Sunday, December 31, 2006

Liberals bemoan the death of Saddam?????

In Between screeds demanding the impeachment of Bush, this weekends execution of Saddam has caused much wringing of hands on our favorite liberal site, the Democratic Underground, which many on the right refer to as DUmmies.

The Democratic Underground far left wing loonies are in a real lather over the Death Penalty, to be fair, there are a few who see a problem with the consistency of being Pro Choice in Abortion, yet against the Death Penalty, however those few are certainly dragged over the coals for this violation of accepted and approved liberal thought.

Now, let's take the argument that the Death Penalty is immoral. Immoral by what standard? If society has the value that certain crimes, Murder for example, have the potential of the ultimate punishment, what is immoral about the public view? If we can take a moment and consider the great Liberal cries of the past shall we?

James Byrd was a black man who was brutally tortured and murdered by three white men. The three white men were tried for capital murder, the highest crime under Texas Law, and two were sentenced to Death, one was sentenced to life in prison. That penalty wasn't enough for the Liberals who demanded additional legislation to prosecute Hate Crime. People like me correctly pointed out that this was in effect making a felony out of thought, and it was far better to try the criminal for the crime, MURDER in this instance, instead of the thought. Two criminals sentenced to death, one sentenced to life in prison, and the LIBERALS demand more punishment?

Matthew Sheppard was another barbaric murder, where the Liberals again demanded Hate Crime Legislation. Those who committed the crime were sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. In my opinion, a far more cruel punishment than the Death Penalty. It takes away the hope for rescue in the future, it puts the individual in a cell like the animal he is by nature, and leaves him there for the remainder of his life. That by the way is why I like the Life without possibility of parole, it steals the hope which we all need by our very nature. Again, Liberals demanded that those who committed the crime receive additional punishment under Hate Crimes legislation. OK, how can we punish these two any more? Life without parole with bamboo shoots under the fingernails?

Liberals love to decry that the Death Penalty is cruel and unusual, yet it's not enough punishment when they demand justice. Remember those who said Ken Lay of Enron fame got off light by dying before he was sentenced?

But now that he's died of a heart attack in the luxury of his Colorado getaway while awaiting sentencing for his crimes, none of his victims will be able to contemplate that he's locked away in a place that makes the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel look like Hawaii; that he might be spending long nights locked in a cell with a panting tattooed monster named Sumo, a man of strange and constant demands; and long days in the prison laundry or jute mill or license plate factory, gibbering with anguish as fire-eyed psychopaths stare at him for unblinking hours while they sharpen spoons into jailhouse stilettos.
He will not be ground into gray jailhouse paste by listening to the eardrum-scarring symphony of 131-decibel despair that is the Muzak of penitentiaries, by gagging on the dead prison air, by choking on the deader food, by watching the blue sky taunt him with freedom over the exercise yard, and by feeling his nervous system rent by the cruel grenades of memories -- explosions of nostalgia for the days when he knew he'd be swanning forever through the comfy laps and cool lawns of luxury and infinite possibility. Sweet Gulfstreams through sweet skies, the pools, the jewels, the Maybach limousines, a life in which he didn't just pimp his ride, he pimped the entire world as he knew it.

You see, for being a Conservative supporter, Death was too good for Ken Lay, apparently all of the above isn't cruel enough to punish someone who gave money to George Bush.

Libs, consistency in your argument is something you might want to try sometime. Those who are pointing out your positions on Abortion, the Death Penalty, and Euthanasia. These inconsistencies are problematic to say the least. You should probably spend a little time comparing the arguments you use for choice, and for Euthanasia, with the arguments you use to oppose the death penalty.

UPDATE: 4:30 pm. Just when I thought this post was done, I stumbled across a blog managed and operated by a number of Law Professors, or at least, two of the three owners are law professors, who are commenting on the liberal pundits idea that the video of Saddam being hung should be viewed by anyone who supports the Death Penalty.

The blog the Professor has quoted, Appellate law and practice, states.

Note: I considered editing out the links to the video, but then considered a disclaimer instead. Folks, if you follow the link, and are insulted, outraged, or otherwise disturbed, it's your own fault.

Video of the hanging of Saddam can be found here. Anyone who favors the death penalty, or the procedure applied in this case should watch this and share it with your children. If you can’t stand to watch it or you won’t show it to your children, you need to re-evaluate your position. US lawyers approved of the procedure and authorized the hand-over of Saddam. (Crafting it to avoid the jurisdiction of American courts, see here.) Hopefully, this will encourage the videotaping and dissemination of future executions in the US, so that they can be shown in schools so we can have an honest discussion about the merits of the death penalty. (The CNN video, with less graphic content is here.)

Libs, I have seen the video three times. I linked to the video of a French Execution in the 1930's. I still support the death penalty, and I can assure you that I am not put off by the mechanism of the sentence. It was far more humane than the executions that Saddam put forth on the people. It was far more humane than the poison gas he used on a town. In short, it doesn't bother me at all.

In fact, I believe that executions should be public, that would increase the deterrent factor that many of us believe that capital punishment has been lacking. Frankly, I wouldn't mind seeing similar actions during the halftime show of the Superbowl. I bet I would even hear muted complaints from the lefties if it was the men who murdered James Byrd wouldn't I?

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Iraq send two captured Iranian Military Commanders home

On Christmas day, I posted a story about how two Iranian Military officers, high ranking officers, were captured in Iraq during a sweep of suspected "insurgents" (you can call them that, it's fairly accurate, however TERRORIST is more accurate don't you think?) with plans and documents on them which were meant to aid terrorists in Iraq. These two officers have been further identified, and HOT Air is where I found this story.

One of the commanders, identified by officials simply as Chizari, was the third-highest-ranking official of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' al-Quds Brigade, the unit most active in aiding, arming and training groups outside Iran, including Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, U.S. officials said. The other commander was described as equally significant to Iran's support of foreign militaries but not as high-ranking.
American military forces nabbed the two men in raids last week. Their capture, U.S. officials said, represents the strongest evidence yet that Tehran's Shiite theocracy is meddling in Iraq's affairs and strengthening its relationship with the government in Baghdad.
U.S. defense officials familiar with the raids said the captured Iranians had detailed weapons lists, documents pertaining to shipments of weapons into Iraq, organizational charts, telephone records and maps, among other sensitive intelligence information. Officials were particularly concerned by the fact that the Iranians had information about importing modern, specially shaped explosive charges into Iraq, weapons that have been used in roadside bombs to target U.S. military armored vehicles.

Of course, the State Department types which recognizes Diplomatic Immunity to be sacrosanct, has decided that overall this is a good thing.

Despite their frustration at the release of the Iranians, U.S. officials said a strong message has been sent to Iran that its operatives will be tracked down and that it will be held accountable for its activities in Iraq.
"Iranians have been pushing the envelope in Iraq and elsewhere, and it's a good thing they learn there are consequences," a U.S. official said, on condition of anonymity.

