Saturday, October 31, 2009

Conservative idea's work.

What is with the Republican Party, and the Republican first folks. It's like they have their heads shoved up a certain smelly part of their anatomies.

HotAir, one of my favorite sites, has a blogger named AllahPundit. Allah is a Republican First, tone down the Conservative Rhetoric kind of guy. He's one of those who would easily support McCain, and Republicans like that. He supports Republicans, because they're more moderate than Democrats. Allah likes to make this one mistake though. He thinks other people are just like him. I don't. I think people are either ill informed, or haven't considered the issues if they don't, generally speaking, think along the lines of Conservative principals.

The reason I say this? I've spoken to hundreds, perhaps even a thousand people. In nearly every single situation, I've been able to sway the opinions of the people. By pointing out the lack of logic, and the lack of honesty inherent in the "liberal" or Democratic position. That by the way is only one guy who is chatting people up here and there. People instinctively want to follow the Conservative idea's, and once you get past the all conservatives are racist hate filled evil people nonsense, you get to the point of discussing the issue logically.

What do I do about the Racist hate filled demagoguery? Simple, I point out the Conservatives who are not white. I point out that every single one of them achieved their position through, hard work and education. I point out that President Obama achieved his position through hard work and education. Then I ask why Michelle Obama would tell people in the "hood" not to do what she had done, that is get an education that gives you greater odds of success? Don't become a corporate lawyer she said.

Interesting isn't it? That Michelle as a Corporate Lawyer made six figures a year, and then tells people not to go into the line of work she did?

Why not point to those who have succeeded through hard work and education, and inspire children to emulate them? What's wrong with offering kids the chance to become Astronauts?

To become one, they'll need lots of Math classes, science classes, and good marks in school. Going through pilot training at one of the military branches would held tremendously. Inspire the people, show them what hard work and education can get you. Show them what they can accomplish, if they have the God given talent, and work incredibly hard.

This is a conservative principal, that anyone can accomplish anything, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, or gender. Only Liberals tell you that it's impossible, or nearly impossible, so don't bother trying.

Conservatives celebrate the accomplishments of people, Liberals deride those accomplishments.

Look at the NASA page for the Astronauts, pick a few to read. You'll notice something. They've all got high educational degrees, Most have Master's degrees, and a few have Doctoral Degrees. A vast majority of them are fairly highly ranked from the Military, and all of them are in excellent physical condition. Now, why not inspire your children to reach for the stars? Why not tell the kids that this is possible, but the path is astoundingly difficult, and achievable for a very elite few who work for years to get there?

I can defend Conservative ideas. I can't defend Socialist ideas, because they're morally and logically bankrupt. They tell people that achievement is impossible, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. This is why I'm an unapologetic Conservative, and why I'm starting to grow annoyed with the Newt Gingrich/AllahPundit/GOP leadership. They would rather apologize for Conservatives, instead of explaining why Conservative principals are superior. They would rather tell the Conservatives to abandon their principals, in favor of the more moderate, unenlightened, easier path of pandering to the uninformed.

Educate them, walk the people through the truth, and then stand back, and let them learn more.

We can't educate the entire country, but I honestly believe we can educate more than 60% of the nation, perhaps even 70% of the nation. Let's do that. Let's tell people why we're conservative, and give the moderate pander masters above the choice. Join us, and bring the GOP with you, or abandon politics, and take the GOP with you.

The Republican Party was formed out of the ashes of the Whigs. We can form the Conservative Party out of the ashes of the Republicans too.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

President Obama considering channeling Hitler.

Before you scream that I'm calling President Obama a Nazi, shut up. I'm not. I'm about to explain the title, and if you'll calm down long enough to read it, you'll see what it's about.

The situation in Afghanistan is complicated. The Military experts want one course of action, the politicians want another, and the left wants a third. The problem here is that President Obama is a politician more than a leader. He's a manager, and those folks tend to govern by consensus.

