Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nutroots out in force with Palin Conspiracies

My friends on the left. Please don't forget to take your medication. It's important, and frankly, will save you embarrassment later. My mistake, the left is never embarrassed about their behavior. My Bad.

Today's conspiracy theory is a whopper. In April, Governor Palin gave Birth to a baby with Downs Syndrome. This birth defect is a fairly normal risk associated with older women giving birth. Our friends at the Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, and other sites which live for the conspiracy theory. As you can see the Mainstream media is picking up on the story, and running with it.

I've seen this before, when the liberals are outraged, nothing is beneith them. No slander is too outragous, no insult is off limits. Racisim is the norm when the Liberals are attacking a conservative. Sexism is completely acceptable, when the Liberals attack.

The conspiracy theory goes like this. Sarah Palin was pregnant at the same time that her daughter had Mono. Mono is also known as the Kissing disease, which means that we suspect that Bristol was a normal teenaged girl, and was kissing someone. Now that wouldn't be scandalous for anyone else, but give the Liberals a breath of normal air, and they'll run like the wind. According to the theories, Bristol was really the one pregnant, and Sarah faked being pregnant while Bristol was at home with Mono. Now, this is the best part, she did this to save herself the embarassment of having a pregnant daughter. Apparently it's the 1950's all over again, and we're supposed to send our daughters to a home for unwed mothers.

Guys, it's the 21st Century, and pregnant girls are pretty normal anymore. The American average linked above is something like 53 girls out of 1000 teenaged girls. So the scandal of having a pregant daughter would have been minimal. Easily handled. "Guys, my Daughter is pregant, and we're anxiously awaiting the delivery of my first Grandchild. I love my daughter, and will always stand behind her and support her. A loving parent can do no less."

Instead the fallout from the senario is outragous. If Sarah Palin did what she's accused of by the left wing hate machine. Then we're supposed to believe that Conservatives view the world as if it's not 1950, but 1850. Hello, let me explain something Libs. A vast majority of Conservatives understand that things happen. Sometimes, teenagers act irresponsibly, and we adults have a choice, we can act responsibly, and having lain a groundwork of love and trust and understanding as well as guidance, we can trust our children to tell us when they've made a mistake, and allow us to help them. I don't know the Governor, don't know too much about her. However, I think we can safely say that she is not a jackass of that proportion.

Liberals, you are sounding weak with your arguments this weekend. I understand the problem, you don't have talking points yet, so you're grasping at straws. Right now, the focus groups are working overtime, and hoping to find something that sticks. This isn't even a good attempt though guys, this is insulting, and this is absolutely asinine. It's the weakest attack you've come up with in a very long time.

If you believe in the ideals you profess to, then you've got to address the issues. The issue isn't her children, when they were born, if they were conceived before or after she was married. The issue is energy, why don't we have any? The issue is prosperity for the population, why do you think that can be acheived with higher taxes? The issue is fiscal responsiblity, which means you don't spend more than you get. The issues are plain, and obvious. The War in Iraq is going pretty good right now, so we don't hear about how awful it is anymore. Apparently the Focus Groups finally got through to the Libs that the war isn't a great issue to run on.

My friends, we're supposed to look beyond the color, the sex, the sexual preference, and the religious preference to find the real person inside. That is what Doctor King told us was his dream. That is what the Liberals profess to care about, yet when a Conservative actually does that, the Liberals immediatly go for the sterotypical responses and attack the race, gender, and religious preference.

Liberals, if you don't stop this implosion, you're going to lose this election, and we'll be stuck with President McCain.

Personally, so far from what I've heard, I like Sarah Palin, and if I didn't have to vote for McCain, I would happily support her. Unfortunately the catch is she's the running mate of the Anti-Conservative McCain, which means the pill remains too bitter to swallow.

Liberals, I'll leave this post at this. I hope you're back on your game after the weekend, because this is really embarrassing.

