Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Octopus arms reaching for your arms.

The danger of the octopus is not only that it has a strong arm, but that it has eight such arms to grasp it's prey with. IN this case, the giant Octopus is the Government, and it's prey, is your guns. I've previously blogged on the comments of the Attorney General who said that the Administration would implement the Assault Weapons ban. You know, the ban that didn't reduce violence in the nation? Yeah, that ban. The one that prohibited scary looking weapons, since Fully Automatic Weapons have been banned for seventy years. 

First, the Department of Defense changed policy to require that all brass from fired shells be mutilated as part of the surplus sale. What this means is that the Military Brass, which is never reloaded for Military use, is sold to other companies that do reload, for civilian use. Those uses include law enforcement and marksmanship training programs. This brass is valuable, worth about $2.40 per pound as long as it is in the form of usable shell cases. As just scrap brass, it's worth about $.20 per pound. Yes, you read that right, the Military recoups some of its expense by selling things it can't use anymore, like these spent shells. 

I want to take a moment and confirm that these are empty brass cases, not live ammunition. They have to be reconditioned, and reloaded, before they are live shells again. 

So why would the Department of Defense change policies on this profitable sale and instead require all the brass to be mutilated to the point it couldn't be reloaded? To create or exacerbate an ammunition shortage in the civilian market apparently. 

This policy after being brought to light and some questions being asked, has been reversed, but why was it put into place in the first place? Could it be symptomatic of a Second Amendment Detesting Administration? It could.

After the attacks on September 11, 2001, the people of this nation took almost a year to convince the Government that we wanted the pilots to have weapons for their own, as well as all of our defense. The Department of Transportation objected, and they looked asinine as hell explaining how dangerous it would be if a Terrorist was able to get his hands on the gun secured in the cockpit of the aircraft. Yes, the danger is that after the Terrorist has taken over the plane, he might shoot out the window of the plane as he flies it into a building. 

Yet, since taking office, the Obama Administration has essentially shut down the training and certification process, thus leaving us again at the mercy of the terrorists. Why would they do this? Is their hatred of an armed populace so great as to cause them to demand we're all defenseless from the slobbering beasts who want to fly our planes into buildings killing 3,000 of us? This program was the last line of defense, and was voluntary for the pilots, not required. 

Now, it's gone, and with it that last line of defense that we as citizens fought so long, and hard, to get. Adios last line of defense, I hope that the Terrorists are tripped up by the "Have you packed your own bag?" question at the screening point. 

Ok, so what else on the civil defense front could give us all pause to consider? How about Military Police Soldiers being sent by no one knows who, to do no one knows what, in the streets of an Alabama town. Yes, I know, Posse Commitatus. They can't do that, but guess what, they did. The Provost Martial was apparently also there, commanding 22 soldiers of the Fort Rucker Military Police in the streets of Alabama during the publicized shooting spree there

The Military has no authority outside of the Fort. They have no jurisdiction. The whole reason for the Posse Commitatus act was to prevent some Military Jaunta from firing up. 

Now, for the Conspiracy Theory minded among you. Is it possible that someone jumped the gun, deciding that the shooting spree while a horrible tragic event, was really phase one of some insurrection and the Military executed prepared orders for such an event? 

It is as plausible an explanation as any that is being offered by the Military. That explanation is that they don't know who sent them, and they don't know who requested them, and they have no idea what 22 soldiers, who may, or may not have been armed, were doing securing any civilian areas in a small Alabama town. 

The arms of this Octopus are pretty big, and seem to be reaching everywhere. 

American Auto Industry is doomed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I make that announcement convinced of it being absolutely right.

The American Auto Industry has announced that they need $4 a gallon gasoline as the average minimum price across the nation in order to sell the mandated automobiles from Washington. Yes, you read that right. If the minimum Gasoline Price is not at least $4 a gallon, people don't want those Hybrid cars that Washington Politicians legislated onto the company. If people don't want the cars, then Ford can't build more, because they have thousands of cars they can't sell now. Why build more that you can't sell?

Obviously, you can't sell them, so you have no reason to build them. While Washington may think it's a good idea to mandate such cars, apparently the consumer, that would be you and I think that the hybrids are too expensive and not worth the trouble. Despite the promises to the contrary about how simple and easy they are, we the average people with common sense know that when you combine two technologies like this, you merely double the probability of something going wrong, and double the number of things that will eventually break. 

Michael J. Jackson, chief executive of AutoNation Inc., said on Thursday that the surest way to reduce fuel consumption and wean the country off foreign oil is to make consumers pay more at the pump.