Now let me explain why I said what I did in the title if you don't mind. It has to do with the defense of the "Atlantic Wall" by Germany.

Now, in 1944 Rommel wanted the tanks right down on the beaches, especially Normandy, to repel the attack. He believed that leaving the tanks further inland was suicide because they would be targets of Allied Air Power. They would be destroyed before they could be brought into action at the hands of Allied pilots.

Von Rundstedt on the other hand believed it was paramount to keep the tanks back, where their mobility would be a factor. Besides he argued, putting them on the beach left them open to Allied naval firepower, and they would be destroyed before the Allies came ashore.

In a way, they were both right. It was madness to put the tanks on the beach, they didn't have the mobility they needed to survive combat for more than a few minutes. However, the Nazi's had already learned that they could only move their tanks at night, or they would be destroyed by raiding P-51 aircraft. However, at least with the tanks inland, you had the option of using them to block a break out of the beach head by the Allies. On the beach, they were easy targets of Naval Gunfire.

Hitler made a political decision, giving some tanks to the shore defense, and holding others in reserve under his personal command. Thus the famous sleeping pill incident, where Hitler couldn't be woken to allow those troops to move, giving the Allies a precious few hours to get a toe hold on the Continent.

He split his forces, and that was a blunder of epic proportions. He took the political plan, instead of the militarily smart plan. Rommel was a great field commander, but not on defense. He was a great maneuver General, not a defensive General.

Now, to tie this in with President Obama. The Military wants more troops, the Politicians led by Vice-President Biden want less on a strictly Counter-Terrorism plan.

He's thinking of doing both, increasing the troops, but limiting them to a counter terrorism battle plan. This is madness. It sacrifices soldiers to the image that the President isn't weak on National Defense, while being weak on National Defense.

The White House is trying to craft a plan that is acceptable to all of the different groups. He's trying to show he's reducing activity to the Left wing nutroots on the DailyKos, while he's showing he's tough on National Defense by increasing the troops there. In trying to satisfy all, he'll satisfy none, and the people who pay the price will be the troops left in Afghanistan. They'll be increasingly targeted, as the Islamic Extremists and Terrorists sense weakness in the Americans, and know that victory is near at hand.

In a way, this is how Viet-Nam dwindled to a close, with tens of thousands of troops dying while the Politicians dithered around trying to save face and declare victory. You can't have victory fighting a defensive war. I don't care how good the defensive line is on your football team, if you can't score a touchdown either because your offense sucks, then you'll still lose.

So Mr. President, while you're working towards a political plan, please make a decision first. Do you want to win? If you do, then political half measures are a sure way to lose.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Punish the rich, a very bad populist idea

What made Ronald Reagan unique among Conservatives was his ability to teach us why he believed what he did. It's a trait that is absent in so many of our current Republicans that I wonder if they know what they believe.

You see, if you believe in something, God for example, you'll have no problem telling someone why you believe in God. I believe, because the nature of the Universe screams that God exists. I could go into more detail, but it isn't really germain to this discussion.

Punish the rich we hear all the time. Force them to pay higher taxes, punish them for stealing money from us. Pfui.

What do the Rich do for us the moronic populists scream. Well, they buy things, like Jet Airplanes from Gulfstream. When they don't have money, they don't buy things, like Gulfstream jets. Before you snort and demand to know why they need a jet. I'll offer this, so they can come to your work place half a country away, and figure out how to make the factory, store, or distribution plant more profitable. Or for meetings, or just for vacation getaways. The point is this. It's their money, and they can spend it how they want, if they have it.

Let's talk about those jets for a moment. Those pretty Gulfstreams that we see now and then zipping across the sky, or at airports. Gulfstream makes a darned good jet, arguably one of the best you can buy. People work on those airplanes, making them in the first place, and servicing them, and even flying them. They get paid good money to do so. Just about everyone involved is a union employee.

