Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Send a Brick to Congress to build a wall

Folks all across this nation are enraged by the Immigration Amnesty movement, and the reluctance of Congress to take meaningful action to secure our boarders.

Today the NY Times highlights the actions of one group who's grassroots net campaign has demonstrated that the message can be delivered.

Send a Brick invites people to participate and helps organize those who wish to send a Brick to Congress to be used in a wall to defend America from the invasion of Illegial Immigrants. The Florida Senator has received a number of these Bricks.

This picture is from the Napels news. It clearly shows Senator Martinez, Republican Senator from Florida, has received a few bricks. We applaud send a brick, and all those who participated. If the old saying is true, and a picture is worth a thousand words, I have to wonder how many words a brick is worth.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Conspiracy Theory Loons

Ok, every couple months, another one of these conspiracy theory dolts makes the news, or another website is set up claiming to have "figured it all out". As I roll my eyes, and wonder what these people have between their ears, I have to wonder why they don't learn something about the subject before they speak? Forgive my mistake, that would be reasonable, and responsible to research the information.

This one was set in motion by a posting on Hot Air about the Penn and Teller show "Bullshit".

Most popular theory, Demolitions. The Conspiracy theory loons like to claim that the only possible answer is a planned and controlled demolition of the building.

I was once in the Army, a Combat Engineer which is now identified as a 21B, but was once called a 12B. Among other jobs we did, Demolitions was required training and we learned that skill quite well. Before I left the Engineers, I was a 12B2P which means a Combat Engineer, Sergeant, Paratrooper.

In answer to the Demolition theory, I always have one thought. We were taught, and it was explained to us in great detail, why you are careful with explosives. They don't react well to things like impact, fire, jarring. The initiation or firing systems must be treated carefully. They are very easy to damage to the point that they won't fire.

I am unable to name one single system, both explosive and the firing system, that would survive fire, impact, and the resulting physical damage that existed at the WTC. All explosives burn, you can, and I have cooked coffee over burning C-4 explosive. Not one explosive would have lasted a handful of minutes, much less an hour, exposed to the heat of the resulting fire at the WTC attack. No known explosive would have survived long enough to be "Detonated" and any firing system would have been damaged to the point where it would not have functioned.

I could spend the next thirty minutes and describe all the known and available demolition firing systems, and describe how they would fail due to one, or more, of the various factors that MUST exist in the situation. I think you get the basic point however, that even IF the firing system managed to dodge the flying debris of the impact, and heat of the fire, the explosives wouldn't have existed to be detonated by the firing system.

If you would like to take the time, to find out what really happened, ignore the conspiracy theory sites, and watch a SCIENTIFIC and ENGINEERING based documentary. Why the Towers Fell and Anatomy of a Collapse are both good descriptions of the event. I have seen both, and will recommend both of them, without reservation, to anyone who wishes to learn more about that sad day in our history.

Congress up for control

More and more commentary pieces are out every day that demonstrate the reality of the mid term election cycle. Congress is literally up for control, between Democrats, and Republicans. I will even go so far as to concede it's between Liberals and Republicans, but I won't call it a battle between Conservatives and Liberals. The main reason is too many Republicans aren't conservative where it counts, when the vote is cast.

Republicans aren't doing the job we hired them to do. We campaigned for them, we donated money to them, and we voted for them. Ann Coulter had an article a couple weeks ago in which she correctly diagnosed the problem. Conservatives need a 12 step plan for manhood.

Even the Republican Party admits it's in trouble approaching this election. They are looking at being thrown from power by the electorate and continue the policy of unilateral surrender to Liberals at every turn. The French tried this at we all know the result of this policy of Unilateral Surrender. You would think that History would only need to teach us a lesson once, however we seem to ignore this obvious lesson, and instead focus on being liked.

I happen to live in a district in Georgia where John Barrow is our Congressman. I have no love for the Democratic Party, with obvious exceptions like Zell Miller although I have fewer issues with Representative Barrow than I do with Republicans in general at the moment. Congressman Barrow voted to help protect Firearms Manufactures from frivolous lawsuits. Hardly a platform Democratic Position. Barrow voted for the PATRIOT ACT despite obvious and stiff pressure from the DNC to oppose it. I can find plenty of Republicans who voted against that legislation. I won't pretend I agree with any Politician, I won't pretend I agree with anyone 100% of the time. I have disagreed with John Barrow more than once, and written him with my concerns, thoughts, and beliefs. When he disagrees with my principals, he tells me that he does, and tells me why. I respect anyone who disagrees with me, and tells me WHY, in answer to my letter. While I am honestly undecided in the race in this district. Max Burns is running for his old seat, I will give both an honest and open look.