If the government increased gas taxes to push prices higher, drivers would opt for smaller, more-fuel efficient cars and drive less, he said at the Wall Street Journal’s ECO:nonics conference here.

“We need more expensive gasoline to change consumer behavior,” Mr. Jackson said. Otherwise, Americans will continue to favor big vehicles, not matter what kind of fuel-economy standards the government imposes on auto makers. Four dollars a gallon, he added, “is a good start.”

Mr. Jackson’s stand – in the past he’s called for increasing gasoline taxes 10 cents a year for 10 years – elicited some support at the conference, which examines issues affecting business and the environment.

Mr. Jackson, the problem isn't that the gasoline is too cheap, the problem is that Political interference in the operation of a business is making it impossible to be in business.

It's time for the business's to start closing, so that the Politicians are faced with angry mobs of voters who demand that we repeal the legislation making it impossible for companies to manufacture products that the people want. 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't Enlist. Do Not Re-Enlist

When I was in the Army, we were taught the mistakes we had made in the past, and the policies that these mistakes have led to. 

We don't leave our injured or dead behind. We take them with us, we leave no one behind period. We will not have any unaccounted for casualties period. This is a direct result of the Missing men from our historical wars, including Viet-Nam. 

Another policy, we will take care of our troops. We will care for one another, and we will not tolerate anyone who does not care for the soldiers in command. When I enlisted, and even when I re-enlisted, and when I got my Honorable Discharge after nine  years of service, I believed that the Army would care for their troops. I believed the country would care for their troops. I left to pursue other opportunities, to make way for the younger, hard charging troops that I had led as a Sergeant. 

I have advised several young people, male and female, to consider the Military. Telling them the truth of my own service, and my own experiences. Now, for the first time in my life, I am advising people NOT to enlist. That's right. The military should not be an option for you dear citizen reader. It should be rejected as a potential for post high school employment or career. 

My advise is simple, don't enlist. Don't re-enlist if you're now currently in. Run, don't walk, from the Military as quickly as you legally can. 

Now, I know what my fellow conservatives will say. They will say I've betrayed the code of Conservative thought. That I am supposed to love, and defend this country. I do, and I have defended this country. I'm supposed to love our troops, the men and women risking life, and limb to serve this nation. I do love and respect them. That is why I feel morally bound to advise this extreme course of action. Don't enlist, and don't re-enlist. 

My reasons? I am troubled by the reports that President Obama wishes to submit our troops to the International Criminal Court. That however is not enough to cause me to make the above recommendation. No, that is not enough by far. 

Today however, I've read enough, and therefor I must, must make that suggestion. Hot Air highlighted the reports earlier, that the US Government wanted to bill private insurance companies for treatments given to Vet's for service related injuries and care. Yes, you read that right. The Obama Administration want's to throw our troops under the bus, and leave their long term care to the whims of an insurance company while we as a Nation even now consider Universal Health Care, but apparently not for the bravest among us. 

Like you, I found this so amazingly ill conceived, that I imagined it was a trial balloon, floated just so it could be shot down. I was wrong. Hot Air followed up on this story by highlighting the meeting of the Commander of the American Legion with President Obama. The report, you bet Obama is serious about this, he thinks he can save the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. 

So what would be the result? Veterans would become poison pills to companies already buried under rising health care costs, and they would not be hired if anyone else could be found for the job. Veterans would be leading the unemployment lists in other words. 

The fact that we're turning our backs on our Veterans is incredible, and we're doing so pretending it's the smart thing to do. It is absolutely wrong. It is absolutely immoral, and unthinkable. 

So the nation chooses to break faith with the Military men and women, then the Nation is not deserving of their sacrifice. If I am untrustworthy, you would be ill advised to be my friend. If I have promised to betray you in the future, you would be unwise to work for me. 

My friends, I'm sorry to say, but if you join the Military now, you will, not may, will absolutely be betrayed by the Government you swear an oath to risk your life for. They have just promised to do that very thing, betray you. 

If you are in the Military now, please begin to consider options for your future careers out of the military. If you are considering joining the Military, please consider other employment options. Consider a trade school, or a skill training program. Please don't allow yourself to be betrayed by the Government that may ask the ultimate sacrifice from you. 

I am writing this, and saying this because I do respect the service you give to this nation. I respect the level of duty that you feel towards this nation. I understand the desire to serve this nation, and it's people. They would be worthy if they lived up to the promises given in the past. Instead, I believe they will live up to this new promise, using you like a rag, and then throwing you away. 

