Friday, November 14, 2008

The dangers of ignorance

Liberals love to deride Conservatives as homophobic, racist, and even ignorant.

The truth is of course just the opposite. Conservatives believe in education, and quality education. We don't believe in leaving children in failing schools where no education is gained. We don't believe that kindergarden kids should get sex education. We believe every child should learn the basics.

I have long detested what I call the class of people known as trash. You know these people, they are ignorant and proud of it. They demand that no one else ever learn more than they have. The Taliban is a great example of this kind of enforced ignorance.

This story from Fox News us a perfect example of the barbaric trash we are fighting. Not only are they content being ignorant, but they violently oppose anyone getting an education. This Trash shouldn't be considered human, the only simularity being they walk on two legs.

Anyone who would throw acid on children going to school is not human, as they have demonstrated no humanity.

Yes I find this intolerably offensive. There is no punishment I can imagine which is sufficient to this crime.

Now you my friendly reader know what we are fighting. Not only ignorance, but the use of terror to condemn the rest of civilization to the darkness of ignorance. Ive never met an ignorant man who didn't swear that all he knew was all anyone ever needed to know. The Taliban are just as bad, if not worse, that any other person who seeks to restrict knowledge from the people.

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