Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Am I the only Conservative who sees opportunity in Defeat?

Perhaps it's my training at the hands of the Masters of Guerilla Warfare in the Army. Perhaps it's that I've read Sun Tzu who was a brilliant strategic thinker. 

Perhaps I am the only one who sees the opportunity for us to win? I can't believe that however. 

Unconventional Warfare teaches us that we fight to our strengths, and away from the enemies strength's. We don't attack where the enemy is strong, we attack where the enemy is weak. 

The Democrats are strong, but very very weak right now. I'm nearly overwhelmed with enthusiasm as I consider it. You should be too. 

First, let's consider the Obama Agenda, what we know of it anyway. The Poor, especially the Poor Blacks are expecting checks to arrive very soon. Obama has even said these stimulus checks, or free money, should be paid for by the Oil Companies, or Payroll Taxes. Payroll taxes is Washington Elite Political speak for Social Security/Medicare. 

When those checks don't arrive about the time that good old Barry is sworn in, the Poor are going to get angry. When the checks aren't regular payments to the Poor, and it's going to take some time for that to sink in, assuming the checks ever show up, then the Poor are going to get awfully resentful. 

Now, let's say that Obama focus's on his plan for Universal HealthCare. Does he make all Doctors Government Employees? Or does he just create a national Health Care Insurance program, which will cover everyone? Either way, he's going to have to address Tort Reform, which means offending the Lawyers who fund a big part of the Democratic Party. So Barry has a real problem with that. Let's lay it aside, and see what else, something easy for Barry to do.

How about his Environmental ideals? He could institute his cap and trade plan, which is already designed to bankrupt the Coal Industry. 

Wait, the Coal Miners are Union workers, which is another major source of power, and money, for the Democrats. The people transporting the coal are Teamsters, and RailRoad workers, again Union workers. Damn, if he kills the Coal Industry, he'll put them out of work, and erode the rank and file support he has. 

OK, let's move along to something else easy. Iraq. If he just pulls the troops out, he can save all that money. Wait, if he does that, and Iraq's Government falls, he'll be blamed for the failure. Even the Obama loving press wouldn't think it could pretend to blame Bush for that. Not when even the NY Times is grudgingly admitting that real progress has been made. 

Perhaps he can address the pitiful state of the Economy. By increasing regulation on business, and thus increasing their costs, he can lead us to higher unemployment, and that means more disgruntled people who will be on Welfare, the problem with that is that most of those do want to work, and they'll be unhappy. High Unemployment rates is not a good re-election tactic. 

He can give the Middle Class their tax cut, but he can't pay for all his programs without taxing them at a higher rate. So expect your taxes to go up for a while. Especially in 2010, when the Bush Tax Cut's expire. Higher taxes are a real good way to get re-election chances improved for the Democrats. 

OK, he could balance the budget, but not unless he reforms Social Programs, like Welfare, to push more of the people into work, and thus productivity. He won't do that, because the Democrats need those people to be dependent, so balancing the budget is out.

President Obama is completely screwed. He has a coalition of special interest groups, all voting for their own specific agenda items. He can't act on one, without alienating another two, or three. If he institutes cap and trade on energy. The Poor won't be able to afford to heat and cool their homes due to the rising costs of energy production. Having news stories about elderly people freezing to death is not a big re-election helping situation.

So he can do nothing, and claim credit when the Market sorts itself out, and finally absorbs the junk paper pushed on them by Fannie Mae, which makes him look like a do nothing President, and still doesn't satisfy the demands of another core group, the Poor. 

So why are you Conservatives Depressed? We're talking about some pain for the rest of us, sure. However we're determined, and dedicated to ideals of survival and success. We'll work harder to make it, while the whiners will be standing in the streets demanding that Obama do something. 

If he does learn from History, and take something other than the radical Socialistic Liberal approach, the Kos Kids will turn on him in a moment, and nuke him like they did Lieberman. 

President Obama only has one future open for him. He is going to replace Jimmy Carter as the Worst President of all time

Take a moment friends, and consider the debates for the next four years as more and more Liberals who are demanding action NOW turn on Pelosi, Reid, and the rest. The Environmental Wackos want all drilling stopped right now. The Truckers and other Blue Collar workers want Diesel Prices down and right now. They can't satisfy both groups, and now, can't blame the Republicans for it.

As World War II began, it was apparent that Stalin intended to stand back, and allow the Fascists, and the Imperialists, to destroy each other, and then step in and fill the power vacuum. Right now, we get to do much the same thing. The Liberal Groups are going to be slashing each other like nothing we've ever seen before, the Environmentalist Wackos and the Unions. The Rich are right now fighting to invest in Municipal Bonds, which offer tax free savings options, and other tax free or reduced tax options. Business' will close, and the unemployed are going to blame, Washington DC, and President Obama.

If we Conservatives play this right, do you realize that we can finally make the modern Democratic Party such a minority that they'll be screaming from the cheap seats for the rest of our lifetimes? 

All it's going to take, is Conservative Counterpoints on the Web, and in the local papers. 

I'm already composing a letter to the Editor of my local paper. It's time to actually educate the population on Conservative Value, and stop letting the Media and the Democrats define us as Racist hate filled greedy people. 

We can do this friends, and we can destroy the enemies of freedom at the same time. 

Next, I'll be explaining to prospective political figures and potential Presidential Candidates how to explain Conservative ideals to the masses in easy to swallow bites. Perhaps I'll write a book. The Politically Incorrect guide to Conservative Idealism. 

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin, God Love her, is ready to fight for Conservative Values and Ideals, are you? 

There is no time to lick wounds, point fingers, and wallow in post-election mud.

I’m getting a lot of moan-y, sad-face “What do we do now, Michelle?” e-mails.

What do we do now? We do what we’ve always done.

We stand up for our principles, as we always have — through Democrat administrations and Republican administrations, in bear markets or bull markets, in peacetime and wartime.

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Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts. We're in for a bumpy ride!

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