Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congressman Jeff Flake gets the real message

Congressman Jeff Flake gets the message that the disgust from the Base of the Republican Party is real, and it's based upon principal, and it's not going to be placated easily. 

Hot Air cued me to this story, and I'm going to be honest, and say I've had more than a few disagreements with the commentators at Hot Air. 

From the Washington Post, linked from Hot Air of course. 

Well, we Republicans have just made history. Not the type of history we wanted to make, mind you, but history nonetheless. Not only did we lose the White House but, after losing our House and Senate majorities in 2006, we followed it up last night with even steeper losses in Congress.

In January, Democrats will enjoy lopsided congressional ratios not seen since the 1970s. Let's face it: We Republicans are now, by any reasonable measurement, deep in the political wilderness.

The temptation for Republican members of Congress today will be to assume the role of the post-Watergate Republicans of 1974 and accept minority status as a permanent condition. Indeed, the terrain is more difficult for us now than it was in 1992. Then, Republicanism was still largely defined by the Reagan years. Today the party is defined in the public mind by the Bush presidency. We've got a steep hill to climb.

Much of the backroom maneuvering and media speculation in the coming weeks will focus on identifying new standard-bearers for the party. This is important, and after a second straight drubbing, the House Republican leadership should be replaced. But the far more critical task is determining what standard these new leaders will bear.
Many more Republicans are going to be singing the song over the next few weeks and months. Conservative ideals are popular, and they're historically proven to work. So why did the Republicans abandon those ideals when George W. Bush was elected? That's going to be another series of discussions. The Republicans governed as Democrat Lite. We nominated the leader of the Moderate faction, the often bemoaned Country Club Blue Blood Republicans. 

Even now, these CCBB Republicans are trying to blame Palin, but the facts already established will continue to slam this re-writing of history. Fact, donations increased after she was named as the VP. Fact, grass roots efforts like Team Sarah, got started once she was named. Fact, the base which had looked like they were attending a wake became energized finally. 

This election is a lesson. One which we must learn. Voters are not going to turn out to elect a Moderate ever again. Even if the opponent is a true blue Socialist, like Obama, a Moderate can't win, so when we read about how the Moderate Republican is the most electable in the next election, ignore the NY Times. They've been wrong so many times it's not even funny.

Conservative ideals were popular. California which went for Obama, also passed Proposition 8, which banned the Gay Marriage court decision. You can't pretend that California is anything approaching Conservative in their thoughts, yet the clearly stated Conservative ideal passed easily.

Conservative ideals are popular, as proven in California. Conservative principals are demonstrated to work. The Socialist ideals put forth by Obama will tear the Democrats apart, one special interest group at a time. We can help that along, and put our own ideals out there at the same time. This is how, we tell the Republican Leaders that it's time for Conservative ideals to be the mainstay of the Party. No more moderate nonsense. No more governing from the center, or working with the extreme liberals. 

More people voted in 2004, than did this election. That tells me that the base wasn't thrilled with McCain, even with Palin backing him. 

Lot's of lessons out there to learn, will we learn from them? Or will we decide that Michael Medved is right, and we move to the Center, which is what caused our downfall in 2006 and again this year. 

Jeff Flake gets it. Other Conservatives are saying it too. Now, will the party finally listen, and realize that the Liberals are running the Democratic Party, their Socialist Agenda is the enemy of free thinking peoples everywhere? Or will the Republican Party insist that the Moderate go along get along theory is going to work eventually. 

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