My obvious problem is while I don't wish to see Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and her tendency for far left wing lunacy, I also respect Congressman Barrow. As I said, I haven't decided who to vote for, because the issue to me is the issues. I don't vote for someone just because he or she has an (R) after their name. I don't oppose someone just because of the (D) after their name, although it's much harder not to.

It would be much easier to view this election in a positive manner if our Republicans were giving us something to vote for. We haven't seen any demonstrable Conservative Ideals put forth. The Senate folded like a house of cards on Immigration. Representative Hastert (R) was outraged that a Congressman had his office searched WITH A WARRANT. It's getting harder and harder to find a CONSERVATIVE in Congress. You would think that with the Republicans in control of both the House and the Senate, that we would see Conservatives spiking the ball on every Sunday talk show about the latest legislation. Instead, our Beltway Conservatives are running around denouncing each other for being too harsh.

If the Republicans lose in November, and the lunatics take control of the Asylum, then the Republicans can blame their consistent and obvious desire to be a "Maverick" or "Moderate" which doesn't win elections. Conservatism works, and the Majority of the People know it.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

To those who have served, Thank You.

To Those who have lost someone in the service, I am very sorry for your loss.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Minutemen begin building fences while Washington waits

While Congress continues to debate how to forgive the organized criminal activity of illegal immigration, we are watching private citizens, organize, and defend this nation. The Minutemen Project has started building fences along private property to help slow the influx of the Illegals across the boarder.

While the President has categorized these individuals as Vigilantes which would be accurate if only our President had before demonstrated a classical education. The root of Vigilante is Vigil, which in Latin means to be watchful, or in Spanish, it means the Watchmen. However, with the Cowboy persona embodied by our President, complete to the Texas Ranch, we would have a hard time with the ideal that he was using the term Vigilante in either it's Spanish, or it's Latin frame. I am afraid that President Bush intended it more along the lines of the old western lynch mobs of fame than anything else.

For those who say that the fence won't stop the flood of illegal Aliens, you are actually right. The purpose of a fence or other obstacle is never to stop, but to delay and deter. Army Doctrine is clear on the purpose of obstacles, as quoted from FM 5-7 below.

The intent of a delay is to slow the enemy, cause it casualties, and stop it (where possible) without becoming decisively engaged.

When I was an Engineer in the Army, I was taught that the purpose of an obstacle, for example a fence, was never to stop, you can't build an obstacle that will stop a determined enemy. History clearly shows that no fortification will ever stop a determined attack. Instead, the obstacles are intended to slow the assault, or in this case, invasion by illegal Aliens. Those fences must be backed up by people, who in this case will arrest, and hopefully repatriate the illegals back to their home nations.

Like nearly every conservative out there, many of whom have spoken quite eloquently about this issue, I am not opposed to immigration. I am opposed to illegal Immigration, with the obvious emphasis on illegal.

If Congress were to just propose an increase in the number of LEGAL immigrants that are allowed entry into our nation, while not decriminalizing the millions who have already broken multiple laws, and are unilaterally forgiven for Felony behavior in addition to entering our nation illegally, most would not oppose. We may even support a comprehensive reform package, that addresses all the aspects of the issue, including severe penalties for the employers of illegal immigrants. Instead, we are told it just can't happen. Many of the same people who voted for the Brady Bill with it's "instant background check" requirement before purchasing a weapon, are the same ones who declare that it would be impossible to set up any system to see if a worker is illegal. I have purchased a weapon under those conditions, and the background check seemed to work, I was authorized in about an hour. Are you telling me that we can't wait even one hour to hire a prospective employee?

As is now obvious, the excuses that the Senate used in passing this legislation, is frankly false before any logical or common sense argument. In the next year, Senator McCain (Rino) will be asking many of us to support his next run on the White House, and the Conservatives should remember this if nothing else. He has consistently be part of the Problem, instead of the solution, and shouldn't be given any promotion to another job. His incompetence at his current position should mean his removal, but thanks to his incumbent protection law (McCain Feingold) you aren't allowed to run any negative advertisements before the election. It would appear that his current job is safe, but we should work hard to insure he doesn't get the promotion he desires.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Jesse Macbeth: you aren't in the Army now

The great thing about a liar is even when caught in an obvious lie, they won't stop digging the hole deeper and deeper.

