Friday, November 28, 2008

The Conservative answer to Piracy

The news headlines of late seem to be perpetually filled with stories of Pirates from Somalia who are seizing more and more ships nearly every week. They are of course, the most often reported, however they are not the only pirates on the seas. So the obvious question, why is the world continuing to use the obviously ineffective Liberal response of disarming and trusting your fellow man, and in the event of danger, calling for help? 

The arguments are numerous, and they're all based on the simple lie that violence doesn't solve a problem. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Violence is the best answer for Violent Criminals. No one mugs a cop in uniform on the street. Not because they might get arrested, because they will get shot, probably killed. By the same token, the Pirates don't attack Military Ships. Not because there will be protests in the United Nations. Because the Military ship of any one of the worlds Navy will fire back and sink them. 

So why don't we arm the Commercial vessels of the world? Why don't we allow them to fight back instead? The Shipping companies worry about escalating violence. That argument is flatly nonsense. The Wolf may attack a dog, but he prefers the lamb, so why would you take the guaranteed victimhood route of the lamb? 

International law frowns on the use of force to resist. Phooey. Ladies and Gentlemen. Shoot the bastards. Sink their boats, and if they happen to survive, wish them well as you sail the hell away from them.

One of the warnings from conservatives after 9-11 is we would forget the lessons of that day. The world never really learned those lessons. The first lesson is if someone attacks you, threatens you with violence, you fight back. The passengers on the planes which co-operated and went along with the hijackers died just like the passengers of Flight 93. Yet, the Terrorists goals were achieved on the other three flights, and not on Flight 93. It's also possible that had everyone attacked at once on 93, that the Terrorists themselves would have been the only ones dead at the end of the day. We know that the passengers saved the aircraft in the case of the shoe bomber Abdul Raheem (one question, if he changed his name to reflect his Muslim Religious Beliefs, why don't we respect his desire instead of calling him by his western name Richard Reid) don't we? In that case, he tried to light his shoe bomb and was tackled by the passengers and duck taped to the seat. 

So why don't we arm the merchant vessels of the world? By putting two or three .50 cal Machine Guns on the ships, you could fire on the Pirates at up to a mile away. It would end the ability of the Pirates to seize your ship with small light craft. Forcing them to use heavier boats to survive your fire to get in closer. Larger but still easy to use guns are also available. The latter would force the Pirates to use virtual Frigates to seize your ship. This is the tactic that essentially ended the era of Piracy in the 1600's. 

The Pirates started out using small fast boats to attack the merchant Vessels. When the Merchant Vessels armed themselves with Cannon, the Pirates had to get larger ships, and more men to run those ships. This gathered them together, and allowed the Navy to hunt them down and destroy them. 

Yet this painfully obvious answer, arming the victim to remove them from the prey category is the one we won't use. Why? The world is run by asinine liberals who think someone in authority is the only ones authorized to use force. Phooey. I'm a conservative, and I believe that anyone who is threatened should be allowed to use whatever force is deemed necessary by the law abiding person to defend themselves. 

Personally, I suggest that the Merchant ships be armed. If they are attacked and the Pirates survive the sinking of their fragile wooden boats, throw some chum into the water to attract the sharks before sailing away leaving them in the water. Make Piracy a job with a guaranteed death, and you'll see Piracy return to the asterisk of criminal reports in the world. Post the video of the Pirates crying for help online, to help the other potential Pirates understand the fate that awaits them. Death from bullets, or from Sharks, you choose punk. 

The first rule that we as a civilization need to make for the world is that you have a right to be armed, and to defend  yourself. Civilization only exists when everyone follows the rules, and an armed public guarantees that the rules will be followed, by all. Those who break the rules risk death, and a vast majority of the people aren't going to risk Death for a small payday. 

Arm the Merchants, and let them fight back. Never in history has it been a good thing to be a victim. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Leftists who make the arguments against militant solutions to piracy have fallen into a double-trap of their own devising.

First off, like Obama, the only successes they have had in life have resulted in talking. Not a one of them is aggresive in the traditional, masculine sense.

Second, they are quite happy being victims after all and letting the government, through courts or legislation, punish those who they perceive as a threat.

Taking up arms in an actual, physical confrontation falls outside their life experience for the great majority of them.

Best Regards

PS: Ironically, the word verification word I've been offered is "MUSLI".

1:05 AM  

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