Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random Thoughts

I've been rather busy this week, almost no time to read the news, much less comment. I've enjoyed the perpetual anger of the left as they learn that hope and change are just the rhetoric if the one.

I downloaded the MP3 of the Saudi all Girl rock band The Accolade. They're actually very talented. I'm pessimistic concerning the future for them however. Women are still property in that culture. I am afraid I'll be reading how they were arrested and whipped by the Religious Police any day now. The Saudi Justice System has done far worse to girls in the past.

I have to wonder though. Imagine living in that kind of restrictive society, and having the courage to risk death to pursue your love of music. Perhaps the times are changing after all. My compliments to the ladies. Your music is excellent.

Now as I read about the series of attacks in India, I suspect the future doesn't hold as much change as we had hoped for.

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