When the rich aren't buying airplanes, those people employed in building them, are out of a job.

Well, that's too bad right? Sure, 1200 good people are unemployed, but millions all over are, and that is the economy the rich got us into right? WRONG. It's the economy that Washington DC got us into. The FED and the Tresury wanted more power, and they got it, by scaring the people into the recession, and now depression we're in. However, the question of how we got her can be argued later. For now, let's talk aobut how to get out of it.

Ronald Reagan argued, properly, that economy improves when money is in motion. In other words, if the Rich are buying airplanes, then people get hired to build airplanes. Those people buy cars, furniture, TV's etc. All of which has to be manufactured, transported by truckers, who have to be hired to drive it, and salesmen at the store who sell it. So those 1200 employees who were laid off, aren't buying Furniture, Cars, or anything else. Now, the car makers are losing money, and guess what, they're laying people off too.

We've heard how trickle down economics doesn't work. Apparently, Trickle down recession does.

We've all seen it, every community has been hit by it, and it's trickled down and continues to trickle down with each week's unexpectedly high unemployment numbers. Every week we hear how unexpected it is that there are more unemployed.

Why unexpected? Did you think that someone else would buy that Gulfstream Jet? Did you imagine that someone else would need cars? Who? So we watch the experts utterly surprised every week when the numbers are unexpectedly high. You may expect them to go down, I expect them to go up.

You can read a million people's opinion on why Reagan was wrong. You can see for yourself, in your community, that he was dead bang right. So why aren't the Republicans educating the people, the way Reagan did. Explaining, and showing them the truth would go a long way to realistically being able to deal with the problem. Instead, we are fed this populist tripe about the rich needing to pay their fair share.

All of us who are laid off, really appreciate that approach. It means we won't have to worry about our jobs, because even more of us will be unemployed next week. I bet it's just a big of a surprise as the last years worth of surprises.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Same song, same jukebox.

Conservatives are rebelling, because the Republican Party leaders continue to tell us that acheiving the majority through moderation is the most important goal we should have.

Newt Gingrich is using this as his reason for endorsing the liberal Republican (RINO) Scozzafazo in New York. Yes, a Majority is important. What is more important Newt is the principals that the Reagan Republican party once stood for. Lower taxes, less Government, oh yes, more individual liberty.

So let's take a look at some of the great conservative accomplishments that the Moderate managed Republican party has had shall we?

Bankruptcy reform. The lie here was if we reformed the system, credit card rates would fall. Have they fallen? No. What we did was make a system where companies could wipe debt out, but individuals couldn't. That seperate but equal problem has yet to work out.

The PATRIOT ACT which trampled the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments. What a victory. Yes, Democrats voted for it too. However, no Conservative should ever have proposed it, nor have voted for it.

I could go on and on. Look at the history in this blog. I have posted often about my disgust with the Republicans.

The question is what are the Republicans going to stand for? Socialism just like the Democrats, but only slower? That's not a principal I can get behind. Nor is it a principal that anyone should get behind.

The Democrats are running towards pure Socialism as fast as they can, while the Republican Moderates, those whom people like me call RINO's, suggest we can get there better jogging. I don't want to get there at all. Not running, nor jogging. I want to head in the other direction. Smaller Government, less Government intrusion, and more personal liberty.

So the Republican party is once again suggesting that we play along, and support the Moderates, and really understand that we can't do anything unless we have the majority. What are we going to do? Slow the sprint to socialism to a jog?

This is why the Repubicans are out of power. They campaign as sort of Conservatives, populist conservatives, and rule as Democrat Lite. I don't want Democrat/Socialist principals. I want Conservative ideals and principals. So no, I won't contribute to the national parties or committee's. The national party is full of loonies who think that Democrat Lite is the way to win.

We tried that, we had John McCain, the Maverick, the loved by the Liberals, so long as he's beating up on Conservative Republicans. He was the RINO's dream candidate. He believed in everything that Obama does, just not so stridently. He was a Democrat Lite candidate, and was soundly trounced.

