Thursday, January 31, 2008

Socialized Medicine Update

Socialized British Medicine found a miracle cure for boy who was deaf for nine years. Take the stupid end of the Q-Tip out of your ear. Nine years for this miracle cure to take effect.

Any questions you folks on the Socialized Medicine side of the argument? Nine years of missing the end of a q tip in the ear. Come on guys, that's horrible.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No, I'm not supporting McCain

The question from the moderates and the press is simple. "Now will you support John McCain, the only electable Presidential Candidate on the Republican side?"

No. I won't. I won't vote for him next week on super Tuesday. I won't vote for him in November. I'd vote for Ralph Nader before I voted for McCain.

"Wait Mr. Conservative, you're supposed to oppose Hillary." Hey, I know what conservative is, and I know what conservative isn't. If I'm going to have a Liberal in the White House, I'd rather have one I can blame and oppose with the Republicans than have to scream at Congress for the next four years to get them back on the Conservative track. If a Liberal is going to destroy it, let that liberal be a Democrat.

John McCain is a conservative. No he isn't. A conservative doesn't vote for tax increases. McCain did. A Conservative doesn't vote to limit free speech, McCain pushed the legislation and put his name on it. McCain Feingold. A Conservative doesn't push for Amnesty, McCain pushed for just that.

I could go on an on. The Liberals and Democrats are picking the Republicans Candidate at the moment. If he's my choice, I'm writing in someone, or voting for a third party candidate. I wonder who the Libertarians have this year?


Friday, January 04, 2008

National Universal Healthcare

Here's why I'm not a big fan of Universal Health care. I was discussing this topic at work with a friend in the lunch room, and he's a big supporter of it. Deciding to bring it to Max and try and bombard me with logic, he stepped up. I squashed him like a bug easily. Here's how I did it.

I listened to him, and then turned to my right, another friend who was watching it. To this friend I said "You were in the Army right, how long were you in?" The answer was eleven years so far, another nine to go in the Guard. I then asked him the obvious question for Vets. "Did the Army in the past eleven years, ever get your boot size right?"

Obviously Vets around the lunchroom all laughed loudly. None of us who were in ever had a pair of boots that fit right issued by the Army. Not one of us ever had a pair of boots issued that ever fit us right. Now, I turned back to the friend who was a big supporter of Universal Health Care and I asked the obvious question. "Why in the world would you trust the same people who can't get a shoe size right with your health care?"

Then I asked him how we were going to design this program. What successful government program would we pattern it after? The answer was a stuttering silence as he realized the trap he had just walked into. There are no successful government programs. Not one. The Rural Electrification Project was started in the 1930's, and continued under that name until 1994. Mission accomplished was long before that, so the office successfully closed right? No, they just opened the door one day with a new office title. Yes they had the same people doing the same damn thing and haven't changed anything but the project name.

That's the closest thing to a successful program, and it's literally just a give away for Political power. Now, if you want my support, here's what you need to do Washington. First, have a successful program. The War on Poverty isn't a real good choice. NASA would be a decent start, until you realize that four million dollars of taxpayer money was spent for a party to make people feel good about the last year.

Secondly, show me an efficient government operation. Every time I end up discussing anything with the Feds, I'm struck by the number of people who's job appears to be patting the guy next to him on the back and saying "Great Job Greg." Eliminate duplicate systems and get the one project that is successful to be the one we use.

Finally, work a true balanced budget once. Every household in the nation operates on this premise. We prioritize our expenditures, and take from less important categories, like entertainment, to afford more important things, like housing and food.

However, with a reported eleven thousand earmarks in this years budget, that's money thrown at political supporters in a congressional district, you start to see that the budget is a way to buy votes, not manage a house hold.

Somewhere in there I'd like to see Congress eliminate all the perks that they have and make themselves obey the same laws we obey, because right now, they don't.

Right now, I don't trust the Government to manage anything efficiently, much less towards a successful end. For that reason, I'm not a fan of Universal Health care. Because honestly, if they can't manage to get a shoe sized right, why would you trust them with anything?

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