Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vigilante Lawmaker in Hawaii

State Representative Tom Brower a Democrat, has decided that the best way to address Hawaii's Homeless problem is to personally go out and destroy the shopping carts the Homeless use to move their meager belongings around with a sledgehammer. Yes you read that right, the Democratic Representative to the State House of Hawaii is attacking Homeless with a sledgehammer. As if the Homeless didn't have enough problems, now they have a Democrat attacking them with a sledgehammer.

CNN Reports here.

Local news report from Hawaii here.

Unapologetic, and asinine to boot.

Of course, the affiliation is not mentioned in the news story, you have to go to his State House Membership page to find out he's a Democrat. If he was a Republican, the news would start with "Republican lunatic vigilante attacks homeless" but such hyperbole is avoided when a Democrat attacks the homeless with a sledgehammer.


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