Saturday, December 14, 2013

Socialist goes on shooting rampage.

´╗┐Unlike many people, I did not rush to the web, nor did I glue myself to the television to find out what happened at the most recent school shooting. We don't know, and can't possibly know anything for many hours after the event. But everyone rushes to the televisions and news sites to get the information before it's known, and then they have to listen to the self appointed experts tell them what they think, what they suspect, and what they would like to believe.
It was another leftist. It was not a Right Wing lunatic, and it wasn't a racist hate filled member of the Tea Party. The shooter was a Socialist, a committed member of the far left wing.
Now, I'm going to take a moment and extend the painfully obvious wish that the injured recover fully. Claire Davis is reported to be in Critical Condition as I write this, and I hope she recovers fully.
So what can we learn from this shooting? We learn the same lessons that we always learn. Words on paper are powerless. What crimes were committed?
Possession of a Firearm on school property. Federal Felony under the Brady Law. State Felony under Colorado law. Yet these words on paper did nothing to dissuade the left wing lunatic from taking a shotgun to the school.
Possession of a dangerous device. Karl Halverson Pierson possessed in addition to the Shotgun, two Molotov Cocktails which are illegal. That by the way is another Felony.
Conspiracy to commit Murder. A felony under State Law.
Assault with a Deadly Weapon. A felony at the state level.
Attempted Murder. Another Felony.
Now, I'm not a lawyer, but there is five felony charges right there. None of those words on paper did a thing to prevent this act. Not one of those words on paper were able to stop this committed Socialist from attacking his school.
It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. No the pen is only powerful if backed up by the sword. You can write the words, but people with swords make the words have meaning.
What else did we learn? Once again, the victims and bystanders were guilty until proven innocent.
Notice that the kids are all lined up and being searched before they can leave the area. The argument for this is that the Police must make sure that one of the shooters does not escape. It is a simple and obvious application of guilty until proven innocent. Civil Rights do not go by the wayside because some left wing lunatic decides that life isn't fair. Notice everyone holding their hands up, in surrender, certainly under threat of violence by police.
So what is everyone upset about? An 18 year old bought a shotgun. Which is one of the few legal things that this kid did. However, it is illegal (part of that conspiracy charge above) if it is bought with the intention of murdering someone.
So an 18 year old leftist who had no criminal record, and was not under psychiatric care, bought a shotgun. I mean, granted, if there was ever evidence of mental instability the idea of Socialism being a good political system is one in my book. However it isn't one legally, and probably won't be under that pesky First Amendment.
So what can we do to prevent this kind of thing in the future? Let's think about that. How do we protect our most valuable national secrets? We put them behind locked doors, limit access, and station armed angry people with guns at the entrances. Nuclear Weapons are guarded by Marines, Air Security Specialists. Trained people with guns. Access to the President is restricted and everyone who goes near him must pass by and be examined by men and women with guns.
The Capital has it's own police force, people with guns protect the Congressmen and women.
The Court House has men and women with guns protecting the Judges.
There are men and women with Guns at every checkpoint where we keep things of value to the Government, or to those with the power to decide such things. Yet, at our schools, which hold our future, we want guns far away. We can't protect the school by placing people with guns there, what message would that send to the Children?
The truth of war is the truth of life. In war, you can bomb something from the air all day and night. You can turn the land into a moonscape of bomb craters. Yet, until you put a soldier on the ground, armed with a gun. You don't control that land. You can issue all the platitudes you want to about protecting the children. You can ban all the guns you want to, but until you take action to put someone with a weapon there to protect your children, then it is merely luck, fate, or the grace of God that protects them. The Bible says do not put the Lord your God to the test. By taking no action to protect the most precious things in our society, the children. We are testing the Lord and praying that He will protect them.
So Colorado will try to ban some more guns, perhaps they'll put a waiting period on the purchase of the guns. Just because the left wing Socialist bought the gun a week before he went on his rampage is no reason to think that the waiting period might not work next time. And there will be a next time, until we realize that strength and preparedness are the only ways to protect yourself, and those around you.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Giving Conservatives a bad name

First, what is it to be a conservative. Well, it means that we want hard proof before we embrace a policy. If we can't point to definitive science, then we want predictions that are able to be examined. No one knows how Global Climate Change happens, they can't get an accurate computer model to manage it. No one knows what the future will bring, but they're certain it's happening. Mostly because they want to believe it. They have faith after all.

