Thursday, December 28, 2006

Perhaps we can ask Ethiopia for help in Iraq

According to Hot Air which is quoting Bill Roggio of the Fourth Rail, Ethiopia has whipped the Taliban-esque ruling body in Somalia. The ruling body, the Islamic Courts Union, has resigned and now calls on loyal supporters to blend into the population, in an insurgency.

However Ethiopia isn't playing by the United Nations approved, NATO Standardized, US Government policy on how to fight a war to lose. It seems that they aren't giving much if any quarter to fighters. They are actually killing the enemy. Perhaps a study group from the War College can go and discuss the issue with them. It may be that Ethiopia has discovered a secret means of winning a war.

From the Hot Air article.

There should be no allowance for any cease-fire talks until the Islamists are well and truly crushed. Keep the UN and the Arab League as far from this fight as possible until it’s truly finished. The Ethiopians and the transitional Somali government forces, fighting together against the Islamists in spite of a history of war between Ethiopia and Somalia, should not make the same mistake Israel and the US have made in Lebanon and Iraq and Afghanistan. They should win the fight outright and dictate terms to the surviving Islamists. Foreign fighters should either be imprisoned and tried for their crimes or, well, imprisoned and tried for their crimes. Anything less, and the Islamists will go to ground and come back with an insurgency in a few months or a year.

Way to go Ethiopia, it's nice to see someone ignores the Liberals moaning and whining about how awful it is to win a war. I wonder how Bill Clinton feels knowing that his Administration's position was we couldn't win in Somalia, yet the Eithiopians seem to have the WILL TO WIN.

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Blogger L 'n' P said...

WOW ! Kudos !!! Well put !!!

Atleast some of you out there are honest !

Another thing is the technology vs. human factor. The US just sits behind all that technology and hesitates to actually commit troops. No problems here ... A soldier knows he's going into battle and he KNOWS he's espected to die ! Ethiopians are PROUD when it comes to dying for their motherland.

10:45 AM  

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