Thursday, December 14, 2006

Senator Tim Johnson

First, let me say I was saddened to hear of Senator Johnson's illness, which at first was reported as a Stroke.

Second, let me say I am not joking when I honestly wish him, and all humans, a speedy recovery. I don't even wish half heartedly that any liberal or Democrat die from some disease, or accident.

I prefer to defeat them in the arena of ideals, where Liberalism is clearly shown to be a hypocritical fraud and demonstrating how Liberals are inconsistant and illogical.

Now, let me say the Nutters over at Democratic Underground are unhinged. They are literally slime, because their first concern wasn't that the Senator might be ill, but that he might die, and the Republican who is Governor might replace him with a Republican.

Face facts, The WH is searching for occurances like this to steal the Senate.
If fate does not throw them in the administration's lap, the DOJ can manufacture them with bogus prosecutions etc Or there can be plane crashes.If Johnson is not able to fill his term, the Republican governor will most certainly appoint a solid GOP senator, you can take that to the bank.The Dems would be well advised to make a list of all Democratic senators from states with Republican governors and keep a close eye on said Senators for the next two years.

He's being Wellstoned! nt

This is terrible news. I am beginning to think that my tinfoil hat is permanently ensconce on my head these days, because I always suspect Repuke fowl play when anything "bad" happens. We know the Repuke Dirty Tricks Committee will be in high gear since the embarrassment on Nov. 7. This just seems fishy to me, & too convenient for Repubs. Maybe it is just fate, but why does "fate" always seem to benefit them?

OK guys, take it easy for a moment. Tell me how Zell Miller ended up in the Senate can you? Zell Miller, well known Georgia Democrat, former Governor, succeeded by a fellow Democrat, that Zell Miller.

A REPUBLICAN named Paul Coverdale died. The Governor Roy Barnes appointed Zell Miller when Senator Coverdale died. Zell Miller ran for and won election at the next election, 1998 and retired in 2004.

Now, I don't remember any weird conspiracy theory about how the Democrats had poisoned Coverdale with a secret CIA created World Government sponsored chemical which would cause a Cerebral Hemorrhage. Yet our far left wing loons, first thing they see is a massive conspiracy and an intricate and expertly detailed plot to wrest control of the Senate from them.

Guys, relax, let's see what the FACTS are before we come up with a massive conspiracy shall we? We aren't even through the first news cycle, and you guys are crediting Rove with killing a Senator. Hot Air has more information and probably updated information on the Senators health.

UPDATE: First, We have a diagnosis, and it seems we can't have any news story about his condition without the Liberal nutcase commenting on the importance this one Senator plays in the senate. In the linked example, the panic is literally the first thing mentioned.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota was in critical condition recovering from emergency brain surgery Thursday, creating political drama over whether Democrats will control the new Senate next month if he is unable to continue in office.

In the Meantime Blogs of War has linked here, and many other blogs, further demonstrating the compassion of Conservatives for the person, and the panic of Liberals over the power.

Finally, we have this linked video of "The View" where four nuts sit around and cheerily discuss wild conspiracy theory and Liberal Agenda items.

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