Friday, December 28, 2007

Why I'm starting to like Huckabee

Being a serious person, I'd like to think that I pick my candidates based upon their positions or actions in office. However, once in a while, a candidate comes along that seems to surpass all of that. Previously I've laughed and sent a letter of appreciation to Governor Jessee Ventura for his labeling members of the press as Jackals. You have to admit, the label seems to fit doesn't it?

Now, I'm starting to really like Huckabee. Not because of his positions on the issues, I'm not really impressed with that. Not for his religious beliefs, I don't think politicians religious beliefs are reasons to vote for, or against, someone. No, I kind of like Huckabee because he took a pot shot at the press.

At one point, Huckabee’s party turned toward a cluster of reporters and cameramen and, when they kicked up a pheasant, fired shotgun blasts over the group’s heads.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

World Food Stocks dwindle.

The United Nations is now warning that there is a serious shortage of food for the worlds population. Thankfully, this is a short term problem. Now, we could do a number of things. We could slash and burn some useless trees and plant crops to feed the world. We can't do that, the environmentalists would literally sue you into submission. We could divert rivers to irrigate deserts so we could grow food in otherwise barren areas.

We can't do that, first if we do something like that, then we'll be taking away the breeding ground of the blue breasted wiggle waggle fish. Imagine our future without the wiggle waggle fish.

Now, we obviously cant farm, or harvest. Imagine if we could, why, we could feed the world. Instead, we'll just have to sit back and watch people die horribly from starvation because we can't do anything to save them, it might be bad for a kangaroo mouse somewhere. This is the world that the Liberals have made, one where a kangaroo mouse is more important than the human beings. I can't imagine a world without a kangaroo mouse either. Of course, I couldn't really say what the kangaroo mouse is doing for the world either.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Past time to overhaul our legal system

Greetings again friends. It seems that every day, we find an asinine example of what happens when we let politicians pass laws. Today's example. In this one a ten year old girl was arrested for eating at lunch. Yes, that's right. She was sent to school with her lunch, the old brown bag we all remember so well.

Her lunch was some steak, which of course requires the use of a steak knife to cut. The knife was taken away by two teachers, the child was arrested for having a knife on campus.

Everyone admits that the child wasn't using the knife wrong, she wasn't waving it around, or threatening anyone in other words. She was using it to eat her lunch. Imagine that.

Now everyone involved in talking to the reporters swears that they had no choice. The sheriff says it's not his fault, the law demands they take some action. The school says it's just policy, and that's that.

I say these fools shouldn't have ever been in charge in the first place. Our society has in fact legislated common sense out of our lives. We aren't allowed to think for ourselves. We're required to blindly follow the letter of the law, or else we're the ones in major trouble. Nuts.

Laws shouldn't be passed by a legislature, in a language that only a select few can understand. Laws should be in plain English, and should be passed by each community. Not by a select few in the community. By the community as a whole. No 51/49 split, I'm talking a real majority. At least 2/3 of the community should be required. If you don't get 2/3 of the community to vote for it according to the census, then the law doesn't pass.

When we put rules down for our children, we understand that there are going to be exceptions when the child is going to disobey the rule, and we're happy when our children start to use their minds and think for themselves to a certain extent.

One example if I may. Your child knows he's not allowed to cross the street. A simple rule we've all had in our lives. An elderly woman needs help carrying her groceries across the street. Unlikely, but you get the point. Is it more important that your son obey your rule as iron clad, or is it more important to be a good citizen and help his neighbors? In this example, I'm going to pretend that you actually know the elderly person, and know your neighbors.

The point is there are always exceptions to the iron clad rule. It's against the law to kill someone, unless you yourself are in your home and your life is in danger. It's against the law to exceed the speed limit, yet we understand that you are going to do so if a person is in severe distress to get them to the hospital. Safe? Not always, yet we do it to try and help someone. The courts generally don't throw the book at you, and in fact, the Police have been known to assist you from time to time.

I think it's time we put some common sense back into our lives, and take some of the absolute out of the law. Motive matters people. The first question that should have been asked by the teachers before even going to the girl is "Is she using the utensil properly?" If the answer was yes, then leave the kid alone.

