Saturday, November 27, 2010

Terrorist located, encouraged, and then thwarted in Oregon

While simultaneously shutting down the internet's music sharing sights, which is a great proof that the FBI doesn't need expanded powers in that fight, so Congress can shelve that legislation don't you think? The FBI also managed to "thwart" a bombing at the Portland Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. I put thwart in quotations because they had long ago identified the suspect, and procured dummy explosives for him, and helped him build the bomb. It's unclear if the FBI also helped him drive the car, dress, and eat his last meal as a free man. They almost certainly had to help wipe his mouth.

Now, this 19 year old dolt, who apparently had the desire all by himself, but I wonder, was according to the article, which shows just how dumb Mohamed Osman Mohamud really is. First, he was identified by emailing a guy in Pakistan. Then the combined weight of every State, County, Federal law enforcement, including I think a couple Park Rangers were spun up to catch this lone lame lion.

So our extremely dangerous wannabe terrorist was so determined, that the FBI had to send in an undercover operative to hold this guys hand, and help him get the bomb making materials, and then show him how to put the explosives together. I think we've seen this kind of determination before.

Oh well, good job guys. You spent hundreds of thousands of man hours, hundreds of millions of dollars, to catch a dunce. The really good news, is that apparently the recruits our enemies are left to snatch up are even dumber than this dolt.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Birth or Not

I was reading the links on Drudge Report this afternoon, and found among the links to stories about the TSA groping the population in a way that has every closet case unidentified sexual predator salivating and applying for jobs at the local airports another story worth mention.

The story is this. A couple has learned that they are Pregnant, and are facing the decision to have the child, obviously unplanned, or abort the fetus. So being the modern era, they started a blog, and have put the decision up to the people who read the blog via a vote.

Now, I'm a Conservative, and as a Conservative, feel that life is a gift we should honor and respect. Thus, I am going to shock many of you when I give you this answer. Abort that fetus.

I know, Adoption is a good answer, but if a couple is so flaky that they would even consider putting this decision up to voters on a blog, can you count on them to follow through on a promise to give the child up for adoption?

We are talking about a life, a child. One who is going to be dependent upon them for years. The level of care for a child is extremely high, and if the child in question means so little, you would put it's existence up to a vote online, you should not be a parent.

At the moment, a vast majority of the votes are for giving birth, but I would expect as you do, that most of those votes are for give birth, and give up for adoption. Just from reading the story, and the blog, I would have serious questions if this couple is suited for caring for a child. Perhaps we could substitute something else for a child, like a fish, perhaps a Beta fish. It won't take up much space, and care for it should take less than an hour a week. If they manage to keep the fish alive for a set period of time, say six weeks, we'll let them move up the chain to a more difficult pet, like a Hamster.

Of course, that may well be cruelty to animals, so perhaps we shouldn't do that after all.

Perhaps I should start another vote, all those in favor of taking the child, and giving these parents a goldfish say "Aye".

EDIT: My previous mentions of Abortion are here.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good to see, keep it up

The resistance to and disgust with the buck nekkid scanners and the groping of the TSA employees continues to spread, and gather steam.

Concerns about privacy, concerns about health risks, and absolute outrage at having our children groped by the TSA employees under the guise of security is spreading like wildfire.

Several organizations have sprouted up to help organize resistance to this so called security measure. Nudeoscope, Don't scan us, and Stop Digital Strip Searches.

I won't fly as long as these security regulations are in place. I won't fly as long as my individual liberty and safety is so casually tossed aside, and those who object are harassed and threatened so blatantly.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Revolt begins against Airport Security

Those airport scanners that I have long railed against, which is available here, here, here, and here. Not to mention the most recent post which showed the abusive pat downs which seemed to focus on the sexual areas of the subjects bodies which was a small part of this post.

Well, the revolt has begun. Not only are people like me, and many others like me, refusing to fly primarily due to the invasive searches supposedly for our own security, but now the Airplane Pilots are refusing to participate in the full body scanners. That just means that they'll have to endure the groping hands of the so called security professionals.