Yes, apparently the consequences for assisting a Terrorist Organization is two people with diplomatic immunity are sent home. I bet the State Department even recommended a time out for the bad boys.

It is called being PNG'd, or Persona Non Grata. That is Diplomatic Speak, or Diplospeak, for Go Home NOW. Usually within 24 hours. As you can guess, being told to leave someone else's house isn't exactly a big punishment. I mean, being told to go home isn't exactly an insult is it? Of course, that is the Diplomatic manner in which the game is played. Of course, the Diplomatic Status is one of those things we demand be recognized, and it's been abused since it was first put into practice. Always has been, probably always will be abused by all the nations who use it.

I'm going to point out that Hot Air is giving credit to a blog that is new to me, Uncommon Misconceptions. I have read a few of his articles, and like it so far.

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Is a Cure for Homosexuality on the horizon?

Many years ago, when the discussion on homosexuality not being a lifestyle choice, but a genetic condition, I asked a question of the "Gay Rights" community on a message board. They railed, denounced, insulted, and demanded my hate speech be thrown off of the board, and me with it, for asking a simple question.

The question was simple, and straight (no pun intended) to the point. If Homosexuality is indeed genetic, and we find what gene, or chemical combination causes it, does that mean we have the power, and responsibility to cure it?

That obvious question is the one which got me labeled all sorts of things. I would link to the board, but why bother?

If we find the gene that would help someone see better, even perfectly, would we be fooling with nature, or would we be minimizing or curing a disability? What if we could cure some of the forms of blindness by that gene therapy, would that be a good thing? What if Homosexuality is viewed as another form of birth defect by prospective parents, and they take matters into their own hands to insure the child is born straight? I mean, if a child can be born gay, why not see that the child is born straight?

The reason I bring up this question from years ago, it seems that the scientists also asked that question. Can we treat homosexual tendencies in animals? It seems that perhaps we can. Of course, the idea that there might be a treatment is very dangerous to the Homosexual community which has spent years lying to the people of the world about their agenda, and their view of the future.

Look, for the record, I really could care less what you do, and who you do it with. I figure if it's between consenting adults, then whatever you want to do, enjoy yourself. Heck, I am even happy that many Liberal Supporters are gay, because that will speed the predicted population race towards my own beliefs, conservatism.

Now, from the article.

SCIENTISTS are conducting experiments to change the sexuality of “gay” sheep in a programme that critics fear could pave the way for breeding out homosexuality in humans.
The technique being developed by American researchers adjusts the hormonal balance in the brains of homosexual rams so that they are more inclined to mate with ewes.

Now, the study began to find ways for Sheep Farmers to be more profitable. Obviously, a Ram who won't go to stud is useless to the farmer for anything but dinner or perhaps a nice stew.

However, the Homosexual community is up in arms at the thought that the "condition" might be cured. Obviously, if it is the result of aberrant gene's or out of balance chemicals, it's a condition right? If it is a Condition, like genetic probability towards cancer, heart disease, or blood pressure, then shouldn't we treat it like one of those conditions as well? There is the Rub as Shakespeare said. If it is a condition, a genetic trait, or chemical imbalance in the brain, then it falls under a medical condition which may be treatable, to correct the problem, or minimize it.

Potentially, the techniques could one day be adapted for human use, with doctors perhaps being able to offer parents pre-natal tests to determine the likely sexuality of offspring or a hormonal treatment to change the orientation of a child.
Roselli has said he would be “uncomfortable” about parents choosing sexuality, but argues that it is up to policy makers to legislate on questions of ethics.
Michael Bailey, a neurology professor at Northwestern University near Chicago, said: “Allowing parents to select their children’s sexual orientation would further a parent’s freedom to raise the sort of children they want to raise.”

By varying the hormone levels, mainly by injecting hormones into the brain, they have had “considerable success” in altering the rams’ sexuality, with some previously gay animals becoming attracted to ewes.
Professor Charles Roselli, the Health and Science University biologist leading the research, defended the project.
He said: “In general, sexuality has been under-studied because of political concerns. People don’t want science looking into what determines sexuality.

Well, he is right, Political Correctness is demanding that the research be stopped. Why stop it? Are we saying that some science is bad? What if we could adjust the hormone levels during pregnancy and eliminate the likelihood of your child being attracted to tobacco use? What if you could wear a patch like the one mentioned in the story, and increase the chances of your child having a high IQ, increasing the chances of that child being successful in many fields? What if as a side result of this study, we find ways to minimize the likelihood of Parkinson's, MS, or even treatments for those already afflicted? Would you stop this research and doom poor Michael J. Fox to a lifetime of Parkinson's? Perhaps the research into the brain chemical reactions will bring forth a treatment for Parkinson's as an unintended great reward. Perhaps the results will stimulate some researcher somewhere else who will wonder about a similar approach to Alzheimer's? We don't know what the results will be, yet we know it's dangerous according to the Liberals, because it might show that homosexuality is a condition, not genetic. It may be a brain chemical imbalance like the formally named Manic Depressive, or Bi-Polar condition, which is treatable medically today, thanks to research.

Think about it, brain chemical imbalance which leads to bi-polar disorder and can be treated so the afflicted can lead a normal life, that is good isn't it?

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Perhaps we can ask Ethiopia for help in Iraq

According to Hot Air which is quoting Bill Roggio of the Fourth Rail, Ethiopia has whipped the Taliban-esque ruling body in Somalia. The ruling body, the Islamic Courts Union, has resigned and now calls on loyal supporters to blend into the population, in an insurgency.

However Ethiopia isn't playing by the United Nations approved, NATO Standardized, US Government policy on how to fight a war to lose. It seems that they aren't giving much if any quarter to fighters. They are actually killing the enemy. Perhaps a study group from the War College can go and discuss the issue with them. It may be that Ethiopia has discovered a secret means of winning a war.

From the Hot Air article.

There should be no allowance for any cease-fire talks until the Islamists are well and truly crushed. Keep the UN and the Arab League as far from this fight as possible until it’s truly finished. The Ethiopians and the transitional Somali government forces, fighting together against the Islamists in spite of a history of war between Ethiopia and Somalia, should not make the same mistake Israel and the US have made in Lebanon and Iraq and Afghanistan. They should win the fight outright and dictate terms to the surviving Islamists. Foreign fighters should either be imprisoned and tried for their crimes or, well, imprisoned and tried for their crimes. Anything less, and the Islamists will go to ground and come back with an insurgency in a few months or a year.

Way to go Ethiopia, it's nice to see someone ignores the Liberals moaning and whining about how awful it is to win a war. I wonder how Bill Clinton feels knowing that his Administration's position was we couldn't win in Somalia, yet the Eithiopians seem to have the WILL TO WIN.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Aren't we safer if Police have access to pertinant information?