So what have the Republicans learned? Nothing. Jack Squat to quote the SNL joke. The candidates that did well, ran as conservatives. The candidates who ran as Moderates didn't do so well. So we've learned, we need more moderate candidates.

The Democrats are going to get their wish, the Republicans are going to self destruct. While trying to get the NY Times and MSNBC to like them, they're going to keep the Voters pissed at them.

You think some of them would have learned that the Moderate approach is a failure every time it's tried.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Perhaps we should become more like Europe.

I have long scoffed at the idea of becoming more like Europe. I have long derided those who think we should do just that. However, I may have been wrong, and I may have to reconsider.

What event you might ask, has made me want to reconsider my position on Europe being essentially socialist and far less free? The answer is this. Stockholm Sweeden is burning Bunnies to generate heat for the population.

Now, I for one have eaten rabbit, and I found it to be rather tasty. I've never considered merely burning the rabbits to generate heat though. It's not a dirty old petrolium product, and they certainly reproduce faster than trees do. Apparently I haven't considered this, but Sweeden may be on to something here. The perfect energy source. Rabbits breeding as they do. The old phrase like rabbits comes to mind. We could easily establish some areas for them to do just that, local parks and similar areas comes readily to mind. Talk about your renewable energy source. It almost boggles the imagination with the possibilities doesn't it?

Of course, it does also turn the stomach, and evoke a visceral response of Ewww.

Well Liberals, is this a practice of Europe's that we should emulate? Perhaps this is how they help pay for that universal health care they "enjoy". Perhaps this is how they establish compliance with that Kyoto thing. Burning rabbits to generate heat. A renewable energy source I'd rather not become familiar with.

Sweeds, check this out mate. You can eat the rabbit. They are very good to eat. I am not opposed to hunting, I just think you're supposed to eat what you kill. Not merely burn it for warmth.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Long time, no blog

For many months, I haven't been blogging. There are a number of reasons, personal and professional, which I won't bore you with here.

What I will say is, I wanted to blog about this subject, Guns. Mayor Bloomberg of NYC is hoping to close the "Gun Show Loophole" with his investigative report. His argument is like this. Roughly 30% of the firearms acquired by criminals are gotten through private person to private person transfer, the so called loophole, and thus we must close this loophole.

Mr. Mayor, forgive me, but that is the lamest argument that I've ever heard. Let's be honest for a moment shall we? Criminals rarely consider the law, which is why we call them criminals. By your own statements, at least 70% of the criminals who get their hands on guns, aren't doing so by this loophole. Obviously, this loophole is a major problem, because then 100% of the guns that criminals get would be via the other means, stolen, black market, etc.

This however is a great example of how Government always loves the plan that doesn't work. Let's see how other restrictions and bans have worked. Drugs, illegal, are they still redily available? You bet. We restricted the sale of psudophed in an effort to curb the production of Crystal Meth. The result? According to the DEA, a 518% increase in Meth production. Yes, it increased five fold thanks to the ban limiting access to the vital chemicals.

So we arrest grandmothers who have a husband and daughter get ill about the same time, but we haven't done much to reduce or eliminate Meth production. I bet granny learned not to flaunt the law. How about those meth dealers though, have they learned? Yes, they have. They've learned to get their drugs from Mexico, and they've learned to avoid law enforcement traps. We catch grandma, but we don't catch the criminals.

The reason is simple. We don't punish law breakers when we catch them. If we were serious about some of these laws, we'd attach the death penalty to possession of, or distribution of, many of the drugs. Let's face it, a dead guy can't sell the drugs. We aren't serious though, because we keep restricting those of us who use it legally, but ignoring those who don't.

Perhaps I'll start blogging more frequently again, but this couldn't be passed up. Mr. Mayor, bust the people who break the law, and leave the rest of us alone.


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