I can't just sit here mute. I feel honor bound to tell you of my advice in this matter. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

House Passes good Resolution. Encourage them to do more.

Finally taking a break from screwing up the economy, or paying off political campaign debts to contributers, the Congress has passed a resolution I can for one, get behind. They passed a resolution recognizing March 14th, as Pi day. Yeah, that circle thing, 3.14 is pi right

Now, you may wonder why I am so happy about this, and want Congress to do more of it? Simple. The fixes they have proposed to screw up the economy, and to destroy the health care industry are incredibly moronic. Yet, they have the power to do just that. Ban firearms? You betcha they want to. However, if they spend all their time doing terribly chic and utterly inconsequential things like this, then they won't be screwing up the nation any more than they have. So I am encouraging the Congress to do just this, pursue all the little things you want, that don't screw up the country. Put Porculus II on the back burner, we have other things to consider, like ATM fees, don't we need another round of hearings on ATM fees? It's been a long time since we considered those types of things hasn't it? 

How about Campaign Finance Reform? I mean, it's been almost eight years since we passed McCain Feingold, don't we need to consider Campaign Finance Reform? Isn't that far more important to the American People than say giving the workers of the nation over to harassment, intimidation, and coercion by Union Thugs via Card Check

Come on Congress, keep this kind of thing up, and we just might survive the Jimmy Carter second term under President Obama. 

Of course, since Vice-President Biden is now in charge of Recovery, Accountability, and Transparancy, including a newly named panel, or board to help him oversee it. You know it's going to be a whole new Government right?

Yes, Vice President Biden is now in charge of the RAT board. You can't make this kind of thing up. Apparently they are so busy in Washington creating new departments and panels that they never stopped to consider that one for more than a second. 

Now you know why I want more things like Pi day out of Congress. While stupid, it does at least make us as a nation look less like a collection of short bus kids than the RAT board headed by VP Biden. 

Sunday, March 08, 2009

President Obama wants to reach out to Moderates.

Moderate members of the Taliban that is. Seriously, and I honestly wish I was making this up

The second link goes to the NY Times International Herald and Tribune. I included that so the Liberals couldn't complain that the first link went to Townhall, and that means it's merely right wing propaganda. I included both links to show it's across the spectrum of News Organizations.

Moderate members of the Taliban. Isn't that like trying to deal with Moderate Members of the KKK? Or Moderate Members of the Nazi Party? Isn't that like trying to deal with Moderate Members of any extremist fringe organization? How do you find Moderate Members of an organization like the Taliban? Do you find ones who don't think educated women should be stoned to death for being educated? Do you try and find the ones who think that acid attacks on school girls may be a bit extreme? 

Do you try and find the one guy out of a thousand who thinks that women aren't property? 

Where do you start your definition of Moderate regarding the Taliban? This group is barbaric, inhumane, and frankly more closely resembles governments in history that were banished by the combined efforts of many nations. What kind of Moderate Fascist can you hope to find? 

The Obama Administration explained away their thoughtless behavior concerning the arrival of Prime Minister Gordon Brown of England by telling the English Paper's that they were simply in over their heads right now. Seriously, and if that is the reason they embarrased all of us in the nation, regarding our special friendship, that apparently ended when President Obama was elected, then I have to wonder how much thought they put into this. 

The real views of many in Obama administration were laid bare by a State Department official involved in planning the Brown visit, who reacted with fury when questioned by The Sunday Telegraph about why the event was so low-key.

The official dismissed any notion of the special relationship, saying: "There's nothing special about Britain. You're just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn't expect special treatment." The apparent lack of attention to detail by the Obama administration is indicative of what many believe to be Mr Obama's determination to do too much too quickly.

Yeah, nothing special about England, who's always had our back, and we've always backed them since World War One? Nothing special about what could only be considered our longest, and most reliable friend in the world? This from the State Department that couldn't find one single person who could read Russian? Now the Russians are mocking us, and with good reason. 

I wonder if the person who came up with the idea of Moderate Taliban, was the same person who thought that a big red button was a good gift to the Russian Federation. It's probably the same dolt who told England that there is nothing special about our relationship with them. In the mean time, we're trying hard to re-establish ties with the bankrupt nation of Cuba, to normalize relations with them, while we're taking a dump on our friends from around the world. Great move Mr. President. Get your enemies to hate you a little less, but still hate you, while your friends move from like, to dislike. 