In a post Christmas holiday posting, the same liberal lawyer who bemoaned all those non violent criminals who were wasting away over Thanksgiving in jail and prison, we have a new complaint.

The Department of Justice is finally joining the information age, and creating a massive database in which all the agencies information will be shared and stored. FBI, ATF, U.S. Marshall's, Secret Service, and many other agencies, will have information in this database which will be available to the Local Police Officers.

This is a much improved version of the NCIC, or National Crime Information Computer, which would provide only basic information on Wants, Warrants for arrest, and convictions. It would not provide any information on the suspects previous interaction with law enforcement personnel.

Let's say that you are a police Detective in a small town in rural America. You are talking to possible witness, and thanks to OneDOJ, the Department of Justice Database, you find that this same fellow was a witness to five other fires in four states, kind of a strange coincidence. You interview him more formally, and then serve a search warrant. Turns out the innocent sounding fellow as a serial arsonist. He moves around frequently, following his work he says, and that is about true. Fictional straw man argument? Certainly, however is that scenario impossible? NO.

Wait you say, our right to Privacy will be invaded. Invaded by a database that is only triggered when we interact with law enforcement? Invaded by a database which may be a useful tool in helping to solve crimes where people are murdered? How is it a bad thing to find a serial killer sooner rather than later? Explain to me why the criminals right to Privacy outweighs my Right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of my own happiness. I want to hear that one explained to me.

If we can share information between individuals, and do so efficiently, it has the potential of being a great tool to law enforcement. Will it be abused by the rare individual? Again, I use the word certainly. It will be abused by some nut who probably shouldn't be a mall security guard, but is a cop somewhere, but it will be symptomatic of his other abuses don't you think? It might even allow us to find him, again sooner, rather than later, before he has racked up hundreds of victims of his abuse of power needs. We might identify a bad cop before he has the chance to really hurt someone with this tool, properly implemented.

We might even find that a terrorist here on an expired student visa who is at truck driving school is really a terrorist wannabe. How many lives of Innocent Americans have to be sacrificed at the alter of the Liberal beliefs? How many stupid ideas will the Liberals put forth in an effort not to chase bad guys who are victimizing the population?

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Crooks steal more than $20,000 from Church on Christmas

I can't even begin to express my disgust at such people.

Two grinches spoiled Christmas Day for a church, robbing the safe of more than $20,000 in donations for needy children, police said.
The pastor at St. Mel's Roman Catholic Church in Queens said he believed the two men knew where they were going when they broke in through the back door and stole between $20,000 and $30,000 after morning Mass. "It was done while the people were in the building," the Rev. Christopher J. Turczany said.
The safe was removed while church employees left area, he said. The crooks fled in a sport utility vehicle. No arrests had been made as of Monday evening.


Monday, December 25, 2006

What does this mean in relation to the Iraq Surrender Report?

The famous Iraqi Study (Surrender Monkeys) Group report leaned heavily on the idea of negotiating with Terrorist Supporting States (nations) including Syria and Iran.
Iran which has been identified as the nation which is manufacturing a number of Explosive devices which have been used against United States and Allied troops. However despite this action by Iran, the Iraq Surrender Group suggested that we negotiate with the Terrorist supporting nation state. The apparent motive of this negotiation would be to reduce the effect of terrorism and attacks by Shiite groups. Groups in Iraq that are using these munitions provided by Iran to kill allies and innocent Iraqi civilians.
However this weekend, for some reason, as part of the holiday weekend news dump, which means that the information won't get the attention it deserves, it was reported that Iranian senior military personnel and two diplomats were captured during a sweep of suspected insurgents.
The Diplomats were released, but the senior military Officers were detained, as they did not have diplomatic papers.
The United States is now holding, apparently for the first time, Iranians who it suspects of planning attacks. One senior administration official said, “This is going to be a tense but clarifying moment.”
“It’s our position that the
Iraqis have to seize this opportunity to sort out with the Iranians just what kind of behavior they are going to tolerate,” the official said, declining to speak on the record because the details of the raid and investigation were not yet public. “They are going to have to confront the evidence that the Iranians are deeply involved in some of the acts of violence.”
In short, the Iraqi's need to ask Iran how long the Iranian Military Officers are going to be working in Iraq as Terrorists.
American and Iraqi officials have long accused Iran of interfering in this country’s internal affairs, but have rarely produced evidence. The administration presented last week’s arrests as a potential confirmation of the link. Mr. Johndroe said, “We suspect this event validates our claims about Iranian meddling, but we want to finish our investigation of the detained Iranians before characterizing their activities.” He added: “We will be better able to explain what this means about the larger picture after we finish our investigation.”
In the raids, the Americans also detained a number of Iraqis. Western and Iraqi officials said that following normal protocol, the two Iranian diplomats were turned over to the Iraqi government after being questioned. The Iraqis, in turn, released them to the Iranian Embassy. An Iraqi official said his government had strained to keep the affair out of the public eye to avoid scuttling the talks with Iran that were now under way.
Why of course, we wouldn't want to endanger the peace talks just because the other party at the table is not only lying but is working to overthrow the elected government of Iraq. That might mess up the implementation of the Iraq Surrender plan that has been embraced by the moronic left.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Payment Disclosure

IN accordance with threats from the FTC about Blogging, and if or when we get paid, I am taking a moment to disclose to all readers if or what compensation I get from Blogging.

In short, I get no money, nor other compensation, besides my own personal enjoyment at enraging liberals.

Obviously, I use a free blogging service in the Blogger system.

If you would like to start a Blog with that system, I encourage you to do so. Enjoy yourself.

I hope that this answers the questions that my readers may have.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Unions and Liberals angry that the Army needs tires.

We support the troops, not the war is the battle cry of the far left wing loons. So now when they are stuck with supporting the war to support the troops, they back away quickly. Especially now that they are the party in charge in Washington, and the obstacle to supporting the troops, is the beloved Unions.

The Steelworkers union and Liberals are outraged that the Army needs tires from Goodyear, the only supplier of Military Grade Humvee tires, for the troops in Iraq. The Army is considering filing a request to implement Taft-Hartley to force the Goodyear employees to return to work for war essential material production.

Is it Fascism Yet? That is the question asked by the far left wing loons at Democratic Underground. I don't know, is it Fascism to expect that the troops get the material and supplies that they need? How long ago was it that the Liberals denounced the Bush Administration, and Donald Rumsfeld for not getting enough Armored Humvee's to the troops quickly enough? Now they denounce the Administration for trying to get tires for those same vehicles?

