Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Time to adjust our thinking Republicans

It's time for the Moderate Republicans to be tossed out of control, and to stand aside while the Conservatives launch the next revolution within the Party, and the nation. 

It began with the era of Goldwater, and was stomped out by Nixon and Ford for some time. Ford won the nomination after a tough fight with the new voice of Conservative Idealism Ronald Reagan. Through all of this era, the Country Club Blue Blood Republicans were trying to moderate the message of the Conservatives.

Ronald Reagan spent as much time fighting against these CCBB Republicans as he did the Democratic Party. In 1988, George HW Bush took over, and since he was a CCBB Republican, he promptly began to work with the Democrats, and signed a tax increase, despite his promise of no new taxes. 

Clinton won in 1992, largely on the Perot Effect and the broken promise of tax cuts. 

The Republican Revolution in 1994 startled the media and beltway insiders. They were astounded that a document as simple as the Contract with America would resonate with voters. 

History clearly shows, that Conservative ideals resonate with the voters. That Conservative principals and people will win elections. The why is obvious, in Conservative Capitalist systems, people are able to achieve greatness for themselves, and their children. They're able to achieve a better life for themselves, and their families. 

So why, after more than twenty years of evidence should the Republicans continue to moderate their stance with the American People, returning to the era of Eisenhower, and Nixon, and Ford, to the CCBB Republicans? 

This election clearly shows that the Democrats and the Republicans are fighting two different games, and only one of us is determined to win. The Democrats are fighting to destroy Republicans, especially Conservative Republicans, and have allies in the Media, who will do anything to suppress negative stories about Democrats. The Republicans by comparison, are always fighting to, get along with and work with the Democrats.

Mainstream Democratic operatives use the language of the extremist left wing sites, and we pretend they don't mean it. They hate Republicans. They call Republicans Evil, Racist, Fascist, and have hundreds of sites which donate money to the Democratic Party which are like this one, Evil GOP Bastards

The Democrats are never forced to apologize for the existence of this hatred. The Democrats are held to a completely different standard by the Press. If a Republican's Father was once a member of a club that was whites only forty years ago, then that person is a Racist. If a Democrat was once the Grand Wizard of the KKK, then that person is enlightened. 

Republicans are told they must learn to get along with, to compromise with the Democrats, and when they are dumb enough to do that, the re-election is that they broke their promise, in compromising with the Democrats, and raised taxes. 

The changes we need to make are internal, and it's long past time to make them. First, Democrats are not simply another political party in the same nation, they are the enemy. We need to start using the same mentality, not if we're going to win, if we want to survive as a free people in a nation based upon individual liberty and freedom. 

If we want to win, we're going to have to make sure that our nation is given a clear and concise choice. No longer can we be Democrat Lite, we must be Conservative Unleashed. We must point out that our so called loyal opponents are in reality Racists, we must point out the truth about the Democratic Party. We must agree to fight, not for a month, or a year, but for the rest of our lives.

We must realize that the press is not our friend. The NY Times, LA Times, and the rest of the Mainstream Media are agents of our enemy, and the Liberals are our enemies. We must as a knee jerk reaction, automatically reject for consideration any proposals put forth from these organs of the Socialist Left. Just because Pravda had wide readership, didn't mean they told the truth. 

We must realize that the Educational System is viewed by the left as the Breeding Ground for Liberal Socialism. We should immediately start discussing the price gouging that is carried on by "Big Education" like the Universities. Their prices and fees are going up hundred fold over the cost of living, yet no one ever wonders what that money is going for, or what kind of profits they're showing. 

Shouldn't the executives of Big Education be willing to take a pay cut to help the American People? Shouldn't the federal funding of Big Education mean that they insure to represent all points of view, not just the extreme left wing point of view? Shouldn't they be forced to have more than a Token Conservative on the University Campus as a Janitor? 

There are tens of thousands of specifics. Yet the fundamental change that is required is this, we must view Liberals as the Enemy. We should continue to point out the unpatriotic behavior of the left. Why is it considered by the Press to be just as Patriotic to root against your country as it is to root for your country? Why is it just as Patriotic to hate the Constitution as it is to love it? 

We have two years until the next election. In less time than that, Newt put the Contract with America together. We took back the Congress, and turned Clinton from a Liberal to a Moderate for the next six years of his Administration. We can do this, but we have to start to fight for victory, not for some means of common ground to meet our opponents. We must fight for the survival of our nation, and our freedoms. 

The days of the Moderate Republican, or the Liberal Republican are over. The enemy is telling us we have to play by their rules. I say it's past time to start playing that way. 

Cry Havoc, and let slip the Dogs of War. Liberal Socialism is our enemy, and it's time to act that way. 


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