Friday, June 23, 2006

Liberal Media once again sides with the enemy

Good news for America, 7 Terrorists were captured before they could get past the planning stages for an attack on our citizens. Of course, that is bad news for the Liberals, because we stopped the slaughter of American Citizens by barbaric terrorists.

Of course, the biggest news is how we tracked them. It seems we tracked money from overseas sources to suspected terrorists abroad. Tracking the International Banking methods is a nice twist, and frankly, I applaud the Government for doing it. It's big news because despite desperate requests from the Government begging the Newspapers to keep this quiet, the NY Times and LA Times decided that they had a duty and sworn constitutional requirement to let the Terrorists know we are tracking their money. Yes, give a Liberal a chance to be patriotic, and they will side with the enemy every single time. Giving us more proof that the Liberals have a Culture of Treason.

Friendly Boggers across the nation, Conservatives, Patriots, are outraged that this has happened. Michelle Malkin, Allahpundit, and Iowa Voice are enraged that the Liberals are once again defying the common sense approach to tracking terrorists, and turning their backs on the nation. Michelle also has contact information for the NY Times and the LA Times.

Join with me in writing the White House and demanding that the Government revoke the Press Credentials of the NY Times and the LA Times. Let them publish their treason from another location, not subsidized by the American Taxpayer. Send the Media a message, if you insist on helping our enemies, then you aren't welcome in the Peoples House.


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