What is the sticking point that has led to this strike? The Union wants higher wages, more benefits, and oh yeah, guaranteed health care for the Retired workers. Goodyear says they can't afford all of that, they can't afford most of it, and the Union is sure they can. The last time the Steelworkers Union was sure the Company could afford it, the company went bankrupt, and closed up shop.

« Georgetown Steel closes, 465 Union jobs lost. The Union voted against a 10% pay cut not once, but twice, and the Owners of Georgetown steel had no choice but to close the plant, and file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The pensions of the workers are now not in Management hands, nor in the hands of the Union, but are the property of the Bankruptcy court. Source: Georgetown times. October 22, 2003

The union tried to call Georgetown Steel's bluff, and the plant was closed. Victory for the Union, they didn't take a pay cut, instead of a 10% pay cut, they got a 100% pay cut.

Goodyear has taken the measure of hiring replacement workers, often called "scabs" by Union employees who are refusing to work. Look Liberals, let's be consistent for a moment, is it a good economy, good enough to meet all the Union demands, or is it a terrible economy? If it is a bad economy, how do you expect the companies to fork over all the money they don't have to your unions? Oh wait, trying to get consistency from a liberal is like trying to get rational behavior from a cat strung out on catnip.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Did Florida Botch the execution?

Florida executed a convicted Murderer, who having exhausted his appeals, was put to death by lethal injection. The press claims that the execution was botched, opponents of the Death Penalty claim it's a graphic example of a failed system.

Botch, defined as to ruin, or muff. Well the execution of Angel Diez didn't go as smoothly as one could hope, however it turns out that Angel Diez is in fact dead right now, so I would call it a successful execution. The opponents of capital punishment are trying to capitalize on this event to push for a prohibition on the Death Penalty, yes again.

The Death Penalty Opponents are claiming that the lethal injection is cruel and unusual, and thus prohibited by the Constitution. This is part of the ongoing debate in which the opponents of the death penalty decry the method of execution. This debate by the way, has been going on for literally hundreds of years.

The Guillotine was created as a "humane" means of executing criminals. The Guillotine was used publicly until 1939, and a video of the last use of this "humane" device is here. Note, it may upset some viewers, if you watch it, and are offended, please email someone else, as I take no responsibility for your being offended. You are warned, and if you go and view it, you are responsible for your own actions.

The above mentioned execution was not the last time the Guillotine was used, it was the last "public" execution. The last time it was used was on Hamida Djandoubi in 1977.

The debate the anti-capital punishment folks take is about a humane means of eliminating the convicted criminal. Personally, I have no objection to either firing squad, or hanging. Before you say it is cruel and unusual, let me point out punishment is supposed to be cruel and unusual. Yes, those links are to previous posts on the subject of crime and punishment.

Now, let's be serious here, sometimes the best manner to serve society is to remove a criminal from it, not for a few years, not for a few decades, but forever. I also am a fan of Life without Possibility of Parole. You see, that is even more cruel, and unusual if you think about it for a moment. Every minute, of every day, the convicted criminal exists without any hope. No automatic appeals, No last minute reprieve from the Supreme Court, just existence without meaning. As the criminal watches television, he sees where life continues for everyone else, and he remains waiting to die. Without hope for the future. No day in the future, near or far, will he be allowed out of his cell for the last time. The convicted criminal will die in custody, perhaps of a Heart Attack, perhaps by violent attack by Societies other convicted criminals. Perhaps the convicted will take his own life. (I use the Masculine for the simple and obvious failings of our language, perhaps someone will come up with a genderless means of referring to a person, like it.)

I am one who has considered these issues, and found I am not opposed to Capital Punishment, nor to what many of you would call "cruel and unusual" punishment. I would like to see public floggings of convicted minor offenders, in one example, I point out the obvious truth that DUI would become a very rare crime if people were flogged for it.

We could watch our prisons and jails empty out, and see people respect the law once again, if we were to use cruel and unusual punishment. BTW, Punishment should be cruel, or it is not effective in teaching the lesson to the offender. It should be unusual, or it becomes what we have today, common, and thus no deterrent towards the population to limit or prohibit criminal behavior.

Think about it, Florida may not have been as smooth as one may wish, but with the convicted criminal dead, it was certainly a successful execution.

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Private Ryan insults Military next.

Newsbusters has a story following the asinine statements of Matt Damon, who played Private Ryan in the movie "Saving Private Ryan". When you get to the end of the discussion, you are left with the obvious difference between acting in a movie, playing the part of a Soldier, and being a Soldier.

From Newsbusters:
I don't think that it's fair as I said before, that it seems
like we have a fighting class in our country that's comprised of people who have
to go for either financial reasons or, I don’t think that that is fair. And if
you're gonna send people to war, ahh, if, if we all get together and decide we
need to go to war then that needs to be shared by everybody. You know, and if
the President has daughters who are of age then maybe they should go,

It seems that Damon needs to go back and watch "Saving Private Ryan" to better understand the character of those in the military, and the integrity inherent in such folk. In fact, Damon need only look at the part that he played, and how he responded when the Tom Hanks character (Captain Miller) asked him what they should say to his mother when she's told that her fourth and only remaining son has been killed in the war:

You can tell her that when you found me, I was with the only brothers I had left. And that there was no way I was deserting them. I think she'd understand that.

I guess that Matt forgot the lines in the movie, or didn't understand that to the Military Service members, the ideals described in that movie line isn't just a cool line written by a script writer. They are literal truths to them. They understand the risks they are taking, and while no soldier wants to die, they understand the price that is paid if they don't stand and fight. They understand what the war on Terror in Iraq is about. How do we know this to be true today? The recruitment numbers of the various branches of service remain at or above quotas, which means they are getting the volunteers who wish to serve their nation.

Friends, from my own experience, I can tell you who joins the Military. There are four categories, and I will list them in order of precedence.

First we have the Patriots, those who wish to serve their country. A vast majority of the Military members fall into this category. Most of the service members are literally doing this work because they love their country, and feel that the sacrifices they make are worth it. The low pay, long hours, danger, and miserable conditions. Often the conditions are quite miserable, bad food, no sleep, cold and wet, hot and dry, hot and wet. Pretending to be a pack mule when carrying a rucksack larger than most of you will believe. The Military likes to train people to endure the physical hardships that life in the field requires. The reason is simple, and obvious. If you grow accustomed to those hardships, then when you face them in combat, for real, they are less of a distraction, or obstacle, to the mission, and your survival than they would be if un-endured in peace time training.

Secondly, we have the Military Families. Many members of the Armed Forces are second, third, fourth and so on generations of Military. Mom and or Dad was in, Grampa was in, perhaps even Grandma, and so it is something that they always expected to do, it's sort of like a Football coach's son signing up for Football as a child. Some pressure perhaps, but mostly, it's a family business.