My Father once commented that when a fool is determined to do something stupid, get out of his way. Well I am getting out of the way of Jesse Macbeth nee Jesse Al Zaid.

When denounced as a fraud by the plethora of online ex-military folks out there, Jesse decided that some proof was required, and set about defending his good name, such as it was. Jesse provided to the online blogging world his Discharge Form and it makes for some entertaining reading. I am going to advise any future forgers, and help those aspiring to become a phony anything. When forging documents, try and spell check the forgery to save yourself additional humiliation.

Jesse, at this point, the truth may not save you, but surely nothing else will serve you in any way.

UPDATE: McQ has the original document here

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Ditzy Chicks strike again.

It's said that even a blind squirrel will find a nut now and then. As if to prove the point, the NY Times has a reasonably accurate article on the Dixie Chicks.

On "60 Minutes" Ms. Maguire told Steve Kroft that their concerts weren't typical country concerts. "When I looked out in the audience, I didn't see rednecks," she said. (Did her lip curl slightly as she pronounced the r-word?) "I saw a more progressive crowd."

And in a Time magazine cover story she said the group would rather have "a smaller following of really cool people who get it," as opposed to "people that have us in their five-disc changer with Reba McEntire and Toby Keith." ... Perhaps there's a difference between this attitude and simple snobbery, but you can't blame country fans if they don't much feel like splitting hairs.

Now one would have to wonder about the wisdom of insulting the people you ask to support your career. What individual want's to be insulted by their employeer? Who among you would tolerate insults from your employee? When you buy an album, you are in effect paying someone to play music. By not buying that artist's work, you are in effect firing them. The effects of this boycott are already pretty obvious, the group's singles barely opened in the top fifty on billboard, and is dropping like a rock. When you are in the entertainment industry, it must be remembered that you are entertaining the public, and if they reject your attitude and actions, you will be one of the footnotes in Entertainment history. Something that Michael Jackson has been learning over and over again. Every album of his sold less than the one before it. Apparently the public didn't approve of all the contraversy and decided to spend the money elsewhere.

For any of you who are considering a career in the public light, remember who your supporters are, and offend them with caution.

The 101st Fighting Keyboardist

A group of Conservative bloggers in favor of the war on Terror have begun a group calling themselves the Fighting 101st Keayboardists with the logo of a Chicken Hawk. In that original post, people interested in joining this group, are authorized to download and share the image, so long as credit is given.

I gladly give credit to Captain Ed for the logo, and the ideals behind it.

Many conservatives are Veterans, I am one of them. Others didn't join, for a number of reasons. They don't need a single reason, any more than those who join need to justify their actions to anyone. As individuals of adult responsibility, we are free to choose our own paths, and the choice to join, or not to join, is yours alone to take. Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast guardsman need not justify their choices in joining the service, not to you, and not to anyone.

There is an asinine argument that only those who are serving, should be able to speak on the war. If you aren't serving RIGHT NOW, you are called a Chicken Hawk for supporting the war on Terror. If you have served, they demand to know why you left the service. Of course, none of that matters so long as you speak AGAINST the war.

I support the war on Terror, and while I mourn the sacrifices that our troops are asked to make, I remember when I served, and the sense of duty I knew. I remember friends lost or maimed, not only in combat, but in training, or in stupid accidents. I honor those who served by supporting the mission they clearly support. They enlist knowing what they are going into, and even more indicative, they RE-ENLIST knowing what they are signing up to do again.

If I can best serve now by manning a keyboard, and helping to spread the TRUTH about the war, then that is what I will do. Kudos to those fellow conservatives who came up with this, it's frankly Brilliant.

Al Queda now vouching for Terrorists

In what can only be described as asinine to the max, we have this story.

AMMAN, Jordan
Jordan said this week that it struck Al Qaeda in Iraq a blow by arresting one of its top militants, but a statement Wednesday claiming to be from the terrorist network said that the group did not know the man.
Questions also remain as to when and where the Iraqi man, who identified himself as Ziad Khalaf Raja al-Karbouly, was arrested.........