Here in my town, the police arrested a cub scout at school and he spent the weekend in jail. Seriously. The boy was at his cub scout meeting the night before, and had come home late. He put the same pants on in the morning, and went to school. Once there, he discovered that he had in his pocket a cub scout knife, which is similar to a Swiss army knife for those of you who don't know. He knew he wasn't supposed to have it at school. He went to the teacher, and told her the truth, giving her the knife.

The school didn't have a choice, the called the police. They didn't have a choice, they arrested and took the boy to jail. It was Friday, before a long weekend. The boy was in jail all weekend long until Tuesday morning when he was taken before the Judge.

The Judge was outraged. The boy behaved properly. When he saw a situation he was unable to deal with himself, he did exactly what we train our children to do. Find an adult, tell them the problem, get help from them. Instead, the boy was punished far worse than anyone should have been for doing the right thing. What did that boy learn? What did all his friends, and classmates learn from this situation?

If you go to an adult and tell them about a problem, any problem, you will be punished for it. Don't trust the adults, they'll get you if you go to them. That's the lesson that our system taught the child in question.

What should have happened? The teacher should have locked the knife in the drawer, and called the boys parents. Telling them what happened, and telling the parents that they, the mother and father, will have to come to school to get the knife. The boy is to be commended, for showing great presence of mind and understanding that adults are here to help them through trouble, not punish them for telling the truth.

A whole school full of kids got a lesson alright. They learned, never take anything to the teacher. Hide your problem, don't dare go to the adults. Take your chances hiding what's wrong, you'll probably get away with it. The Judge tried to counter this lesson, but three days later? Too little, too late, the lesson was already learned Judge.

Iron clad rules, more trouble than they're worth wouldn't you agree?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why are we rejecting Nuclear Power regarding Global Warming

I'm not going to bother debating Global Warming, and the foolish notion it is. For the sake of this commentary, I'm going to pretend that man made global warming actually exists.

Now, what are we supposed to do? We can pretend that by conservation, we can save our way out of the need for energy. That is asinine. We are an energy driven civilization. The difference between the so called first world and the third world is not a political ideology, although a stable democracy would be a huge benefit to them. It is energy. Stable dependable energy makes communication, information exchange, and health for the population. Electrical power is required for civilization today. Stable and cheap electrical power is the answer to individual needs, and provides an environment where production lines, aka factories, can operate and provide jobs.

Jobs for those of you on the left at institutions of higher learning, are what the rest of us do to get money. Jobs also means that more people are working, and producing in a society. Increased production means that individuals expect better education and lives for their children.

In other words, electricity means people have better lives. Now, I ask you folks on the left, and I honestly want to know. If you have the ability to provide cheap and reliable electricity to your public in the form of Nuclear Power, which by the way can be handled safely, why don't you do it? It produces no carbon footprint. It produces no greenhouse gases. Yet the left remains adamantly opposed to the use of this energy source.

If you insist it isn't safe, I offer this as proof. The Navy hasn't had one reactor accident in it's entire history of operations. Not one. Carriers, submarines, all run without incident. Safely.

Storage of the spent material? We have a site now, but you all don't like that site. You want us to guarantee it will be safe there for a thousand years. Impossible.

A thousand years ago, this country wasn't. No one can say that anything will or will be in one thousand years. We can say that the material can be stored and monitored there for quite some time. Yet, you oppose this still.

One can only assume that you oppose higher standards of living. You oppose cleaner air and lower emissions of greenhouse gases. In reality, what you oppose is any capitalism. You oppose anyone making a better life for themselves through hard work.

If you were seriously concerned about Global Warming instead of using the scare of it to come up with new taxes on success, you would be in favor of Nuclear Power. We know you are opposed to the lower greenhouse gas production of Nuclear, so you are really in opposition to modern life for us little people.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Libs, please follow the NY Times.

In 2000, the press, especially the NY Times, believed that Al Gore was the most electable Candidate. We watched as the people's choice in the form of Howard Dean was nuked by this belief that he wasn't "electable." After that debacle. We watched in interest as the Democrats once again consulted the press, and found to their shock that John Kerry was the most electable.

We watched the Kerry campaign sunk by their own advertisements. Edwards told us that if we wanted to know about Kerry, all we had to do was ask those who served with him. All but two of the people in the picture they used to show Kerry's service said "don't vote for Kerry."

Stupid mistake for Edwards, a Lawyer, to make. First rule of asking a question. If you don't know the answer, don't ask it in public. In public, people might surprise you with their answer.