Third, we have the Education Soldiers. They joined to get the College money, and after their first tour, have no intention of ever signing up again. These soldiers are far more infrequent than you may think. Usually there are two or three in a company, at least in the units I served in, which included one Garrison or post support company. Most troops sign up for the GI Bill, but not because that is why they joined, it's like taking out long term disability insurance. You don't plan on being disabled long term, but you admit it's a distinct possibility.

Finally, we have the didn't have anything else to do troops. These are even more infrequent than the Education soldiers. There is usually one or two troops in a company, who fall into this category, and are pretty obvious to the rest. They will do the minimum, because it is what they have to do. If they don't have to do it, don't look for them to take care of it. They usually don't demonstrate much intuitive, nor are they categorized as self starters. They are decent soldiers with adequate supervision. When they get out of the Army, they will behave much the same at any job they get.

These four groups are YOUR Army, and mine. Most of the men and women serving are Patriots, that is doubly true today. They love their nation, and realize what our Liberal friends don't that America may have some problems, but is hands down the best in comparison to the rest. You the taxpayer back up that belief, because when they are overseas, in Europe, Korea, South America, and the Middle East, they see what the rest of the world has to offer, and are quite happy with America in comparison. They take continuing education, college level courses and almost every one of them has a High School Diploma. Most have some College, some have College Degree's. They are most probably far smarter than the average Democratic voter.

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Gov. Richardson says NO to boarder fence.

Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico has declared that the Boarder Fence approved by Congress isn't needed, what is needed is more Boarder Patrol Agents. Well he is half right, we need both a good fence, more agents, and landmines on the Boarder. We saw what happened when we sent a brick to Congress, we saw what happened when we the people shouted at Washington to build a damn fence, the politicians started with a measly 700 mile fence, and a few National Guardsmen. They also informed us the people, the voters, the folks that want action, that we had to get used to Immigration Amnesty.

OK, now Governor Richardson is going to announce he is opposed to a boarder fence. The Yahoo News Story for those who can't click on Newsmax because of political beliefs. The newsmax story has a good background to keep the story in perspective though.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., has promised to "revisit" the fence issue as the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee in the 110th Congress.
Thompson said that the high-technology Secure Border Initiative, or SBI Net with its monitors, cameras, and other integrated surveillance systems was an attractive alternative.
"We might do away with [the fence], or look at [integrating it into the] SBI Net," he said, "A virtual fence rather than a real one." Richardson may be against the fence for more boots on the ground and more black boxes, but the grim facts emanating from the Department of Homeland Security augur against his kinder, gentler stance.
Recently, the department reported that the U.S. had "effective control" over only 284 miles of its 1,992-mile Southern frontier as of March, up from a "whopping" 241 miles in October 2005.

We control about 10 percent of our own boarder, and we think a fence isn't the answer? Landmines and massive deployment of armed combat soldiers with orders to shoot to kill anything that moves is the RIGHT answer in that situation. A physical fence or wall is sad third choice in the meantime since killing those who are invading our country would be a major topic of outrage of the far left wing surrender now folks. They like to call on us to use Virtual Fences and techno solutions.

Virtual Fences. Anyone think the Governor is protected by Virtual Fences? We know the White House, and Congress are protected by REAL Fences and WALLS of giant Concrete Barriers. They closed Pennsylvania Ave. to protect the President, tossed up a WALL to protect the President, and announce WE little people don't need a wall or a fence. Hello Hypocrites, you might want to look out your window and see that the fences, walls, and lines of police keeping US back from you is part of your PROTECTION from US. Whenever there is a protest of the Washington Elite, Police are lined up shoulder to shoulder to keep the Protesters out of buildings where the elected and appointed work and live. Yet, when we are being overrun, murdered, slaughtered by the dozens each day by these illegal immigrants and we don't get any protection, and only minor enforcement of the existing laws.

My complete posts on immigration here.

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New York Times chomping the bit to call for Iraq Surrender

The Drudge Report is reporting on a video shown on CSPAN, of an interview with the incoming Editorial Page Editor (title approved by the Department of Redundancy Department) of the New York Times, formally the Newspaper of Record. In the interview, the incoming editor, Andrew Rosenthal who is taking over a sinking ship.

According to Rosenthal, no Democracy is going to happen in Iraq, and he is prepared to call on Unilateral Surrender, based presumably on his left wing leanings, at the Times agenda.

I think I can take a page out of his book right? Isn't it time for the NY Times to surrender, and close up shop. With falling circulation and massive employee layoffs. And when you consider that coupled with the numerous scandals that have racked the times, and it's abuse of eminent domain by having New York City purchase the land for their current building, the New York Times must surrender, and close up shop.

I am calling on the New York Times to just surrender and go out of business, a change of leadership won't fix the problems that the New York Times is having, the entire operation has failed. Income for the company continues to fall, circulation is down, and the outlook remains one of continued losses. They blame the continued losses on things like taxes, but hope in the distant future, they will have layed off enough employees (read that as plant consolidation) to be able to stem the flow of cash from the company.

Many people, myself included, have called on the Times to abandon their liberal bias, and report News Fair and Balanced. Of course, the Times denies any such bias, and conducts an internal review to prove that they aren't biased. The review determined that there was indeed a bias, but that was just due to the cosmopolitan nature of the city they were in. So the bias supposedly reflected the main circulation target, New York City. Of course, there are 8 million people in New York City, and the circulation of the Times is just over 1 million papers a day. Of course, you have to include the hundreds of thousands of schools, both College and High Schools, and libraries, which take the times daily for it's availability to the students. Now, what is the market the Times is trying to reach ineptly? USA Today and the Wall Street Journal both have much higher circulation that the NY Times. Yet, we are told it is the Newspaper of Record.

I hope you will join me in calling on the New York Times to admit defeat and failure, and just close it's doors forever. We can't move forward until we are willing to be honest with our self.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Senator Tim Johnson

First, let me say I was saddened to hear of Senator Johnson's illness, which at first was reported as a Stroke.

Second, let me say I am not joking when I honestly wish him, and all humans, a speedy recovery. I don't even wish half heartedly that any liberal or Democrat die from some disease, or accident.

I prefer to defeat them in the arena of ideals, where Liberalism is clearly shown to be a hypocritical fraud and demonstrating how Liberals are inconsistant and illogical.

Now, let me say the Nutters over at Democratic Underground are unhinged. They are literally slime, because their first concern wasn't that the Senator might be ill, but that he might die, and the Republican who is Governor might replace him with a Republican.

Face facts, The WH is searching for occurances like this to steal the Senate.
If fate does not throw them in the administration's lap, the DOJ can manufacture them with bogus prosecutions etc Or there can be plane crashes.If Johnson is not able to fill his term, the Republican governor will most certainly appoint a solid GOP senator, you can take that to the bank.The Dems would be well advised to make a list of all Democratic senators from states with Republican governors and keep a close eye on said Senators for the next two years.

