Monday, May 31, 2010

Newsweek, determined to be marginal

Newsweek is back with a continuing greatest miss article, and you have to honestly wonder, do they bother to even think for a minute about what they write before they publish it?

That aside, this next missive makes you wonder who is researching the stories that they write? The story goes like this. A flotilla, which is defined as a collection of ships operating together, attempted to run the declared blockade into Gaza. This flotilla consisted of six ships. The Israeli Army sent in troops armed with (Get this) paint ball guns to search the ships to insure that no weapons or dangerous items were included with the flotilla.

The search of five ships went off without a hitch, and they were permitted to continue their journey. Ship number six however, found the "humanitarian aide workers" armed with baseball bats, iron pipes, iron clubs, slingshots, and other improvised weapons. These workers attacked the troops literally before they could board the ship. Remember, that these were peaceful people, which is why the Israeli Army armed their people with Paintball guns, which sting, but don't injure anyone. They did give the troops sidearms, pistols, to be used only if their lives were under threat.

Hot Air has information here, and here. Including links to news articles, and including videos of the attempted boarding and the "Peaceful" humanitarians that were just minding their own business according to Newsweek. (Shouldn't we start calling it Newsweak in the interest of accuracy?)

As you can see, the peaceful humanitarians are quite busy attacking the essentially unarmed soldiers. Finally, after the troops start to realize that these are not really peaceful humanitarians, which takes a couple being tossed over the side of the top deck, to land on the steel decking some twenty or more feet below, and another couple being stabbed, the troops draw weapons and fire on the threats to their lives and safety. I should note that according to reports, and it seems reasonable as in the video you can clearly see the peaceful humanitarians stripping equipment off the troops as they're being thrown below, the peaceful humanitarians were firing captured pistols at the soldiers.

This wasn't a massacre, nor was it a demonstration of Israeli trigger happy troops. It demonstrated that if anything, you can never assume that so called peaceful protesters are going to remain peaceful. If anything, it shows the wisdom of arming boarding teams with live fire weapons. Paintballs may sting, but they aren't going to intimidate anyone into compliance.

What is even more amazing, is that during a holiday weekend, the UN quickly summoned the Security Council, and started to debate what action should be taken against Israel. Yet, it's been more than a month since North Korea sunk a South Korean naval vessel via torpedo attack, and the Security Council has yet to even hear that this event has taken place, much less meet to discuss what actions the UN should take.

Since I've seen the videos, I have to say that not only were the soldiers justified in using lethal force, but I question their commanders for sending them in with Paintball guns in the first place.

I'm going to leave you with this final video, in the end, the woman says that the voyage will end with their joyous arrival in one of two places. Gaza, or Martyrdom.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who decides who is a Feminist

One of my major problems with Religious beliefs is that each place of worship, regardless of faith, defines itself by who isn't going to be graced by God. In other words, if you go to a Catholic Church, only the Catholics will be saved when Judgement comes. You could plug in any religion, and get the same result, I won't, mainly because the post would be fifty pages long on the practices of religion.

There is a curious trend about society these days. The denunciation of people who don't live up to the ideals as the speaker sees them, of a term. I readily admit that I partake in this practice. I denounced John McCain many times for his phony Conservatism. However, that was based upon his own statements, and his own actions, and his self styled Maverick label.

Conservative to me is closer to Libertarian, in other words, more freedom, more liberty, less government. Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms should be a convince store, not a Government agency in my mind.

Now, to Feminism. Wikipedia and the Dictionary agree generally, that the term Feminism refers to the pursuit of social, economic, and cultural equality of women. This certainly equates with the start of Feminism, however it has been corrupted, much as Conservative was corrupted to equal racist.

The purpose of this missive is obvious. A liberal is outraged beyond description by Sarah Palin describing herself as a Feminist.

The reason this Liberal is outraged, is that Sarah Palin is against Abortion. You see, to the Liberals, Feminism equals Abortions, more abortions means more Feminist equality.

Feminism could be better described as Freedom. Freedom to make up your own mind. If you women wish to be Pilots, Astronauts, Scientists, Doctors, Lawyers, Businesswomen, or whatever other job under the sun, you should be granted equal access to the opportunity. That is freedom, freedom to achieve all that is possible based upon your skills and talents.

Freedom to enter politics, be elected if the electorate decides you are the best qualified candidate. All regardless of your gender.

As an aside, I was in the Army when Bill Clinton was elected President. One of the discussions that people had constantly in the Army was what we were going to do if they put women in the unit I was in, Male only Combat arms, or allowed Homosexuals to serve.

My answer was a little different than most of my peers. I said that I didn't give a damn if someone was gay, and further if a Woman could do what I did. March twelve miles under three hours with a full pack, carry a picket pounder and drive pickets into the ground. Carry heavy weights, and do the other physical activities that were absolutely required for a Combat Engineer, then that woman didn't deserve a shot, she'd earned it. I say that because in my experience, roughly ten percent of the men could do all that I'm talking about.

The definition in my mind of elite, means the cream of the crop, the best of the best. If a woman can qualify for that, then she should be accepted into that unit. If the individual, male or female can't do those things, then they have no business being in that unit.

