Saturday, November 08, 2008

Conventional Wisdom on Display

Conventional wisdom on display from Jazz Shaw.

I could easily post the entire article but allow me to summarize. Palin was a small town rube who was selected by morons in the McCain campaign who erroniously thought that she was experienced enough to play in the big leagues. The contention is obviously that Sarah Palin is too damaged politically to ever leave Alaska again. There are enough derisive adjectives to fill a bucket in the article.

I once asked the difference between John Kerry and Nevile Chamberlain? The obvious difference, Chamberlain didn't have himself as an example of appeasement failure.

Now what is the difference between the Country Club Blu Blood Republicans and Chamberlain? Obviously again, Chamberlain learned the folly of his ideas.

After the Munich accords, which gave the Sudetenland to Germany, Hitler then took the rest of Czechoslovachia. Chamberlain realized his mistake and admitted his error. The CCBB's won't.

Despite the obvious futility of appeasement and the New Tone in Washington, Republicans refuse to admit they need to behave, act, and most importantly govern as Conservatives. They confine to insist the path to victory is in co-operation.

Let's look at it this way, if there's not a dimes worth of difference between you and your opponent, why would the people choose you? Especially when you've co-opted the opponents positions.

McCain was in reality a Moderate who attempted to package liberal policy as the New Conservative plan. As we've learned it was rejected while real Conservative principals won huge victories.

All the derisive arguments that can be made fail to explain how you win by joining your opponent.

The problem lies in how we view both our nation, and our party. The CCBB moderates insist that we need to join the Democrats in building coalitions. The problem as the Democrats are learning is that coalitions have different objectives. I've already highlighted some of the problems facing President Obama, and that is within his own party. No matter what course he takes, the coalition will fracture. Any action will pit one group of radicals against another. They will also turn against him.

The way you avoid, or minimize this is to have clearly communicated core principals, and actually govern on those views.

What has turned the conservatives against the Republicans? It's a long list. Bankruptcy reform. McCain Feingold. Amnesty, out of control spending. It's a long list. It's getting longer.

I reject the idea that we can out liberal the Democrats. The last two elections clearly show I'm not alone in that rejection. It's time the CCBB stopped pretending their way works, before we really are the United Socialists of America.

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