Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Simple plan for Republican Victory

The Republicans lost last night, which is no surprise considering how poorly they ran the campaigns.

First, get the candidates aside, and explain to them how not to make asinine statements. As it is painfully obvious that the reporters will ask asinine questions searching for a statement to run with prepare for it and have your answers if not canned, then prepared generally.

Second. Republicans, right now get busy. House Republicans should shift to the issues that matter to most voters. Benghazi is a disgrace, but it isn't an issue that resonates with the population in general. Nearly half of the people polled always say that the economy is the biggest issue. That hardly ever goes below 40%, and has been as high as 80% over the last few years. So care and take action based upon what the voters think is important.

Put a bill together tonight, put it up in front of the House, and be talking about it on Sunday. Call it the Great Opportunities for People act of 2013 or 2014 if you think it is better to wait a couple months.

Offer tax credits for employers to hire new employees. Point out that the tax credit will be paid for by the income taxes of the employee. Talk it up and pass it in a big flashy vote in time for the weekend talk shows to make that the issue, say a Thursday.

The Democrats will never vote for it, and the Senate almost certainly won't pass it, and President Obama would never sign it, he is not a pro business guy. His Liberal Base will freak if they do give tax credits to Business.

Then pass a bill in the House to punish mis-use of NSA data. I'm not insane enough to think I'll get the GOP onboard of the privacy issue, but we can agree that abuses of the information is a problem. So let's make it a crime punishable by five years in prison for mis-use of the information. If a person searches the databases and does not have a warrant/authorization to do so then that person is subject to five years in prison for violating the privacy of the people. If ordered to do so by the supervisor, the supervisor is also liable.

Now, I am not going to criminalize mistakes. If the name you are searching for is John Johnson and you accidentally type Johnstone, that is a typo, and must be reported to the NSA's version of internal affairs as an honest mistake, a typo. But if you are supposed to be searching for John Johnson and you search Carrie Stevens, your Girlfriend, to jail you go.

This will also fail to pass the Senate, and the President won't sign it. But it puts the Republicans on the side of Privacy, while continuing their erroneous (IMO) policy of defending the NSA. The talking point on that one is easy. We believe that the NSA data collection is vital to national security, but we agree that it is very troubling that people are abusing these databases. We want to defend the nation, while at the same time protecting the people's fourth amendment rights.

In a few months, after the President veto's or the Senate fails to act, pass other bills and keep talking about it, keep the pressure on the Democrats and Obama. Make them come down on the wrong side of the issues, the unpopular side of the issues.

People want jobs, and they want the NSA out of their everyday life. You won't do the second, at least make it a crime to access the data without a warrant or authorization. Hold the NSA accountable, the section chiefs are responsible for oversight, and must report to congress every year on unauthorized access of information by their employees. If it is greater than 3% of the searches, then the supervisor is fired by making it statutory that their Top Secret Clearance is revoked by Congressional action.

You can call that the Responsibility of Government Act.

Republicans, you can win, but only if you take note of the polls that say what is important, and start to give the people actions on those issues.


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