Conservative does not mean we believe in the superiority of a race. There is no scientific evidence that one race is superior to any other. Therefor there is no foundation for the belief that one race is based upon genetics, superior. Individuals may be superior, but that is based upon gifts from God to the individual, not the race in general.

Conservative does not mean we worship the world of big business. We do not believe that the sole purpose of Government is to clear the field for big business. It does mean we recognize and admire innovation, and we respect those who create a winning business model or product that the people like. We respect Bill Gates for creating Microsoft, we don't think he should be placed upon a pedestal and worshipped or that he is entitled to special legislation.

We do not believe in punishing those who find a way to help themselves. We believe in rewarding such activity. Which is where I have a differences of opinion with many so called Conservatives.

Solar Panels. Those things that people put on their roofs, and power calculators, and in my case, a watch. My watch is solar powered. It charges when I'm in the sun, and runs with no problem. As little as an hour in the sun every day will keep the battery fully charged. The watch should last for years, and even then the most I'll have to do is buy a rechargeable battery to put into it. Good for me, I am not surprised by a watch that suddenly quits working. Good for the bottom line, and it allows me to save, to conserve if you will, my money.

Those solar panels that people put on their roofs, some of them create more electricity than they use, and their electric meter actually runs backwards from time to time. Others create so much electricity that they hardly ever sip at the power grid. Now, for you and I this is a good thing, they are creating electricity for their neighbors to use, reducing the amount of electricity that the power companies must make to satisfy demand, perhaps reducing the number of brown or black outs.

Conservative thought there, people should be paid for their efforts. They should be paid for the product that they create. If you build a car, you do so with the expectation that you will be paid. If you build a house, you do so with the expectation that you will be paid. If you write a computer program, you do so with the same expectation. Now, Conservative leaders are moving to punish people who are "freeloading" by creating the electricity, that is put into the power grid.

Yeah, I'm not seeing the conservative principle there either. The lamest claim that liberals make is that Conservatives want to poison the air, and the water. The obvious fallacy of this claim is recognized a moment later when you realize that the conservatives have to breath, and drink water too. So the Conservatives would be suicidal to intentionally do that.

The argument is this. The homeowner who is producing that electricity did not pay for the grid to deliver the electricity. In other words, they did not string the wires on the poles that were shoved into the ground. So the homeowner who has the solar panels should pay for using that grid when they make the electricity. That is the most asinine thing I have ever heard of from the mouth of a conservative. It is mind bogglingly stupid. But they are actually going to have a three day workshop where the Conservatives including Ted Cruz are going to discuss this matter like it makes sense.

Yes, the electric company ran the wires. They did so under the impression that they would be paid for performing a service. But those wires were run to the house at the expense of the builder at the time. To tie into the grid, you pay for the wires to the house, from the big pole at the road. After that, the electric company maintains the wires, most states prohibit anyone else from touching them.

The idea that you must pay for the privilege of being tied into the grid so you can sell your excess electricity is stupid on its face. The electric company is not paying for the production of that electricity, They are not dealing with the EPA regulations for the production of that electricity via the various methods, they are getting it for free, and paying the person who invested thousands of dollars into solar panels and equipment a fraction of the costs. It is doubtful that the homeowner who does this will ever recoup his costs.

Guys, this isn't Conservative thought or principles in action. This is a Kabuki Theater version of conservative thought. This is the Liberal misrepresentation of what Conservatives believe. Don't go all crazy on me now, we have a chance to win in 2014, unless you all get dumber than our liberal adversaries. People who invest a ton of money into solar are not freeloaders, and categorizing them as such is asinine.

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