Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama the Messiah to the Rescue

Liberals who normally spend all their time denouncing religion and the subject of this particular candle highlighted on the Corner, has said that we're all a bunch of bitter clingers

Yet, despite the fact that Joe Biden, who interestingly enough, hasn't had a press conference in over a month. As I started to say, Joe Biden said that it was plainly obvious that the inexperienced Obama would be tested by our opponents around the world. Any bets on how that test would play out?

"Mark my words," the Democratic vice presidential nominee warned at the second of his two Seattle fundraisers Sunday. "It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy.

Friends, let's be honest for a moment. They insanity of putting a political figure in the place of the savior is bad enough. The implied insult is there of course, and I'll leave that for a moment. The obvious disdain that such people would have for anyone of any faith is beyond my ability to describe. 

What is faith in any deity? It means you believe you will face a time to be judged, for your actions, or lack thereof. It means you allow your decisions to be guided by that faith, and what you honestly believe the Deity of your choice would want you to do, to further the vision of the world that you believe the Deity has. It means you believe in a law, a plan higher than Man's. That is an abomination of Liberal Beliefs, where there is no law higher than mans. That's why we must destroy an monument that mentions God. We must take God out of the pledge, the schools, and the Government, so that Government can take the place of Man.

Taking this candle, let's discuss Christianity. Obama is not a savior, not of any living thing on earth. He is certainly not THE Savior. Painting him as such is a major insult. I should take a moment and point out I believe in God, not in Religion. However, I do believe in faith, and I believe in God's teachings. I just think that man tends to confuse God's teachings, with Man's desires.

I don't get to decide who does, or does not, go to Heaven and or Hell. That is not my job, and I have zero, no input on that question. I don't want any input and I don't want to be the one making that decision. One far wiser than I is going to be the decider in that situation.

Now, Obama as the Savior, if it brings anything to mind, it's the warning we're given in the Bible, since he's portrayed as Jesus Christ. That would be the false prophet we are warned to take no heed of. If Obama is not Jesus Christ, then he must be a poser, a fake, and thus, the false Prophet

Liberals, are you sure, I mean really sure, you want to make this a discussion about faith and salvation? 

After all, the Prophets we're warned to watch for are prophesied to tell us that by following them, we'll be safe, they will protect us from harm. Which Obama has done. Not through any plan, but merely his holy presence will bring peace and prosperity to the world. 

Perhaps the Liberals would prefer to take a step back, and reconsider this. You don't understand faith, nor do you understand the Lord. The Bible is more than a collection of scary stories and words and ideals for you to twist. The Buddhist faith is not something you're liable to understand, nor is the Hindu faith.I'm going to suggest you find a new way to package Obama Libs, because you don't really understand faith well enough to understand the insult you've done.

The other problem, which appears not to have been considered by the notoriously short sighted Liberals. What happens when Obama can't deliver his miracles? What happens when he doesn't deliver worldwide peace and prosperity? How are the citizens going to respond when Gas Prices go up? 

What happens when he can't cure their Gout?  What happens when he can't pay for half the things he wants, and the people who are expecting them are again disappointed? 

Obama, a one term utter failure, if elected President. Sarah Palin plays the part of Ronald Reagan, while Obama continues to channel the brain dead Jimmy Carter. History repeats itself, and this time we'll get it right. If Obama wins, it just sets up twenty years of conservative rule. Got to love it Libs, you can't stop making the same old mistakes. 

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