Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why Liberalism fails.

Liberals begin with a flawed premise, and their beliefs go downhill from there. In my last post, I pointed out the Conservative Answer to Piracy, and now, friends, I'm going to explain why an armed Population is the answer to crime, and terrorism. 

We've all watched in horror the attacks, and cold blooded murders that happened in India this last week. It took hours for the Police to make any kind of response that was potentially efective. This is because, Police Forces are not designed, nor are they prepared, for a true Terrorist attack. 

The purpose of the Police is to determine if a crime has been committed, capture, and arrest the suspect, gather evidence for the court, and carry out their duties with so many conflicting policies that describe the actions they must take in forty thousand situations, that they are utterly useless in a true emergency. 

I was in the Army at the time of the Norco Shootout. I can remember shaking my head as I watched it on Television. The Police were acting like Police, instead of like Soldiers in a war. They were in a war, and were responding exactly as they had been trained, only they were not trained for this. One officer, who was certainly couragous, drove his police cruiser right at one of the gunmen in the street. Then just as he'd been trained, he slammed on the brakes, and jumped out of the car to effect the arrest of the suspect. 

The Army answer would have been a little simpler. I would have driven the car over him, then backed up to make sure I'd finished the job. That, is what I was trained to do. That's the problem. When you face a situation that is stressful, surprising, and especially one that is dangerous, you react as you've been trained to react. You go with what you're trained to do. Police, they are still trying to arrest the bad guys, even when the Bad guys are not committing crimes per se, but an armed attack on innocents. The Police want time to negotiate, allow the superiors to decide what actions should be taken. The Soldier wants to kill the enemy, because that is what he's trained to do. That's the purpose of a Military, kill the enemy, and break things, or be prepared to do so on a moments notice. 

Imagine the lives that could have been saved in India if the population at large was armed

Mr D'Souza added: "I told some policemen the gunmen had moved towards the rear of the station but they refused to follow them. What is the point if having policemen with guns if they refuse to use them? I only wish I had a gun rather than a camera."
 Mr. D'Souza doesn't seem to understand that only when we're disarmed, are we supposedly safe. Safe to the attackers. A handful of armed men were able to run roughshod over the hundreds of victims, killing many of them, wounding many more. So far, there are more than three hundred dead, and the Terrorists wanted to kill as many as five thousand. Why do we allow ourselves to remain sheep people of the world? The Sheepdog can't protect all of us, so why are we allowing ourselves to remain sheep? 

Take this situation in India, and imagine, just imagine for a moment if a vast majority of the population was armed. Five men walk in with automatic rifles, and begin to spray bullets around, striking many. Let's be fair, and say that three seconds pass while people are brain frozen, unable to think that this is real. Then they start to seek cover from the flying bullets. Now, here is where the bad times happen. In the reality of the attack in India, all the people could do was hide, and wait to die. If everyone had access to a firearm, the attack would have ended there as a hundred people started to shoot back. Final count of the dead and wounded? Let's say ten or twenty dead civilians. Five dead terrorists, and twice as many wounded. Far better than the three hundred dead we see so far. 

The Wild West wasn't this wild, and not because machine guns and assault rifles hadn't been invented. Most of the people were armed. Most of the people who went west were veterans of the Civil War. You couldn't have fought at Gettysburg and then been impressed with some young punk with a six shooter. You already knew what to do, so you did it again. 

Arm the population, and watch attacks like these end up in the historical sections of the news, instead of in our headlines. Arm the population, and let them defend themselves against the wolves. The wolf avoids the more dangerous prey, the wolf leaves the Wolverine alone. The Wolf may win the fight, but will be so injured himself that it's the last meal he ever has. An armed population is a people which is easily as dangerous to terrorists as the Tasmanian Devil is to anything that it gets annoyed at. 

So people, are you ready to stop being sheep? Waiting for the sheep dog to come and rescue you? Are you ready to become far more dangerous prey to those who would attack, rob, rape, or murder you? The Answer just may save your life, or the lives of your children one day.

As I said before, no one mugs a cop, because they don't want to get killed. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aside from the strange punctuation and capitalization protocols, I see nothing at all wrong with this essay. You are of course correct. But there is such a fundamntal difference between a soldier and a politician, there is likely no way for you to convince our leaders that you are indeed correct.

Best Regards

10:39 AM  

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