Update: Turns out the daughter is actually pregnant as well. She's five months pregnant, and unless you believe the due date is a lie as well, this weekends demonstration of nutroot conspiracy theory mongering was proof of one thing. They're aptly named as nutroots.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good News for the McCainiacs

I previously posted about McCain's violations of his own signature law McCain Feingold here. I'm back with an update on McCain. It seems that the Federal Election Commission has decided that while he did violate the rules, they are going to approve his violation of the rules, after the fact.

In other words. They have decided to protect one of their own, a politician, who violated the law of his own signature legislation, after the fact.

Here is the situation. Instead of creating national grass roots movement, which of course, didn't exist. McCain bypassed the efforts of getting on the ballots via signatures collected by accepting matching funds from the Federal Government. Now, McCain's agreement to do so meant he didn't need a large group of volunteers, which he would never be able to get. Instead he was on all the ballots in the nation, and as he approached the spending limit some months ago, he decided that he would not accept funds during the primary, but would during the General Election. 

The FEC could have found this violation of law to be cause enough to fine the Maverick, but decided to approve his trickery after the fact. 

I personally am very disappointed by the move of the FEC. I believe we need to send a message to the world that our Political Process follows the rules, and our candidates abide by the law. When we choose not to enforce the law, instead allowing this kind of bait and switch trickery, we demonstrate only that our laws are held in contempt by our own leaders. I call it bait and switch because that is exactly what it is. McCain in essence cheated the system, and has been rewarded for cheating. That is a perfect example of the Czarist Mentality that I have spoken about more than once. The Washington Elite's of the Republican Party have clearly demonstrated that the rules don't apply to them, and that is an abomination to Conservatives like myself.

The principals that Conservative idealism is built upon, the very foundation of the conservative movement is that no one is above the law, and no one is below the law. The law is equally applied to all. However, as John McCain has just demonstrated, the law is applied to some of us more equally than to others. 

This is a perfect example of how the cheat your way into high political office. Yet another reason why McCain is too dangerous to entrust the White House with. If he won't win fair, he shouldn't win. 

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh My, what will the Liberals do now?

The Fairness Doctrine has replaced Gay Marriage as the scare tactic of the Republican Party. Much like Gay Marriage, they only get fired up about it when an election year approaches. 

Now, the obvious goal of the Fairness Doctrine is to remove Rush Limbaugh, Shaun Hannity, and too many other conservative hosts on Talk Radio from the airwaves. The side effect may be right here, on the net. 

There is in fact, a thread of thought that would require the Fairness Doctrine to apply to the internet. Yes, the net. So sites which stifle alternate speech, like Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and so many others which ban conservatives and even liberals who speak out against Democrats and Democratic Candidates may be forced by law to allow Conservatives to post. 

That would be the death of the Nutroots by the way. Democratic Underground for example states that they are there to support Democratic Party candidates and the Democratic Party. From experience there, don't try and support the Green Party, or say that Nader is right, or anything like that. They will ban you with a quickness because you are not supporting the Democratic Party or their view of Progressive Ideals.

So what will become of the ability of the Nutroot leaders to control and direct the nutroots? What will happen when the Green Party demands equal time under the Fairness Doctrine? If a post highlighting the more progressive ideals of one party over the Democrats is removed, then the site would probably have violated the Fairness Doctrine.

Don't worry about that though, because you can bet money that Nancy Pelosi who has said she supports the fairness doctrine, will be sure to write the law so it doesn't apply to Liberal sites.

What is the biggest problem with the Fairness doctrine? It's a lie. In the modern world everyone can post a webpage, like this one, and put their ideals out there. They may be widely read, or they may be ignored. However, the public has the choice, the information is not filtered or restricted. Freedom means the free exchange of ideals, certainly, but it also means the ability to congregate with like minded people. That by the way is what you normally call friends. Let's say the Fairness Doctrine is applied to a group of friends. The people in question are all Vegans, and love animals. The Fairness Doctrine would require that anyone who wishes to join the group could, and the group would have to do what that person wanted as often as they do whatever someone else wants to.

What would happen if the Vegans were told they had to go hunting with this person? They had to try and do something they find personally reprehensible to make sure that individuals rights were not violated? It is an asinine certainly, but it is essentially the rule of the fairness doctrine. You have to sit through things you don't like in order to make things fair. 

