Sunday, December 17, 2006

Unions and Liberals angry that the Army needs tires.

We support the troops, not the war is the battle cry of the far left wing loons. So now when they are stuck with supporting the war to support the troops, they back away quickly. Especially now that they are the party in charge in Washington, and the obstacle to supporting the troops, is the beloved Unions.

The Steelworkers union and Liberals are outraged that the Army needs tires from Goodyear, the only supplier of Military Grade Humvee tires, for the troops in Iraq. The Army is considering filing a request to implement Taft-Hartley to force the Goodyear employees to return to work for war essential material production.

Is it Fascism Yet? That is the question asked by the far left wing loons at Democratic Underground. I don't know, is it Fascism to expect that the troops get the material and supplies that they need? How long ago was it that the Liberals denounced the Bush Administration, and Donald Rumsfeld for not getting enough Armored Humvee's to the troops quickly enough? Now they denounce the Administration for trying to get tires for those same vehicles?

What is the sticking point that has led to this strike? The Union wants higher wages, more benefits, and oh yeah, guaranteed health care for the Retired workers. Goodyear says they can't afford all of that, they can't afford most of it, and the Union is sure they can. The last time the Steelworkers Union was sure the Company could afford it, the company went bankrupt, and closed up shop.

« Georgetown Steel closes, 465 Union jobs lost. The Union voted against a 10% pay cut not once, but twice, and the Owners of Georgetown steel had no choice but to close the plant, and file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The pensions of the workers are now not in Management hands, nor in the hands of the Union, but are the property of the Bankruptcy court. Source: Georgetown times. October 22, 2003

The union tried to call Georgetown Steel's bluff, and the plant was closed. Victory for the Union, they didn't take a pay cut, instead of a 10% pay cut, they got a 100% pay cut.

Goodyear has taken the measure of hiring replacement workers, often called "scabs" by Union employees who are refusing to work. Look Liberals, let's be consistent for a moment, is it a good economy, good enough to meet all the Union demands, or is it a terrible economy? If it is a bad economy, how do you expect the companies to fork over all the money they don't have to your unions? Oh wait, trying to get consistency from a liberal is like trying to get rational behavior from a cat strung out on catnip.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should really check your facts first. It is the Union who offered to go back to the plant during the strike to make the tires for the military. It is the Company who said no.

Also, the strike is not about wages, it is about trying to keep jobs in the United States and not shipping them to China and other third world countries. Three years ago, Goodyear’s USW members and retirees accepted cuts in wages, health care and pension benefits and the closing of a plant to save the company from bankruptcy. Today, Goodyear’s stock is worth nearly five times more and executives have rewarded themselves with millions of dollars in bonuses—but they still want more sacrifices from workers.

When does this country make a stand about unfair "free trade." I believe in fair trade. However our country cannot compete fairly with countries that have universal healthcare, that use their citizens (children included)as slave labor with no rights, no voice, no protections, have no environmental standards, etc.

The future of this country's middle class is at stake and I for one am glad that someone is finally taking a stand.

I believe in a capitalistic society, but in every society there are rules. I don't believe in unchecked greed, or breaking contractual agreements. Goodyear has taken the profits made from US plants at the expense of their employees to invest overseas where they can develop plants using slave labor and eventually close down the plants in the US.

Like it or not, manufacturing, good paying jobs, and the jobs they create make up the majority of the middle class. At least citizens in this country have the right to speak out, fight for their jobs, and what they believe in. In the countries Goodyear is relocating to, they have little, if no rights, are government controlled, and live in poverty.

I have no respect for any person or company that can rape a society and its people all for the sake of greed.

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