He's being Wellstoned! nt

This is terrible news. I am beginning to think that my tinfoil hat is permanently ensconce on my head these days, because I always suspect Repuke fowl play when anything "bad" happens. We know the Repuke Dirty Tricks Committee will be in high gear since the embarrassment on Nov. 7. This just seems fishy to me, & too convenient for Repubs. Maybe it is just fate, but why does "fate" always seem to benefit them?

OK guys, take it easy for a moment. Tell me how Zell Miller ended up in the Senate can you? Zell Miller, well known Georgia Democrat, former Governor, succeeded by a fellow Democrat, that Zell Miller.

A REPUBLICAN named Paul Coverdale died. The Governor Roy Barnes appointed Zell Miller when Senator Coverdale died. Zell Miller ran for and won election at the next election, 1998 and retired in 2004.

Now, I don't remember any weird conspiracy theory about how the Democrats had poisoned Coverdale with a secret CIA created World Government sponsored chemical which would cause a Cerebral Hemorrhage. Yet our far left wing loons, first thing they see is a massive conspiracy and an intricate and expertly detailed plot to wrest control of the Senate from them.

Guys, relax, let's see what the FACTS are before we come up with a massive conspiracy shall we? We aren't even through the first news cycle, and you guys are crediting Rove with killing a Senator. Hot Air has more information and probably updated information on the Senators health.

UPDATE: First, We have a diagnosis, and it seems we can't have any news story about his condition without the Liberal nutcase commenting on the importance this one Senator plays in the senate. In the linked example, the panic is literally the first thing mentioned.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota was in critical condition recovering from emergency brain surgery Thursday, creating political drama over whether Democrats will control the new Senate next month if he is unable to continue in office.

In the Meantime Blogs of War has linked here, and many other blogs, further demonstrating the compassion of Conservatives for the person, and the panic of Liberals over the power.

Finally, we have this linked video of "The View" where four nuts sit around and cheerily discuss wild conspiracy theory and Liberal Agenda items.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Terrorist captured, Turns out to be illegial Immigrant

In an Illegal Immigration daily double, we have another great story from Michelle Malkin.

Earlier this year, more than 200 Somalian and Bosnian immigrants illegally obtained Missouri commercial driver's licenses or certifications to handle hazardous materials through a West Plains truck-driving school that had a contract with the state, according to federal prosecutors. In just a few short weeks, Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi — a staunch opponent of strengthened ID laws and strict immigration enforcement — will reassume power in Washington. An open borders-friendly White House has expressed willingness to deal with them. So we know who supports illegal alien workers and potential terrorist drivers waiting for amnesty. But who will stand up for us?

Frankly I don't think I can add much to Ms. Malkin's writing on this, and anything I did add would only serve to detract from her brilliantly phrased point.

Previous posts on Immigration by me HERE.

Usual suspects whine about Immigration round up.

Greeley Colorado has been part of a large scale Immigration round up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. The usual Anti-Enforcement of immigration laws groups are screaming about how unfair it is that laws are enforced. Let's take a moment and consider which laws were broken, and what the effect is on our society.

First is Illegal entry into our nation. That is a crime. Then the criminals compound the list of crimes endured by our citizens by committing Identity Fraud. How did Federal Agents learn that Illegal Immigrants may be committing further crimes, and how did the Feds learn that the people were working in Greeley Colorado?

A woman claiming to be Theresa Sanchez provided Swift with a Social Security card and Colorado I.D. on April 8, 2005. The FTC shows Sanchez actually lives in Texas and filed a complaint after she got a letter from the IRS. The letter said the agency was holding her $5,400 refund because she had failed to report $120,000 in wages since 1996. Sanchez told ICE she had never lived in Colorado. The FTC said someone used her information for jobs, college and to receive unemployment benefits.
Sanchez told an agent she stands about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. The woman suspected of impersonating her is 5 inches shorter and 10 pounds lighter. Sanchez said the suspect may have gotten her personal information from an ex-husband

Ms. Sanchez is one story, there are others, lots of others. You may be one soon, if you aren't one now. An illegal using your identity, screwing up your life for YEARS, making it difficult, or even impossible, for you to buy a home, a car, get a job, or file your taxes. You can't live by the rules, obey the laws, and be treated fairly because some CRIMINAL is using your identity to break the law.

We are all victims of Illegal Immigration, and the other crimes committed to cover up that one.

GREELEY, Colo. (AP) - Outside a meatpacking plant fence here, a frustrated Tony Garcia watched as Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents swarmed inside.
"We need help," he yelled to them. "We need answers."
There were few of those Tuesday as agents began their initial sweep through Swift & Co. plants in six states, arresting illegal immigrants who had bought or stolen other people's identities to help them get Swift jobs.
Garcia, who said he has friends who work at the Greeley plant, was worried about the fate of schoolchildren whose parents were arrested. "Who is going to pick them up?" he asked.

I noticed something interesting, it seems that the newsphotos in Denver may be staged as well.
It's interesting that both photos have the exact same placard, thus making the picture worth a thousand words right? FYI, the Girls in the photo to the right are there concerned about their boyfriends, who work at the plant. The girl being hugged is 13. I would assume that the meat packing plant would not hire a minor, as insurance companies normally frown on minors being exposed to risk filled work environments. So we have a person who should be at least 18 dating a girl of 13 according to the Denver Post slideshow. I understand that the girls parents do not work at the plant, so we have to wonder how those parents feel about their extremely underage daughter dating a much older man. I wonder if her boyfriend was one of the identity thief/illegal aliens, who may be committing other crimes in the community.


Democrats decide Darfur needs help

My Friends, you have to wonder about Liberals, and if they realize how hypocritical they are every day and night., home of some of the weirdest liberals you can imagine, are busy with two calls for action.

1) They want you to pressure Congress to impeach President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and any other administration official who is a Republican, for the war in Iraq. A war where we ended two decades of murders, rapes, and abuses on a grand scale. A war authorized by the Congress, and by numerous UN Resolutions over 10 years. Yet, that war where we ended the reign of a madman who raped, murdered, and tortured his own people is an impeachable offense to Liberals, because Haliburton might make some money doing what they do anyway.

2) The Liberals want you to demand that President Bush take action to end the Rapes, Murders, and torture in Darfur. I wish I was kidding.

From a email.

Dear Max,
As you may have read in the news, the violence in Darfur is spreading into the neighboring countries of Chad and the Central African Republic.
I hope you'll take a moment to
sign the petition to President Bush and the UN Secretary-General.
Bob Fertik

Wow, the audacity of some people. Demand impeachment in one breath, and demand the very same action you want to impeach him for in the next.

Perhaps we should try diplomacy, perhaps we should consult with Iran, after all they are one of the first nations named by Liberals when they demand Diplomacy in Iraq aren't they?

