Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DNC telling the truth, sort of, with McCain ad.

The DNC has begun running a tacky ad called one hundred years. In this ad, John McCain is quoted sort of out of context that John McCain wants to stay in Iraq for one hundred years.

The DNC ad then shows violence upon our troops and asks the question, do you want to stay in Iraq for one hundred years? The Conservatives decry the advertisement because the second half of McCain's comment was that we've been in Japan and Germany as allies for many years, without active hostilities. Well, the obvious question isn't being asked my friends, how many years of hostilities is acceptable for John McCain since the idea of one hundred years of open warfare is apparently unacceptable to him?

According to his website, McCain says we'll never surrender.

McCain: Stand up. We're Americans, we're Americans and we'll never surrender, they will

So hostilities could last one hundred years? As long as both sides refused to surrender, it could easily last a hundred years. It wouldn't be the first hundred years war either.

So for tacky, I'm giving the head shake to the DNC. For honesty, I think it's at worse a coin toss. Yes, they left the obvious explanation of his intent for a less active roll for our troops out, yet his other statements on the war indicate he'll never surrender. Those words by the way are taken from his campaign advertisement, never surrender.

I think the Republicans are being slightly less than honest personally. Especially since McCain hasn't bother to tell us how many years of open and active hostilities would be acceptable, apparently less than one hundred.

McCain's less than truthful complaint, another reason not to like him.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why is the Press ignoring the Conservative rejection of McCain?

As we watch more and more Democrats claim that if their candidate doesn't win, they'll vote for McCain, which is good news for the GOP, and bad news for America.

Friends, I've said it before, I'm not voting for McCain. I won't do it. I would have said I'd vote for Obama, until he had the last six weeks in hell, and has shown he wasn't really ready for this race. He fumbled every little thing that came along, and turned it into a scandal.

Hillary who is my candidate now, at least is used to scandals. Besides, I have money bet that after her is Jeb or Jeanna Bush in the White House, I'm leaning towards Jeanna, just because I think that the idea of a youthful candidate will catch on with the apathetic.

The thing is that right now, roughly twenty percent of the GOP, or ten percent of the population won't vote for McCain under any circumstances. Why aren't the Democrats focusing on highlighting those folks? The absolute refusal of the Conservative Base could be used by the Party Core to re-define the Democratic Party, and take over the nation. Imagine, taking the elitists from both parties. The white wine hypocrites, and the Blue Blood Country Club Republicans, and shoving them both into a party together. One would be demanding that we open the boarders to the poor downtrodden people who need a better life, and the other would be agreeing and saying that there's plenty of work in his yard for three, or perhaps four of these illegals. They belong together.

The rest of us approve of good conservative values on a few ideas anyway. Starting with Fiscal issues. From there, we can work our way to an agreement on other issues. Like Social Service reform. There is no average Democrat supporter who honestly believes the current system is working. The average Democrat voter doesn't think that the Government is doing anything useful, but they distrust the Republicans, largely because of the influence of the Country Club Blue Blood Big Business Republicans who have controlled the party for too long. Reagan was bigger than that.

Well, don't worry Democrats, no matter how disappointed you are in your candidate, you can't be more disgusted than we are with McCain.

McCain. The election this year is who is more dangerous. A Democrat, or a Wannabe Democrat.

Give me the original, I hate lite anything.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

John McCain, the honest candidate, sort of

John McCain, the fellow who foisted McCain Feingold upon us has managed to find a loophole he inserted to protect himself.

McCain pushed legislation that would require candidates to pay the full price of a chartered jet, instead of a first class ticket price, for travel. The idea was that the candidate wouldn't be bought by special interests and would keep the Politicans from accepting a bribe in the form of essentially free airplane usage.

Of course, McCain had a loophole. It seems that this only applies if the airplane is not the property of either the candidate, or their family, or a corporation the candidate, or his family, control. McCain's wife owns a major corporation, and her airplane was used exclusively by Maverick John McCain for essentially what it would have cost the candidate to get a coach seat on flights to the various destinations.

“I have never thought about it,” Mr. McCain was quoted by The Arizona Republic as saying at a July appearance. “I would never do such a thing, so I wouldn’t know what the legalities are.”

Good for the goose but not for me John McCain. The wrong man for the White House, at any time.

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