So why does Sarah Palin so upset the Liberals? Because she is a woman, who achieved on her own, great things. She's inspirational to many other conservative women, who want to accomplish great things. They want to do so without the blessings of the National Organization for Women, or without genuflecting at the alter of Lesbianism and Abortion.

That Feminism is returning to it's roots, where equality and opportunity were the purpose of it, is obviously very troubling to Radicals who hope to continue to corrupt the movement to the forwarding of Lesbian and Transgender issues. If you have any doubt, then merely look at the National Organization for Women's action pages. Roughly half of the articles are on topics that would be questionable for Women's equality issues. As an example, just how the Arizona law that instructs police to enforce applicable Federal Law, as authorized in that Federal Law, will affect Women's equality is questionable.

Why the same NOW gang doesn't seem the least bit concerned about situations in and out of this nation that truly subjugates women is very interesting isn't it?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Republicans will rue the rule of law. Again.

OK, it's time for another Newsweek (For sale because apparently nobody buys the magazine) doom for the Republicans story. In one of the inexplicable trends that seems to emanate from the Mainstream Press there are never any stories about why the Democrats need to be big tent people, and consider opposing views. Yet, every single story about Conservative/Republicans is always how they are alienating the rest of the world with their radical ideals.

In the article, it's explained that the Republicans are going to lose big, perhaps not in November, but soon after that, because of the blatantly racist law in Arizona. As opposed to the Blatantly Racist Pennsylvania 12 win by the Democrats. (As an aside, why did the Republicans want to win that one? I mean, according to Jack Murtha his district was racist right?) I'm sure that Newsweek had the story written that the Racist Republicans had won in the Racist district. I mean, PA 12 was the only district in the country to vote for the Democrats in the House and State races, and the Republicans in the Presidential, which is why Murtha said that the region was Racist in the first place.

Now, back to the idea that Republicans will rue the day that Arizona passed the twenty page law that nobody in Washington DC has read. Understandable I guess, when you consider that they don't read the laws they pass, that they wouldn't read the laws that someone else passes. Of course, this hasn't stopped those folks including the President from denouncing the law, either stating outright, or alluding to it being Racist.

Despite the fact, undeniable to anyone who's read it, that it merely instructs the police to enforce the law, including a Federal Law that permits local police to do just what Arizona just told them to do, check for legal documentation stating the identity of an individual when they are stopped and questioned regarding the investigation of another crime. Yes, it's a Federal Law that you have to have identification on you at all times folks.

Now, this continues despite the polling numbers that show 70% of the people approve of the law. Yes, you read that right. Seventy percent approve of Arizona instructing their police to actually enforce the law.

Yet, you never hear the reverse. How the open boarders crowd will suffer in both public opinion, and in the polls when repeat offenders of our already lax immigration laws commit heinous crimes upon our citizens. This story, the son of a gun had been deported nine times. 9 bloody times he'd been deported before he was arrested in the act of raping a woman in a trash dumpster.

So Newsweek, will stories like that hurt the immigration reform folks? Will they suffer at the polls for wanting these kinds of people in our communities?

For the record, what do I want on the boarder? Simple, a big wall, people with machine guns, shoot on sight orders. A virtual free fire zone that has the simple rules, no questions asked if someone gets shot. AT THE SAME TIME. I want immigration points, where people can come legally to our nation. They can come to those points, and go through an Ellis Island like process where we confirm their criminal history, and reject those criminals before they join us. Where we can insure that the people who wish to join us are healthy, and carrying no communicable diseases, and where we can explain to the future citizens of this nation the general rules that they're expected to follow.

How fast they can be processed, depends on the co-operation of their home nations, and how quickly we can get the lab results back on normal blood screening tests. This has been my opinion for a very long time.

Once these processing stations are set up, then there is no reason to come here illegally unless you are intending to commit more crimes, in which case, it's open season, with no bag limit as far as I am concerned.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The ignoble end of Arlin Specter

As the results come in for the Pennsylvania nominations, Arlin Specter, formerly of the Republican Party, who switched to the Democrats to try and extend his political life, appears to have been defeated according to the initial vote counts.

It seems that the Democrats preferred a Democrat over a Johnnie come lately, or is it Arlin come lately.

Switching sides as political changes sweep the landscape is one thing. Arlin did it for purely selfish reasons, to get what he could when he faced a conservative opponent and never could get in the lead over him.

Arlin, all I can say is good riddance. To the voters in Pennsylvania, I say, excellent choice.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Ponzi Scheme of Socialism

Former President Bill Clinton said that all we need to close the Deficit is more immigrants and a Value Added Tax.

This is almost true, as far as it goes towards identifying the problem we face. We are stuck in a Ponzi Scheme.

If you consider the situation, you are forced to admit that it is a Ponzi Scheme. The Government convinces you that several people will pay, and you personally will benefit. It is that exact system that defines a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme.

So President Clinton is telling the truth. The Pyramid is ready to topple due to an absence of new paying people to the system. The system requires many new people paying to keep the increasing numbers of payees paid.

If you can't substantially increase the numbers of people paying, you have to increase what they pay.

The inevitable result is this. The Pyramid will fall, and all those currently being paid, who have come to depend on that payment, will suffer the most.

I apologise for the naked links, but I posted this mobile and wasn't able to clothe them inside the link references.

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