Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lets get AIDS Funding back to where it was under Clinton

Previously posted information on AIDS here.

AIDS Funding has increased tenfold under Bush, I don't know what that is all about, we Conservatives are supposed to be cold, heartless, and happy that AIDS is destroying the world aren't we?

The ACLU says that Bush's policies are spreading AIDS, so we have to assume that the increase in funding for the treatment and cure of this disease is actually spreading it. Therefor I can only assume we want a President like President Clinton, who will fund very little, but say he cares deeply and often.

Bush and his Christian supporters seldom get the credit they deserve for their
role in the global fight against AIDS. U.S. spending on the disease overseas has
risen more than tenfold under Bush, while Christian groups have given
unselfishly to the cause. Churches, in fact, run health clinics in much of rural
Africa; without them, stemming AIDS would be all but impossible. So praise the
Lord and pass the antiretrovirals.

Bush and his supporters are constantly blamed for AIDS, for being compassion less, uncaring individuals.

BARCELONA, Spain (CNN) -- Protesters at the AIDS conference here Tuesday booed
United States Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson off the stage.
Thompson was scheduled to give a speech about the U.S. contribution to the
global fight against AIDS at the 14th international AIDS conference.

You see, it's not who is funding the fight, it's who get's credit for the fight. Conservatives are always blamed for AIDS, like we started it. Therefor I want to see a return of the spending that we saw under the balanced budgets of President Clinton, where AIDS funding got a smidgen of money, but a lot of compassion. We can't afford to rob our children's future for this level of funding, we can't afford it, it's too expensive. (Hard headed fiscal conservative ala Liberals on Iraq move there, you like it?)

Would a cure be welcome in all honesty? Yes, but until you have a cure, you should treat the disease like a disease.

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