach students might once again become the purpose of the school.

On the other hand, if they're teaching our kids to think like the Hate America first faculty, perhaps it's a good thing they aren't registering students.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! That is truly epic. I wonder how long before universal healthcare starts cutting subscribers?

Best Regards

7:19 PM  

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