Apparently, the Change we could believe in, was letting the amateur hour winners move into the pinnacle of prime time slots. I for one can't believe the number of mistakes that have been made in less than two months, and still counting. 

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tacky, Tacky, Tacky.

While browsing the Blogosphere, I happened across a post on Hot Air. All I can say is, how humiliating for me as an American. 

Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of England, who has all the economic troubles we have at home, brought what can only be described as absolutely thoughtful gifts.

Mr Brown’s gifts included an ornamental desk pen holder made from the oak timbers of Victorian anti-slaver HMS Gannet, once named HMS President.

Mr Obama was so delighted he has already put it in pride of place in the Oval Office on the Resolute desk which was carved from timbers of Gannet’s sister ship, HMS Resolute.

Another treasure given to the U.S. President was the framed commission for HMS Resolute, a vessel that came to symbolise Anglo-US peace when it was saved from ice packs by Americans and given to Queen Victoria.

Finally, Mr Brown gave a first edition set of the seven-volume classic biography of Churchill by Sir Martin Gilbert.

Well Liberals, guess what the One gave in return? Guess what thoughtful present to reaffirm our special relationship with England could have possibly be given by President Obama, the most loved President of our era? 

A box set of 25 DVD's of classic American Films. Yes, I kid you not. Apparently, the President is a Prime member of Amazon. His thoughtful gift to the Brown Kids? Models of the Whitehouse, straight from the Gift Shop, probably with the price tag still on it. 

Seriously, can you think of anything more tacky? I completely understand why the Prime Minister didn't want to say anything about it when he got home. Imagine his humiliation. He got snubbed, no Rose Garden or major presser. Just a hi how are you to the Press with the President, and then this.

I understand if our Special Relationship suffers a bit during this administration. I hope Sec State Clinton is smart enough to issue some instructions to the Ambassador we have in England right now. With a little luck, we can hope that the State Department was able to intercept the Walmart Gift Card I'm sure was in there somewhere. Although I'm sure that the Obama's, big labor friends that they are, wouldn't give that upon due consideration. 

You know, the egotistical people that the Obama's are turning out to be, I would have expected them to at least shell out enough money to get the Brown's one of these. Tacky, yes. However, not nearly as bad as a set of DVD movies. I mean, he didn't even give an autographed copy of his own book to the Prime Minister.

Come on Mr. President, all those book sales, you decided to recycle an unwanted Christmas Gift? 

Liberals, I ask you. Is this a huge diplomatic blunder of nearly epic proportions? Good lord, what's he going to do next. Confuse the Netherlands with the Nether Regions? 

President Obama emulates worst traits of former Presidents

First, he's destroying the economy much like the President that they name most often as his inspiration, FDR. The New New Raw Deal is likely to prolong the Depression just as it's namesake, the New Raw Deal did in the 1930's. 

Like Nixon, he's created an enemies list, and actively works to marginalize the people on that list. Now, I have to ask our Libs out there. Are you happy with what Obama is doing? Is this the Change you Hoped for? 

In the first two months, he's done everything you accused the Bush Admin of doing over a period of eight years, not less than eight weeks, and still you support  him? He's using tactics that History has panned, denigrated, and denounced. Yet, you still back the President in these activities? 

This isn't about race, and the color of the President's skin. This is about policy. Policy that is good for America, or Policy that is bad for America. Having a President who maintains an enemies list and puts people on it that are vocal about the mistakes and excesses that the Government takes is not Change, it is the old school Chicago Thug style of Politics. The Change would be in leaving that behind. 

President Jimmy Carter had a higher Approval Rating two months into his administration than President Obama has now. President Carter, generally considered to be one of the Worst Presidents in History, had a higher approval rating than President Obama does now. Do you realize what that means? It means that this President is in fact, Historic. We're going to see new lows of performance by an administration, and new highs of public discontent. 

Anyone who opposes the Policies of the President is labeled an enemy. Not just Rush Limbaugh either. There are others, who oppose the economic policies of the President, and have been targeted by the ultimate Bully Pulpit for destruction. Again I ask the Liberals who view this, is this the Change you Hoped for? 

As we slide towards Socialism, I have to wonder what we hope to gain? Not a better economy, Venezuela is demonstrating yet again that a centrally planned economy is a guaranteed failure. It succeeds only in making everyone equally miserable, and apparently hungry as well as bereft of electricity

We elected the most Socialistic of the candidates, and we're getting the change we were warned about. I'm not surprised, are you?

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