There are lots of places to get the information from any side you like. The net certainly, but also television. Public Access TV, Free Speech TV is also one of those sites. The Fairness doctrine is a lie, because the only fairness, is that no one really gets to say anything. If it is a controversial ideal, then the information is not aired because if it is, then you have to offer equal time to lunatics who want to comment on it. Imagine a in depth report on the 9-11 attack. For the next three months, you have a new lunatic every day who is claiming that his or her own personal conspiracy theory is the only true one on the same show to insure equal time. 

The Fairness Doctrine is the answer the Liberals say they want, and the reason is to shut up the Conservatives who have been successful on the radio. The Liberals haven't found that success, and it's not from lack of trying, it's from the simple problem that they are bereft of ideals. All they have is insults and personal attacks. They don't debate, they don't discuss ideals, they insult and shout down the speaker of the other side. 

Air America, and every other liberal radio ideal has failed, because they don't understand how Limbaugh and Hannity actually do it. They're entertaining and informative people. Limbaugh for example will highlight an argument from the left, and then proceed to dissect it and demonstrate how it's flawed. He'll highlight historical examples, and this is unfair apparently. One of the few successful Liberals on the radio or TV is Alan Colmes who is on TV and Radio with Fox News. Unlike most Liberals who try and do a TV or Radio show, Colmes is able to highlight the point he's trying to make, and do so in an entertaining and informative manner. I've written him a few times and told him how much I respect him despite our disagreements on specific issues. Colmes never resorts to the pathetic personal attack. He may highlight a bit of comedy, but he does so as part of the larger discussion, sort of like Limbaugh. He doesn't coin terms like Feminazi, but he does do a very good job of highlighting the Liberal message while being entertaining. 

Air America failed at this. All the Liberal radio networks and shows think they have someone to answer Limbaugh. Each answer is either so dry and disjointed as to be confusing, Ed Koch for example, or they are nothing but derision towards Republicans and Conservatives. Often calling for harm to befall the individual. 

The Fairness Doctrine is a lie, and should be rejected as an anathema of Freedom of Speech as well as freedom of association. It isn't fair, unless repression of free speech is your idea of fairness. 

Oh one last thing Libs. Conservatives worked for years to shut Howard Stern up, and managed only in making him rich on Satellite Radio. Think about that, Limbaugh could easily rule the Satellite Radio waves. Imagine an all Limbaugh channel, where the entire day is spent replaying highlights and the last weeks shows. That would be a nightmare for you all on the left, 24 hours of Limbaugh, all day, every day.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

McCain Hypocracy on Obama's oil flip

The most recent flip of Presidential Candidate Obama is that we should allow limited offshore drilling for oil. Hot Air has a write up from the Cheerleader in Chief Captain Ed. For Ed, there is little that McCain can do wrong. For an honest Conservative, there is little McCain has ever done right. 

So the claim is that Obama flipped, and that means he's untrustworthy on the issue. Guys, you have some bad news coming. McCain has flipped on this issue so often you would think he was an acrobat on a trampoline. I'm serious. The Democratic Party of North Carolina has the quotes, and I'll go ahead and link to them. I tried to search for a Conservative list of McCain's flip flops on the issue of domestic drilling, but I can't seem to find one. Apparently the Conservatives are performing the Pull and Pray technique regarding McCain and his Conservative ideals. 

Pull and pray isn't a good means of birth control, and it's not a good means of electing a President. 

McCain has held every position imaginable on Oil Company drilling over the last twenty years. He's gone from one extreme to another. He's made promises, and then broken them constantly. John McCain, the hypocritical choice for Conservatives. 

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Discussions about Washington DC and John McCain

Recently, friends and I have been discussing John McCain. Essentially the Republican nominee for President of the United States. I have several Conservative friends, and just as many more Democratic leaning friends. My Conservative friends all expect me, a known conservative, who has spoken long and often about Conservative values, to offer my whole hearted support for John McCain. They are surprised and even dismayed when I tell them I am not supporting him, I am in fact, in absolute opposition towards him. 