Perhaps we can consult with Syria, another of the nations that Liberals love to claim we should consult. How do Syria and Iraq feel about the Darfur situation. Are we certain the "Great Satan" will be welcomed in Darfur? I would really hate it if Darfur was turned into a Viet-Nam like quagmire for us wouldn't you?

I think that there is really no way for us to take action in Darfur, because if we did, it would be viewed as unilateral, and may upset our notional allies the French. Perhaps if the Liberals have some information about Osama bin Laden being in Darfur, but no, even then the Diplomatic Solution is probably best.

I have assurances from a friend that Sudan isn't starving the refugees, it seems that the individuals in question are fasting for world peace.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

I thought this was a lasting peace

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you remember only the basics from History, Nevile Chamberlain is of course, well known to you. He is one of the fools who thought that you could negotiate with a madman, and guarantee peace in our time. He was wrong, and Hitler broke his worthless word to everyone he ever gave it to in time.

The Government of Pakistan signed a peace deal with the Tribal Leaders in a remote boarder region near Afghanistan, where it was promised that in return for the Government pull out of the area, the Tribal Leaders would guarantee no Al Q, No Taliban, and No travel of Terrorists or Islamic Extremists across the area to Afghanistan.

The predictable result demonstrated time and time again through history, you can't negotiate with extremists. You can't, because it simply and succinctly put, wastes your time, and convinces the extremists that you are peace, love, and happiness, over logic and intelligence, fools. The Extremists always, always break their word, and do whatever they just promised not to do. They LIE, Historically demonstrable fact, they lie.

Since retreating from Afghanistan in 2002 under American military attacks, the Taliban and foreign fighters have again been using the tribal areas to organize themselves — now training their sights on the 40,000 American and NATO troops in Afghanistan.
After failing to gain control of the areas in military campaigns, the government cut peace deals in South Waziristan in 2004 and 2005, and then in North Waziristan on Sept. 5. Since the September accord, NATO officials say cross-border attacks by Pakistani and Afghan Taliban and their foreign allies have increased.
In recent weeks, Pakistani intelligence officials said the number of foreign fighters in the tribal areas was far higher than the official estimate of 500, perhaps as high as 2,000 today.
These fighters include Afghans and seasoned Taliban leaders, Uzbek and other Central Asian militants, and what intelligence officials estimate to be 80 to 90 Arab terrorist operatives and fugitives, possibly including the Qaeda leaders
Osama bin Laden and his second in command, Ayman al-Zawahri.

Well wait a minute, I thought this deal was going to guarantee that this wasn't possible. I know, Extremists lie, so what is it about the Press that they pretend that Extremists can be trusted. After every incident of an Extremists being caught doing something they promised not to, the Press and State Department fools all pretend to be shocked that Kim Jong Ill would continue to build Nuclear Weapons before the ink was dry on his treaty not to do that. Shocked that the peace treaty signed by Extremists in Pakistan was worthless.

Liberals, please listen carefully, you may think that all people have some sort of moral sense, a basic desire to live in peace and harmony. That is a bunch of fuzzy headed nonsense. It is utterly demolished by history, by current events, and by basic logic.

No one should ever consider a peace deal, or negotiations with extremists. You can't ever trust them. President Reagan said it rightly. Trust, but Verify.

UPDATE: Our friends at Sister Toldjah, and Right Voices have linked here, and have some nice roundups.

More Great News in Global Warming

Even the United Nations is now backing off the Global Warming is destroying the earth claims of the Environmental Wackos.

Mankind has had less effect on global warming than previously supposed, a United Nations report on climate change will claim next year.
The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says there can be little doubt that humans are responsible for warming the planet, but the organisation has reduced its overall estimate of this effect by 25 per cent.

Of course, they can't just report the news, and allow people to draw their own conclusions. They have to point out that while this helps prove the Global Warming skeptics, like me, that isn't the intent.

Climate change sceptics are expected to seize on the revised figures as evidence that action to combat global warming is less urgent.
Scientists insist that the lower estimates for sea levels and the human impact on global warming are simply a refinement due to better data on how climate works rather than a reduction in the risk posed by global warming.

In addition to my previously posted cure to global warming, we do have another possible cure for Global Warming out of another left wing gathering. It seems that even a small scale nuclear war would have "catastrophic" effects on the environment including reduced Ozone production.

The lingering effects could re-shape the environment in ways never conceived. In terms of climate, a nuclear blast could plunge temperatures across large swaths of the globe. "It would be the largest climate change in recorded human history," Alan Robock, associate director of the Center for Environmental Prediction at Rutgers' Cook College and another member of the research team.

Plunging Temperatures, well that would stop or at least delay the Global Warming wouldn't it?

The assembled nutty professors...... generated a series of computer simulations of potential climate anomalies caused by a small-scale nuclear war.
"We looked at a scenario of a regional nuclear conflict say between India and Pakistan where each of them used 50 weapons on cities in the other country that would generate a lot of smoke," Robock told LiveScience.
They discovered the smoke emissions would plunge temperatures by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit (1.25 degrees Celsius) over large areas of North America and Eurasia—areas far removed from the countries involved in the conflict.

So a Nuclear War involving roughly 100 warheads would do more cooling than the Kyoto Treaty's .04 degrees C reduction and unlike Kyoto, it would be immediate? Perhaps we have another good reason to reconsider Nuclear War. I mean, let's consider for a moment, if we dropped the Bomb on Iran, not only would we rid the world of a Terrorist Supporting state, but we would also reduce Global Warming for up to ten years.

It would also be much cheaper to drop a few old Nukes on Iran, than it would to implement Kyoto. The Nukes have already been paid for, while Kyoto would cost us hundreds of millions of dollars for much less result.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Remember Pearl Harbor December 7 1941

On December 7 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, initiating American involvement in World War II.

Americans United against the enemies, Japan, Germany, and Italy. Up until we were attacked, we were willing to discuss the problems that Japan had with our ideals and policy. On December 6th, the President sent a personal message to the Emporer of Japan seeking to avoid war. The President strived to avoid war right up until the bombs fell on Pearl Harbor. Then the nation set out to destroy our enemies, one and all.

We united for the long fight, and the opposition party didn't spend their time and effort trying to destroy the President. Democrats and Republicans walked into the Joint Session of Congress with arms linked. Republicans were the Loyal Opposition then.
One of the most outspoken voices against American involvement in World War II was Charles Lindbergh. Lindbergh argued long and often to try and keep us out of the war. After Pearl Harbor, Lindbergh not only became supportive of the War, but even fought as a Civillian in the Pacific, flying some fifty missions to better understand ariel combat, and the design changes necessicary to help the pilots fly and fight.
It's a shame we don't have any Lindbergh's left in this nation, now we know why we called them the greatest generation.
UPDATE: Hot Air has a page up to remember this date in history.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Muslim Leaders ask for private room at Airport

Originally posted on 12-3-2006 Updated 12-6-2006

Muslim Leaders have asked the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to set aside a room for them (the Muslims) to have prayers in.

