Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Examples of Opposition to the Obama Plans

Friends, I've been listening and reading the brilliant people who claim we need to be gracious and supportive of the Obama Administration, so we don't end up acting like we have Obama Derangement Syndrome. I decided to explain what we need to do to show how Obama's plans will affect those groups which make up his coalition of the offended. As a simple example of the idea, let's take the Cap and Trade plan, as explained by Obama which has the primary goal of bankrupting the Coal Industry.

For this example, I'm going to give you a speech that could be given on the floor of the house by the Republicans. 

"Madam Speaker. I rise in opposition to this legislation. My reasons are simple. Despite the acknoledgement of the Administration, and the Government Accounting Office that this will more than double the cost of electricity, we've not addressed the cost to our nations citizens. I will never vote for legislation that would require the poor people in this nation to freeze to death in the winter, all for the chance to tax businesses a little more. We're supposed to care for the Seniors, and frankly, this doesn't show compassion, it shows disdain." 

Follow up on the round table discussions that some Liberals, like Rainey on PBS, think is more important than any other platform. 

"Look, let's be honest. Anyone who votes for this Bill is trying to murder the poor by freezing them to death. It's not even a matter of debate. Anyone who would vote for this legislation is frankly guilty of Crimes against Humanity by causing an estimated five million citizens to freeze to death this winter. There will be another four million seniors who die from heat related illnesses next summer when they can't afford to cool their homes. Only a true Stalinist would even consider voting for such legislation."

As we saw in the national debate concerning Amnesty for Illegals, public pressure, an informed Public, is very powerful. Therefor, the Democrats would be forced to either modify the Cap and Trade plan to exempt energy production, or accept the shame of starving families and freezing little children in the winter time. If we fight this intelligently, we can win the matter easily. 

Next example, higher taxes. Again a speech from the floor that would be broadcast by CSPAN and then shot around the web like wildfire.

"Madam Speaker, I must urge this legislative body to reject this tax proposal. The implications from the Congressional Budget Office on the numbers of lost jobs due to this tax increase would push our nation into the worst Depression in the history of Civilization. The Great Depression could well pale in comparison of outright suffering and misery. There are some economists who say that this tax increase will in fact, lead to a quarter of the population being unemployed within a year." 

Again on the Talking Head's shows. 

"Jim, let's be honest for a moment. Do the Democrats care that we're talking about putting sixty million people out of jobs? What kind of idea is that to put forth? Turning to the American People and telling them that being homeless is just their tough luck of living in a nation where Socialism is the rule of the day? What kind of barbaric nonsense is this?" 

Keep hitting the points, they'll resonate with the people. Take any issue you want, you'll find a group that helped elect Obama affected. How about the Fairness Doctrine?

"Are you telling me that with an economy in the toilet, that the most important piece of business this Congress has is shutting up Rush Limbaugh? We have the Middle East threatening to explode into war, we have the Russians threatening to invade Poland, we have millions of people out of work here in the United States. We have people suffering all over the place, waiting for leadership, and this is it? Are you joking? Allow me to remind the Congress of a little advice on this matter. Congress shall pass no law abridging the freedom of speech. That seems pretty definite on the matter of Talk Radio. If the Democrats decide that the unemployed of this nation, and the poor can suffer on for a few more weeks while we debate and drag this unconstitutional nonsense through the halls of congress, then I'm ashamed to be in the same legislative body with them." 

Obviously all we have to do is highlight the impact that the legislation will have. Take the stimulus package that Reid and Pelosi are drooling to pass. 

"Madam Speaker, taking an old axiom and applying it to this situation, I suggest that we table this legislation and instead consider a job training program. It being an undeniable truth that giving a man a fish only feeds him for one day. Instead of giving the poor a fish. Let's help them make a better life for themselves. Jobs training to give them skills that they need to move out of poverty. As our own President has clearly shown, hard work, and Education, are the keys to success. No one here will deny that President Obama got to the White House as a result of hard work and education. No one would dare claim that President Obama was elected because of a hand out mentality. No Madam Speaker, education, and hard work. The results of that are undeniable. Only those who think that the poor deserve what they have, the barest possible existence, living literally hand to mouth, would consider voting for this program." 

Bring the Conservative argument to the fore, let the people see the Democrats as the Socialists they are. Even go so far as to point out that the Stimulus package is a plan to keep the Blacks in virtual slavery, beholding to, and dependent upon, the Federal Government. 

Let the Democrats explain why they don't want to teach the poor how to fish. 

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Blogger kamatu said...

Greetings, too bad it won't happen. Not enough balls left in the GOP.

Also, the NRC will never acknowledge that the party of Reagan more closely resembles that which Reagan turned out almost 30 years ago.

All I'm hearing is about McCain's concession speech and how gracious it was. Well, after noting the record of who he has for partners on legislation (Feingold, Kennedy) the best comment on the night I read was: "..conceading to Dems is what GIMP does best...yes he is a gimp!"

11:00 PM  

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