Saturday, November 01, 2008

Why an Obama Presidency will be entertaining as hell.

Who are Obama's constituents? In other words, who are his core supporters? The answer is easy. They fall into definable groups. You have the radical Socialist group. This first group is the extreme left wing wackos like Code Pink, and ANSWER. These hard core extremist left wing groups love Obama's plans to end American Imperialism. 

The not quite so radical socialist groups like the ACLU, which only ever found one Amendment to the Constitution they didn't like, the second amendment. I should say, they only ever found one they couldn't abuse freely. 

Then you have the traditional Democrat voters. They hate Republicans, they're not sure why, but they never vote Republican. These are the Union employees for the most part. If they looked at the issues point by point, they'd find they were really Conservatives in most things. But they know the Union says to vote Democrat, so they will. 

Then you have the race based supporters of Barry Obama. This group is going to have the second biggest letdown, because I've seen no evidence that Obama has personally done anything but act like a pied piper to the Black Community, which is something I detest. 

As an aside, I hate the term Black Community. I've always hated it when we break down things by something superficial, like race. I argued with a Diversity Instructor telling her I didn't see Black Americans, or White Americans. I saw only Americans. There was no difference in my eyes, and no difference in my behavior. Deal with it. 

Then you have the people who apparently think that Obama is going to solve the worlds ills if only he's elected. This video is a perfect example of this group. 

Now, apparently the Government is going to pay for her gas, and her house payment. She honestly believes that, you can see it in her eyes, her excitement. The road to easy living is just one little election away.

This is the group that's going to have the biggest letdown if Obama is elected. This group will smirk and be smug as hell, and stop paying their bills and party on. The why, they think Daddy Government is going to take care of them. They haven't yet learned that there's no such thing as a free lunch. They've not yet learned that you get what you earn, and the earning takes long hours of hard work. Nothing, not even life is free. Life is purchased through months of discomfort by the woman, ending in hours of painful and extremely difficult labor to bring that life into the world. 

Now I said an Obama Presidency would be entertaining. I can't wait for the news stories of people like this woman screaming that they can't do this to her because she voted for and got Obama elected. 

I remember hearing a story once. Where one of the Ceaser's in Rome was informed that the people had built a temple to him. He looked surprised and then upset. When asked why, he responded that he had no idea what he was supposed to do when someone prayed to him to make it rain or cure their gout. 

Obama is about to find out, there is nothing you can do. He's been portrayed as a Messiah by his supporters.

So why am I so happy that people are going to be outraged, disappointed, and even devastated? I have a big streak of shadenfraude in me. I enjoy watching people suffer the mistakes that they set themselves up for. I really do enjoy that. I believe in making sure the person gets a fair warning, but in the end, I know it's going to be ignored.

Let's say I see a tourist about to enter a pasture so his wife can snap a photograph of him standing right next to a Bull. I would warn that tourist once, just once, that this was dangerous, and he is liable to get hurt or killed. After that, I would stand back and watch the show, knowing that prancing around in a Bull's pasture is not guaranteed to upset the Bull to the point of mayhem, but it's pretty likely that the Bull is going to be annoyed by the presence in his Pasture.

Is this wrong? I'm certain that numerous Lawyers would say yes, but in my opinion, your responsible for your own actions, and the consequences are yours alone. You made the decision, after being advised not to do so, to take the risk. The result is yours alone to suffer.

So these Obama Supporters who think that in Electing Obama, they'll end all their problems in one easy to take movement, well I'm really going to enjoy their disappointment. If you're dumb enough to think that the Government can, or should, put gas in your car, or a roof over your head, you deserve the result you get. For my own point of view, if the Government does start doing that, I'm planning on quitting my job and letting Uncle Sam take care of me too. Of course, Peggy hasn't thought of that yet, but I believe I'd be surprised if she thought of much too seriously. 

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