Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is Prop eight to be the new McCarthy?

Not McCarthy in reality, who warned that Communists sympathethic to the Soviet Union, and actual spies of the Soviet Union, were working for the Government, and assisting our enemy of the era. McCarthyism in Liberal historical rewrite fantasy, which was that liberals were berated for just having different opinions. 

Blacklists have started, and if you donated money to the Yes to Prop eight campaign, you're going to be hounded out of your job. 

So where are the leaders of the inclusion movement? Where is the One? He's considering giving up his Blackberry right now, and can't be bothered with stopping the violence and out of control radicalism. 

The fifty two percent of California Voters who supported this measure should come back and fight fire, with a flame thrower. If you donated money to the no on Prop eight measure, you should be listed on a similar blacklist, and people should boycott your business. With the majority, barely, on our side, we can win this. 

When the radicals march down the streets, the public should call and complain to the police, reporting the ugly hate speech and threats from the lefties. 


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