....."We don't even know the person shown on Jordanian television," the statement said on a Web site that has posted messages from al-Qaida, al-Qaida in Iraq and other militant groups in the past.
"All that has been shown was merely a play written by the Black House gang and performed on TV by their agents in the region," it said, referring to the White House and its alliance with Jordan.
The authenticity of the statement could not be independently verified.
In a confession aired on prime-time television in Jordan Tuesday, al-Karbouly said he was a member of Al Qaeda in Iraq, and that its leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, knew details of his operations to kill and kidnap Arabs traveling between Iraq and Jordan.

So in what can only be described as the new tone of Al Qaeda, we have the Terrorists vouching for people captured in action? First we had this story via Hot Air in which Osama claims all but two of the detaineess in Club G'itmo are innocent. I am sorry, I doubt that Osama is so well informed that he can determine the guilt, or innocence, of hundreds of detaineess from his cave.

Now, we have Al Qeada claiming that a confessed terrorist is not really a terrorist at all, not part of the Al Qaeda boys club in Iraq. Fine, our mistake, let's turn him loose right now shall we? Are you kidding me? This is what Al Qaeda has been reduced to? Pretending not to know anyone, and essentially turning them into a bad caricature of Mission Impossible "disavowal" clause?

From every Mission Impossible episode ever filmed. "As usual, if you or any member of your team are captured or killed, we will disavow any knowledge."

First Zarqawi couldn't manage to fire a machine gun now he thinks he's Mr. Phelps.

Comprehensive Immigration Amnesty update

Despite what the polls may say about American's views on Immigration, Congress seems set to issue blanket Amnesty to those who enter our country illegally. In addition to the often mentioned amnesty from Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter we have seen many good articles on the issue from leading conservative thinkers.

The Senate is set to vote on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act and when it passes, and it will pass, Amnesty will be the rule of the day.

Since many of our illegal Immigrants have had to show documentation of some sort to get jobs, Philly has a good story on it, where many immigrants have forged documents, which in effect amounts to Identity Theft but that is going to be forgiven in this case, when dealing with illegal Immigrants. Back taxes will be paid, or so the claim is made, and despite dire warnings of extreme stress on our social programs including Welfare, Social Security, and Food Stamps, it's full speed ahead in the Senate. We won't consider for a moment evicting those who are here in direct violation of the law.

My wise and thoughtful wife commented on this with an interesting observation. "When did we get a Frenchman in the White House who would surrender to Mexico?"

The President isn't alone in his surrender motives, we had to twist his arm to even pretend to defend our boarders. The President is joined by a majority of the Senate, and House, who are intent on buying re-election through this amnesty program.

The shame of our nation is evident, the outrage of her people is palpable, and the desire of the elected is evident. The Elected don't have the slightest interest in your desires. Instead, they desire a nation left open, at risk, and inundated by criminals.

Immigration is a great thing, it allows those with a desire to come here, and make a better life for their families, and makes our nation a better place with a new point of view to consider. Illegal Immigration is a crime, which should be obvious since illegal is part of the name.

How do we teach the next generation that playing by the rules and doing the RIGHT thing is important, when at every opportunity, our nation takes a short cut and ignores that obvious common sense approach in favor of the wrong thing.

I often wonder what happened to the spirit of this nation, best exemplified by John F. Kennedy's speech calling on this nation to go to the moon. "not because it is easy, but because it is hard." Apparently going to the Moon was easy, compared to enforcing the laws on immigration. We can't do that, it's too hard.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Representative Hastert screams over his "rights"

Representative Hastert continues his tirade over the "Unconstitutional" search of Congressman William Jefferson (D) Congressional Office. As is well documented in Right Wing News

"They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place."

Perhaps Representative Hastert hasn't heard, but taking bribes is considered a Felony by every State of the Union, not to mention Federal Law.

The Democrats claim the Republicans have a Culture of Corruption, in reality, a vast majority of the Elected Officials have fallen for the idea that they are elite, and even above the law. Some years ago, I offered the observation that each Elected official, as well as most Hollywood stars, should have to hire a Cynic and thus have someone nearby at all times who is going to remind the individual in question that they are HUMAN, not gods, and kick them in the proverbial shin now and then to remind them that they aren't elite nor are they as brilliant as they think. I felt it would be far preferable to the group of sycophants that surround them now.

Congress finds it totally appropriate to hold public hearings on any department, office, that may be. Ordering people to comply, and surrender documents with no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of the witness. Yet, when there is evidence, a subpoena is ignored, and the warrant to search is "unconstitutional".

We hope that the Representatives in question will hire themselves a cynic soon, because this czarist mentality is starting to become rather offensive to We The People

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has a great Vent on Hot Air today.

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