Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where is the Greatest Generation

On December 8, 1941, one lone voice voted against the war with Japan. Today, a whole political party is opposed to the war against terror.

What happened to the political opposition? Why didn't the Republicans use every set back during the war to gain political points? Everyone tried to remember Pearl Harbor, and the sneak attack. Remember Pearl Harbor was the cry through the war. No one screamed that Germans had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor, we were determined to destroy all enemies, no matter if they personally participated in the attack or not. We didn't limit our vengeance on the Japanese Navy, nor the Japanesee Air Forces. Why are we told that the images of 9-11 are harmful?

My friends, I have been considering this for the past two weeks, trying to understand what happened to our national determination, what happened to our world determination. I have some answers, but not good ones. Perhaps it takes someone of greater skill than I have.

First, the success of the Soviet Efforts to infiltrate the anti-war movement of the Viet Nam era. This created the foundation of the Socialist movement that suffered greatly under the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. Yet, it wasn't destroyed, it still existed, and even grew somewhat. The ability of those socialists to fool the ill informed and uninformed is not to be underestimated. Truth goes out the window when the rabid leftists begin their debate, and with an absence of someone to advocate the truth to the lies means that the propaganda wins.

Second. The press in WW II was unapologetically Pro American, and pro victory. The Press would hold stories that might harm American interests and efforts. Today, the Press consistently harms those efforts.

Third is the people in our modern era who have become accustomed to immediate gratification, and lack the fortitude to strive for years towards a goal. Daily life was much more difficult in WW II and the preceding years, so our people were more accustomed to long term struggles, waking daily and only seeing more struggle.

Finally, the ascendancy of the Liberal Movement in the Democratic Party. Prior to WW II the Republican Party was isolationism, much as Pat Buchanan is today, yet after Pearl Harbor, the Republicans placed political idealism on the back burner in favor of political need. Today's Democrats don't place political idealism behind anything. The patently socialist idealism is patently behind every position and every argument.

These blatantly anti American positions are defended by the media as "patriotic" disagreements. If your position doesn't help your nation, how do you call it Patriotic? The Liberals do, and the press loves to agree. The Liberals and Press constantly use lies to demonize patriotic and determined people as fools.

The result of all these contributing factors is a nation staggering under the weight of the lies of the left and which stands to lose a war more dangerous than the Second World War. If America had lost to Japan, Indonesia would have been Japanese, and the Far East would have been part and parcel of a Japanese empire. Europe would have been Nazi controlled, and eventually Germany and the Soviet Union would have carved up Eastern Europe between them.

Today, the threat is global, our cities are at risk constantly, and will be attacked eventually. The Terrorists act alone, or as part of small cells which attack without warning. We can't blame a nation for these attacks, so we try and pretend they are isolated incidents.

We lie to each other about the risks, and pretend that if we try, we can get along with those who wish our destruction.

There was no desire to get along with Germany, or Japan, or Italy after the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

We were a nation united against an enemy, demonstrating the strength of an enraged Democracy, dedicated towards one ideal, victory.

We were at our best, dedicated to a goal. We were reminded by the media, and our Government of the attack that started that war, instead of burying the images of the attacks that started this one.

It is an obvious difference in our approach to the reality of the world life. We can't afford to lose, but the Democrats insist that we can't win. To the leftists, victory isn't an option, it denys them the political power they crave at whatever cost. Nothing is too high a cost for the Socialist to place before the alter of leftist idealism.



Blogger Mr. Light Bulb said...

Max, came across your blog on a random click. So glad I did. Excellent post, and a very worthy question.

My personal opinion, for what it's worth, is that our nation unfortunately won't wake up until we're attacked again. I pray I'm wrong.

9:06 PM  

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