Saturday, December 30, 2006

Is a Cure for Homosexuality on the horizon?

Many years ago, when the discussion on homosexuality not being a lifestyle choice, but a genetic condition, I asked a question of the "Gay Rights" community on a message board. They railed, denounced, insulted, and demanded my hate speech be thrown off of the board, and me with it, for asking a simple question.

The question was simple, and straight (no pun intended) to the point. If Homosexuality is indeed genetic, and we find what gene, or chemical combination causes it, does that mean we have the power, and responsibility to cure it?

That obvious question is the one which got me labeled all sorts of things. I would link to the board, but why bother?

If we find the gene that would help someone see better, even perfectly, would we be fooling with nature, or would we be minimizing or curing a disability? What if we could cure some of the forms of blindness by that gene therapy, would that be a good thing? What if Homosexuality is viewed as another form of birth defect by prospective parents, and they take matters into their own hands to insure the child is born straight? I mean, if a child can be born gay, why not see that the child is born straight?

The reason I bring up this question from years ago, it seems that the scientists also asked that question. Can we treat homosexual tendencies in animals? It seems that perhaps we can. Of course, the idea that there might be a treatment is very dangerous to the Homosexual community which has spent years lying to the people of the world about their agenda, and their view of the future.

Look, for the record, I really could care less what you do, and who you do it with. I figure if it's between consenting adults, then whatever you want to do, enjoy yourself. Heck, I am even happy that many Liberal Supporters are gay, because that will speed the predicted population race towards my own beliefs, conservatism.

Now, from the article.

SCIENTISTS are conducting experiments to change the sexuality of “gay” sheep in a programme that critics fear could pave the way for breeding out homosexuality in humans.
The technique being developed by American researchers adjusts the hormonal balance in the brains of homosexual rams so that they are more inclined to mate with ewes.

Now, the study began to find ways for Sheep Farmers to be more profitable. Obviously, a Ram who won't go to stud is useless to the farmer for anything but dinner or perhaps a nice stew.

However, the Homosexual community is up in arms at the thought that the "condition" might be cured. Obviously, if it is the result of aberrant gene's or out of balance chemicals, it's a condition right? If it is a Condition, like genetic probability towards cancer, heart disease, or blood pressure, then shouldn't we treat it like one of those conditions as well? There is the Rub as Shakespeare said. If it is a condition, a genetic trait, or chemical imbalance in the brain, then it falls under a medical condition which may be treatable, to correct the problem, or minimize it.

Potentially, the techniques could one day be adapted for human use, with doctors perhaps being able to offer parents pre-natal tests to determine the likely sexuality of offspring or a hormonal treatment to change the orientation of a child.
Roselli has said he would be “uncomfortable” about parents choosing sexuality, but argues that it is up to policy makers to legislate on questions of ethics.
Michael Bailey, a neurology professor at Northwestern University near Chicago, said: “Allowing parents to select their children’s sexual orientation would further a parent’s freedom to raise the sort of children they want to raise.”

By varying the hormone levels, mainly by injecting hormones into the brain, they have had “considerable success” in altering the rams’ sexuality, with some previously gay animals becoming attracted to ewes.
Professor Charles Roselli, the Health and Science University biologist leading the research, defended the project.
He said: “In general, sexuality has been under-studied because of political concerns. People don’t want science looking into what determines sexuality.

Well, he is right, Political Correctness is demanding that the research be stopped. Why stop it? Are we saying that some science is bad? What if we could adjust the hormone levels during pregnancy and eliminate the likelihood of your child being attracted to tobacco use? What if you could wear a patch like the one mentioned in the story, and increase the chances of your child having a high IQ, increasing the chances of that child being successful in many fields? What if as a side result of this study, we find ways to minimize the likelihood of Parkinson's, MS, or even treatments for those already afflicted? Would you stop this research and doom poor Michael J. Fox to a lifetime of Parkinson's? Perhaps the research into the brain chemical reactions will bring forth a treatment for Parkinson's as an unintended great reward. Perhaps the results will stimulate some researcher somewhere else who will wonder about a similar approach to Alzheimer's? We don't know what the results will be, yet we know it's dangerous according to the Liberals, because it might show that homosexuality is a condition, not genetic. It may be a brain chemical imbalance like the formally named Manic Depressive, or Bi-Polar condition, which is treatable medically today, thanks to research.

Think about it, brain chemical imbalance which leads to bi-polar disorder and can be treated so the afflicted can lead a normal life, that is good isn't it?

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