Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thoughts on the McCain/Palin relationship

I've been thinking about the McCain camp's vetting of Sarah Palin, and the recent backstabbing of her by the same said camp. I believe I've satisfied my own curiosity regarding this. 

I refuse to believe that the Vetting team did not read the book I highlighted, Sarah, her biography. I refuse to believe that they didn't take a handful of hours, probably on the flight to see her, or in leaving, to read the book. I refuse to believe that they were utterly ignorant of her demonstrated character. Thus anyone who's read any of the news articles, or biographical information, which speaks highly of her integrity, and determination to do what she honestly believes is right, would be so asinine to think she would change. 

However, the McCain team was from inside the Beltway. Where Republicans who ran as hard core rock ribbed Conservatives, are moderated by the determined forces there. Where the Washington Waltz is the game that everyone plays. 

A local Congressman is Representative Jack Kingston. Who has rapidly become the king of earmarks in Georgia. He shakes loose a great deal of money for local projects, which the Federal Government would do well to remain clear of. This Republican is considered a Conservative, despite the growing history of his shaking loose a ton of money for pet projects in the state. 

Now, it's obviously not compatible to have a Conservative principal of smaller, more efficient Government, and handing out tons of earmark legislation. This is what I'm talking about with the Washington Mentality. This is why we had to work so hard to stop the Illegal Amnesty plan of Washington. We literally had to send bricks to Congress to get our point across to the elected officials there. 

Now why would the Team McCain folks think that Sarah Palin would change and be a Stepford Wife kind of Politician? That's the way the game is played to the CCBB Republicans. The true Conservatives don't think that way, which is why I wonder how many true Conservatives we really have in Congress. 

I think Sarah Palin really surprised them. She showed tremendous conservative values, which she has obviously taken to her own heart, and exercised in her life. Accustomed to dealing with phony Conservatives in Washington, like Chris Shays, the McCain Team seriously misjudged Governor Palin, and failed to really understand who she was. They were really upset when they found out she was more popular with the base than the original "Maverick" and the donations started to flood in. 

Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and a host of other young, fresh, and passionate Conservatives are coming up. The Country Club Blue Bloods are scared, because if this takes hold, there will be no place for them in the Republican Party. The CCBB's are really scared about one thing. Actually having to explain why they're more easily associated regarding issues to the Democrats, than their own party the Republicans. 

When I was in the 82nd Airborne Division. We had a motto for young soldiers who were joining us. Here, you can lead, follow, or get out of the way. 

Senator McCain. You've tried to lead, and led us down the path of defeat. You've rarely tried to follow, grudgingly accepting that we didn't want Amnesty. Now, it's time for you to get out of the way, and let the next generation of Conservatives up and at them. They grew up during, and after the Reagan era. They believe in their hearts, and souls, that American exceptionalism isn't something genetic, it's faith in the individual, to see after their own success and failure. 

They believe in hard work, and education. The same keys that have allowed tens of thousands of Generations to succeed through history. 

They believe that conservative values are moral and they know what you and the rest of the CCBB Republicans don't. Americans are Conservative by nature. It's demonstrated every time we have a Conservative issue on the ballot, almost without fail. It's time to embrace those conservative ideals, and your litmus test should be the NY Times. Any time the NY Times approves of your ideals or plans. You are doing the wrong thing as far as the American Public is concerned. 

The idea that you could corrupt Sarah Palin so quickly, and easily, is one you should have rejected right off the bat. She's grounded, and her family, and her faith keep her grounded. She's aware of who she is, and what she's going to do. 

The future lies with the next generation Senator McCain and the rest of the CCBB's. The future, is upon us now. I and a majority of Americans, including even California, say no to Moderation, and yes to Conservative principals. 

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