This follows the great news a few months ago of the European Airports refusing to allow the privacy invading full body scanners to be used.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I last flew over a year ago, when my Mother was on life support in Intensive Care. I hated every moment of it. The moronic security regulations did not make me feel safer, and in fact, none of the airplane attempts have been foiled by these security regulations. Seriously, the shoe bomber was foiled by passengers, not the multiple layers of security who all asked him diligently if he'd packed his own bags. The security was probably busy patting down preteen girls and boys or little old ladies instead. The panty bomber was similarly foiled by passengers after his explosive mix mis fired and created a crotch fire that made all the jock itch in the world seem minor.

None of the hundreds of thousands of special agents, spies, computer analysts, and security specialists were of any use in these cases. They did prevent Joe Foss, famed World War II combat pilot from taking his Medal of Honor on the airplane for your safety.

If you want to be safer, the very first thing we should do is fire everyone, from top, to bottom, at the Transportation Security Administration. I think the airports can do the job just as poorly, without all the overly intrusive nonsense, using the same airport police who now stand around watching the TSA fools rummage through the attractive women's carry on luggage.

UPDATE: Instead of starting another new post on the abuses of the inaptly named TSA, I decided to include a couple more links here.

First, the TSA swears they're not fondling, or groping, despite the pictures, and reports that show contact that could be described no other way.

And finally we have the story of a passenger who objected to being groped being handcuffed to a chair, and her ticket destroyed in retaliation for her belief her body is hers.

Overbearing Law Enforcement

Recently, Mrs. Conservative and I were discussing Law Enforcement, and how overbearing and thuggish the police have become. We discussed things we've seen, like just about ever Black man in an expensive car being pulled over. We talked about Airport Security thugs doing things that would get anyone else thrown in jail.

We talked about how the Black Community is regularly treated like criminals, Guilty until Proven Innocent. How their treatment is significantly different than the Whites at the hands of law enforcement. My beloved wife said that this was outrageous, and I agree. After all, it is the 21st Century, and the lame excuses from the Police are wearing thin.

So today I learn that back in August, Florida Police began checking to see if Barbers had their licenses, in Black barber shops. First they swarmed the establishment, placed all the barbers on the ground, in handcuffs, got the customers out of the barbershop, and then demanded that the barbers admit to dealing drugs, and other major offenses. Those who's license's were expired were arrested, and taken to jail. Seriously, I'm not making that up. Arrested for an expired barber's license.

Jobs tour off to great start.

President Obama's jobs world tour is off to a great start. Just today, Harley Davidson, the American Icon, and darling of the Buy American crowd, announced they'll be building a factory in India to manufacture motorcycles. Sort of like Cash for Clunkers, jobs are being created all right.

The second part of his historic Roman Caesar tour with half a dozen passenger planes, five thousand local police, and coconuts removed for his safety, is that he wants India to have a place as a permanent member of the Security Council. You know, with Great Britain, France, China, Russia, and the US. That way we could have another veto power there to make sure even less gets done. Outstanding plan Mr. President. Can I suggest some other potential permanent members?

Does anyone at the White House actually spend a tenth of a second considering things before they're enacted?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Why I don't feel bad supporting O'Donnell

My friends, I don't feel bad having sent money to the O'Donnell campaign, because of one simple reason. I have said it before, and I'll say it again. I would rather have a Democrat in the seat than a RINO. The reason is obvious, a RINO we can't do much about, they will betray us, take our plans and destroy them all in the name of moderation. We can't do anything about it, until it's time to beat them in the Primary.

Yet, a Democrat, we can defeat. We can defeat them, make them part of the Minority, if not this election, then in 2012. We can defeat them, and marginalize them, and take their power from them. A RINO we can't do anything about as they constantly betray our principals. Ask Senator Snowe, or any of the others like Lindsey Graham. Republicans who support Cap and Trade, despite it's effect on our economy. Republicans who support Amnesty, and call us Racists for not joining them in their support for something that 70% of the nation opposes.

No, I'll take an honest defeat, over a bad victory any day. Give me forty good solid Conservatives, and I'll be much happier than I would be with fifty Republicans, twelve of whom are RINO's in the Senate.

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