A dozen or more people said they would never support Kerry. Well, OK. Mr. Edwards, those who served with John Kerry, say we should not vote for him. Edwards then said "Ignore them, listen to these two guys." It was asinine. Damn foolish, and set up the explosion of a minor group, the Swift Boaters to the national scene. You all did the work to make them relevant.

Now, we are informed that Hillary Clinton is the most Electable. Despite the many polls done nationally which shows that Hillary has negatives in excess of 50%. Half the people in the nation say they will never vote for Hillary. Obama doesn't have that high of a negative.

Now, that aside, who do I want the Democrats to pick? None of them. Frankly there aren't any candidates out there that have inspired me thus far. Perhaps that's in the future, but so far, none of them are espousing truly conservative ideals.

Conservatism works, that isn't really debatable in reality. Conservative principals and ideals are the ones that have made America, and the world great. I had a friend talking about this. We were discussing my willingness to serve in the Military, and my understanding of the risks associated with that service. I told him that was the game, and the way it's played. You place your bets, and you take your chances. The risk is worth the gain in my opinion.

He didn't understand, couldn't see anything in the country that was worth defending.

I told him about a man, named Herman Cain. Herman was the son of a Janitor. The elder Mr. Cain worked as a Janitor at the Coca Cola company. His son became a Vice President of that company. Demonstrating that in this nation, your merits and excellence will get you much farther than who your father was.

My friend said it was a nice story, but that couldn't ever happen for a Black Man.

I told him Herman Cain was black, and I had proudly supported Mr. Cain when he ran for the Senate. I was disappointed that he hadn't won the nomination, and then the seat. However I was still one to believe that opportunity for hard work, and education existed here in this country. In very few others could the son of a janitor become a corporate vice president. You could about count them on one hand. My friend looked at me astounded. "You supported a Black man for Senator?"

Yes, not because he was black, that doesn't matter a whit. I supported him because he espoused true Conservative ideals in my opinion. I respected him because he was a successful businessman. Conservative ideals of hard work and effort pay off.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Microsoft says Vista tougher than XP

Microsoft says that the piracy rates of Vista are half that of XP. Probably true. However the software is useless to the user. I've had nothing but problems with Vista, which is why I'm typing this on an Apple Mac.

There are literally thousands of people who are switching from the PC mainly because of the Vista problems to Mac. I mentioned before that it was the conservative thing to do. If your current system is more problem then solution, you have to consider switching. That is the conservative way.

Microsoft, I know your spiders will find this. I had originally started in Windows when my computer was a 386 and the format was Windows 3.1. I've had a 95 system. I've had a system running ME. I've had five computers in this house running XP. I'm not buying another PC until or unless you all get with the program and make a stable platform that just works. I'll pay more for something that is useful as opposed to something as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

Piracy rates are down on Vista. Great. Glad to hear it. In the meantime, the ability of people to actually do what they want to do with the computer is also down. As long as Apple doesn't forget this lesson, the lesson of Vista, they'll be the company to watch.

Huckabee wanted to treat AIDS like a Contagious Disease

In a move sure to upset people with unused brains between their ears, the Liberals are screaming bloody murder because Huckabee the Candidate for President actually wanted to treat a contagious disease like a contagious disease.

"If the federal government is truly serious about doing something with the AIDS virus, we need to take steps that would isolate the carriers of this plague," Huckabee wrote.

Which of course is actually the first thing you do with any contagious disease. For example, if you have a TB patient you isolate the patient until such time as treatment makes the patient safe to be around, that is to say no longer contagious. Is there any treatment in which an AIDS patient is no longer contagious?

Oh Mr. Conservative you Homophobic hate filled mean old bastard, AIDS can't be transmitted through casual contact silly.

OK, sure. Let's take a fairly common work scene. People are decorating their cubicles for the holidays. Music is playing, listen can't you hear "Save the World?" Now people are smiling and feeling really good.

Bob, a great guy, wonderful man, is standing on his desk, hanging up pictures of Bush which are edited to show Bush holding a lump of coal he got for Christmas screaming "Let's burn it and make more pollution." Bob shifts his footing, a ball point pen under his foot rolls out from under him, causing him to lose his balance. Bob falls screaming "Damn you George Bush." He breaks his arm on the edge of the desk, it's an open fracture, which means the bone is poking through the skin. Blood is right there. Everyone rushes to Bob's side to help him.