I am Conservative. That means I believe in Conservative ideals, and values. It means I don't see the Constitution as a living document, but a very dead document. My interpretation of that document doesn't change on a case by case basis, but is as absolute as the intent of the document.

John McCain has violated the Constitution more times than we think he has. He's probably done it more times than I know about, but I'll stick to what I am certain of. 

McCain Feingold. This law violated the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. That Amendment says that Congress shall pass no law. It doesn't say that the Supreme Court shall overturn any law Congress passes which violates freedom of speech. It says that Congress shall pass no law. That means no law shall be passed which abridges freedom of speech. No Congressman should ever vote for a law which abridges freedom of speech, the press, or Religion. Yet, McCain Feingold was passed, and it was signed into law. Many of those who voted for it, or who signed it, said they believed it violated the Constitution. Yet they passed it anyway. That is absolutely wrong. McCain put his name to it, and claimed it would get the money out of politics. It didn't, but it did abridge the freedom of speech. You can't run a negative advertisement about a politician for sixty days before a General Election, or thirty days before a primary. That means free speech is abridged. McCain did this, and a whole bunch did it with him. 

The PATRIOT ACT. We violated two sections of the Constitution with one portion of this act, which I will highlight here. The famed National Security Letters. These violate the fourth, fifth, and sixth Amendments to the Constitution.

The Fourth Amendment states that you shall not be subject to search and seizure without a warrant. What it means is this. A cop can't search you without probable cause, and must have a Warrant to search your residence. The Warrant must state in detail the area to be searched, and what they are looking for. The National Security Letter circumvents this. It states you must surrender the information the FBI want's you to, or you will be arrested and go to jail. No Judge reviews this to determine if the FBI has probable cause to search your person or property. No reason is given, other than they believe you might have some information that is useful to them. That is wrong, and unconstitutional. Again, Congress, including John McCain passed this law. 

Yes, before we go any further, I know the National Security Letters were first used back in the 1970's, and were made more strict in 1986, and all of that. I can't fix what was, I can only act upon what is. Status Quo means the mess we're in right now, and I'd prefer to focus on that. 

The Fifth Amendment states among other things, that you have a right to due process of law and a right against self incrimination. Yet, under the National Security Letter, you are in fact required to answer questions, and provide any documentation that the FBI wants. Perhaps the problem is that the Elected Leaders are spending too much time carrying around a copy of the Constitution, and not nearly enough time reading the thing. 

The Sixth Amendment states that you have a right to council to assist in your defense. That means even when being questioned by law enforcement, you have a right to an attorney. The National Security Letter says you don't have a right to an attorney. It says you are prohibited from contacting anyone, including an attorney, until you are authorized to do so by the FBI. 

Personally, I always hoped that the FBI would present me with a NSL, so I could then turn to a phone and call my Attorney. I just really wanted to hear the Agent read me my Miranda Warning rights informing me of my right to an attorney, for the crime of contacting my attorney. That delightful image aside, let's look at seizures in use by the Department of Homeland Defense which violate those little things called the Bill of Rights.

US Customs and Border Patrol agents are apparently free to seize any laptop or other electronic device they feel like, and hold it as long as they want, sending it anywhere they wish to have the data decrypted, inspected, or translated. I know, you're telling me we have to do this for Homeland Security, and if we don't, the Terrorists win. 

Friends, can we look at this honestly for a moment? Do you really think that the Terrorists are still waltzing through the checkpoints? They're streaming across the borders with the rest of the illegal immigrants disguised to look like everyone else. They don't need to smuggle information into the nation in a laptop, it's all online. Google Earth offers good quality photos of targets, information is all online these days. All the potential terrorist has to do is memorize his target, and wait until he's given the order to go. Now, work with me here friends. Pretend you're a Terrorist, and you are going to hit the Sears Tower. Do you really think you would need to bring a laptop with you containing all the technical data needed to plan an attack? 

I could easily find any and all information I wanted at just about any public library. 

The Constitution was written not to empower Government, it was written to limit Government. It's time our Government realized they were limited, not the people. 

John McCain was instrumental in all these travesties of what is right, and wrong. That is why I can't, and won't support him for President.

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