Monday, November 04, 2013

If a Plane crashes at the airport and nobody notices, did it make a sound?

When you go to an airport, from the time you pull into the garage to the time you exit the airport at the other end of your trip, you are constantly being observed, and screened by security. They run your name through computers, and they monitor your behavior to make sure that nothing happens.

If you see something, say something. The advice from Homeland inSecurity. The airport workers can't be everywhere and see everything, so you traveler, have to help out.

So answer me this. How in the name of God did a small plane crash at the airport and nobody noticed. I don't mean crashed next to the airport, or crash close to the airport. I mean crashed, burned, and there is a corpse inside the wreckage AT THE AIRPORT near the bloody runway.

Seriously, nobody heard anything, the roar of the flames, the crackling of the fire. Nobody noticed the brightly lit section of the airport. The report says there was fog. Wow, so there was fog, and it was so thick that nobody could see the brightly lit section of the runway. Then the fog cleared, and operations resumed, and eventually the sun rose and another pilot glanced over and said. "Hey tower, there looks to be a crashed airplane over here."

Tell me again how air travel is safer, because I just don't see it. From where I sit, it looks like blind luck seems to be the biggest factor getting you to the destination in one piece.


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