"When we pray, we don't want a problem. We don't want what happened last week," said Abdulrehman Hersi, an imam at Darul-Quba mosque in Minneapolis, referring to six clerics who were barred from a US Airways flight in Minneapolis after drawing the concern of some passengers.

As first reported on Pajamas Media, the police report a PDF version is available on PJM, backs up the actions of the police, including voluntary witness statements from the people who first reported the suspicious behavior of the individuals.

The Police and Federal Officers acted properly it would seem, in accordance with the security desires set forth after 9-11 to prevent another such attack. The Muslim Men, all of whom were acting suspiciously, two of whom were seated near an Arabic speaker, not by design, but by blind chance, and were outed for the Terrorists Wanabe's they were. I hope and pray that all of this is brought out at the trial so that the public may know the truth, instead of the Liberal Media Hype.

"We are users of the airport, too, and we don't want to get into a situation
where Muslims feel we are being marginalized at the airport," said Omar
Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in St. Paul and the meeting's organizer.

Pauline (sic. a passenger on the flight) revealed to Pajamas Media that the six
imams were doing things far more suspicious than praying -
an Arabic-speaking
passenger heard them repeatedly invoke “bin Laden,” and “terrorism
,” a gate attendant told the captain that she did not want to fly with them, and that

bomb-sniffing dogs were brought aboard. Other Muslim passengers were left undisturbed and later joined in a round of applause for the U.S. Airways crew.
“It wasn’t that they were Muslim. It was all of the suspicious things they did,”
Pauline said.

Well I hope that this comes out in the trial, I would love to hear CAIR, the Well Groomed and sweet smelling Council on American Islamic Relations explain why the Other Muslims weren't harassed in a supposed effort to target Muslims?

But their behavior Monday night at Gate C9 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was enough to trigger one airline passenger to jot a two-sentence note that would get the men kicked off one flight and eventually barred from another.

We already know that statement is untrue, there is a 24 page police report which includes statements of many people who found something improper in the behavior, not religion, of the individuals in question.

We now have an idea of what really happened, and people weren't targeted for their religion, but for their actions. It isn't anything that CAIR can scream about, despite their best efforts to try and demonstrate some hidden animosity towards Muslims.

UPDATE: It seems that the Police, Airline Pilot's Union, and the Airline have all reviewed the events, and concluded that the airline personnel behaved properly. HOT AIR has the follow up information.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Michael Moore about to abandon Democrats

Michael Moore has put a demand for action on his website, hat tip Newsbusters, which is entertaining to say the least. Since the highly beloved Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the house, and the Dingy Harry Reid became Majority Whip in the Senate, Moore expects the troops home by Christmas. He might wait till New Years, but that is it.

The responsibility to end this war now falls upon the Democrats. Congress controls the purse strings and the Constitution says only Congress can declare war. Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi now hold the power to put an end to this madness. Failure to do so will bring the wrath of the voters. We aren't kidding around, Democrats, and if you don't believe us, just go ahead and continue this war another month. We will fight you harder than we did the Republicans. The opening page of my website has a photo of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, each made up by a collage of photos of the American soldiers who have died in Bush's War. But it is now about to become the Bush/Democratic Party War unless swift action is taken.

These photos are available on Moore's website.

The problem is obviously that now Moore who was one of the nutroots who has been fighting for a Democratic Victory in Government for six years expects to be paid for his expensive and difficult fight.

Moveover, the Democrat nutroot community is already upset at the majority. As has been said before, now Iraq is the Democrats problem too.

They promised the vague new direction, and now people expect a victory in Iraq shortly. The nutroots may be convinced that they have lost the war in Iraq, but most people still want a victory in Iraq, they just want it NOW. The Democrats are screwed unless they can find the victory the people want. In two years, the Conservatives will be back in force campaigning hard, talking about a WIN in Iraq, and all the extra work that they have to do because of the Democrat Party's screwing up the victory in Iraq.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lets get AIDS Funding back to where it was under Clinton

Previously posted information on AIDS here.

AIDS Funding has increased tenfold under Bush, I don't know what that is all about, we Conservatives are supposed to be cold, heartless, and happy that AIDS is destroying the world aren't we?

The ACLU says that Bush's policies are spreading AIDS, so we have to assume that the increase in funding for the treatment and cure of this disease is actually spreading it. Therefor I can only assume we want a President like President Clinton, who will fund very little, but say he cares deeply and often.

Bush and his Christian supporters seldom get the credit they deserve for their
role in the global fight against AIDS. U.S. spending on the disease overseas has
risen more than tenfold under Bush, while Christian groups have given
unselfishly to the cause. Churches, in fact, run health clinics in much of rural
Africa; without them, stemming AIDS would be all but impossible. So praise the
Lord and pass the antiretrovirals.

Bush and his supporters are constantly blamed for AIDS, for being compassion less, uncaring individuals.

BARCELONA, Spain (CNN) -- Protesters at the AIDS conference here Tuesday booed
United States Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson off the stage.
Thompson was scheduled to give a speech about the U.S. contribution to the
global fight against AIDS at the 14th international AIDS conference.

You see, it's not who is funding the fight, it's who get's credit for the fight. Conservatives are always blamed for AIDS, like we started it. Therefor I want to see a return of the spending that we saw under the balanced budgets of President Clinton, where AIDS funding got a smidgen of money, but a lot of compassion. We can't afford to rob our children's future for this level of funding, we can't afford it, it's too expensive. (Hard headed fiscal conservative ala Liberals on Iraq move there, you like it?)

Would a cure be welcome in all honesty? Yes, but until you have a cure, you should treat the disease like a disease.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Journalism Students caught cheating on Ethics Exam

Ethics, something that Journalists have been under fire for quite some time, isn't being taught in such a way that the students understand.

Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, and Suitably Flip have this story, and like the rest of us, are enjoying it.

In Short, the Journalism Students appear to have leaked the question on an exam in their ethics class. OK, obviously a test is intended to see if certain knowledge has been gained, and understood. If the lessons can be applied to a given situation properly. An ethics test would obviously be intended to see if the ethical lessons were learned and understood. I think we can safely say, the very definition of ethics was not understood.

Ethics as defined. A set of principles of right conduct.

In short, it is the ability to determine what is right, and what is wrong. Cheating would be considered wrong. It is at a minimum unethical to cheat, that is generally understood, and should have been second nature for Graduate Level Students.

Us old fashioned conservatives believe that people should stand, or fail, on their own, based upon their own merits, and their own skills. Apparently, Journalism is continuing to sink into the abyss of faked news, and tests.


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