Jenny who had a cut on her hand from a cooking accident grabs Bob's arm, transmission is possible in that situation, if admittedly unlikely. I readily admit that the transmission in this example is highly unlikely. You have to admit that transmission is possible, even if you admit it's a one in a million chance, it is possible. I should say if you are even remotely honest you have to admit it's possible.

There is no such thing as a safe contagious patient. We as a people stopped the transmission of the plague only by isolating those with the plague. That is how we have stopped the transmission of any contagious disease. That is the first page of the treatment plan of any contagious disease. From Chicken Pox to Ebola, the first rule is isolation of the patient from the general population.

I have written on this a couple times, the posts are here and here.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Police Detective charged with Perjury

I've written before about police corruption. I'm obviously opposed to it in case you were curious.

Today's story is about a New York Detective who lied on the stand. The suspect had recorded the interrogation on his MP3 player,and the cop lied about it on the stand. Now here is the bad part. If the suspect hadn't recorded the conversation, the cop would have been believed automatically. The cop being considered more trustworthy because he has a badge. Despite the number of times that police are shown to be excessive or extreme in their behavior towards a suspect. Despite the number of occasions that the police are accused of lying, none of them are ever given a polygraph test to determine the truth.

What if the police were required to take and pass a polygraph every six months in order to maintain their ability to be police? We have the same requirements for members of the CIA, NSA, and other Government agencies. If you are working in a field where trust is paramount, why wouldn't you want to see who is lying around you?

Instead, if it's two people, the cop is always believed over the civilian. No matter how many times the same behavior is outlined by witnesses, the police officers simple "I didn't do that." will trump all the witness testimony. In this case, the police officers own words were used to prove he lied under oath.

Now the obvious question. Are we supposed to believe that he never lied on the witness stand before? We're supposed to believe that this was his first time right? How many people were convicted based upon this Detectives testimony? How many people are in prison right now, their lives ruined because this Police Detective was comfortable lying on the stand?

Polygraph testing for Police and other public servants. It's past time to start that one rolling.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Second Amendment

I haven't written on this topic before. It's a given that there will be some decisions on the Second Amendment this next year from the Supreme Court, however I thought I would toss my ideals out there.

First, the idea that the Militia mentioned in the Second Amendment was simply put every able bodied man in an area. Literally everyone was the Militia. Indeed, the idea of it being "well regulated" consisted of the Governor of an area appointing officers in time of war. Otherwise, the local areas would in fact arise on their own and come to the aid of neighbors when Indians, pirates, or thugs attacked.

Today, people equate the National Guard as the Militia, yet that is a lie, and they know it.

The Harvard Crimson ran an editorial recently, one that I found entertaining.

Gun advocates claim the need for handguns in self-defense, but such considerations are moot when weighed against the number of lives that might be saved by making the weapons illegal.

I find it interesting that the so called smartest people in the nation are so obviously illogical. Perhaps they don't see it, and perhaps we can help them.

First, murder is illegal. Yet people murder other people. Use of a firearm in the commission of a crime is illegal, yet people use it. Possession of drugs is a crime, yet people have drugs. Use of those drugs is illegal, yet people use drugs. If the world worked as the Harvard Crimson claims that it does in relation to gun control, all you would have to do to eliminate any behavior is make that behavior illegal. If the world worked that way, we wouldn't need any Judges, nor any jails, much less police. However, people commit crimes every day don't they? Pick a day, any day, that people don't commit crimes. There isn't any such day, yet we are presented with that statement as though all we have to do to end Murder is make guns illegal. If that was the case, then the earliest prohibition against murder would have ended the practice wouldn't it?

They argue that we need to let the police protect us. Yet, they can't really protect us can they? Police aren't equipped with some sort of sixth sense of who is going to commit a crime, in fact, if they tried to do that it would be called profiling.

Indeed the Police can only come and pick up your body after you've been murdered. Oh they'll try and find someone around that they can claim murdered you, however action after the fact is revenge, not protection. Protection requires by definition that they be present within arms reach of you at all times. If you doubt me, look at the Secret Service around the President. They are at most a couple steps away, and they are charged with PROTECTION of the President. If the Police were really protecting YOU, they would be right there with you right now.

Now, why would these basic and obvious truths be ignored by the Harvard Crimson? Easy, they don't want to know the truth, they want to continue living in ivy covered fantasy land.

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