Sunday, November 19, 2006

Solution discovered for Global Warming

Great news for those Global Warming advocates, a solution has been found. Air Polution would reduce the amount of Global Warming, and in fact, cool the earth.

They use as a baseline the Mt. Pinetubo eruption which cooled the earth by .9 degrees.

Pinatubo shot so much sulfurous debris into the stratosphere that it is believed it cooled the Earth by 0.9 degrees for about a year.
Wigley ran scenarios of stratospheric sulfate injection — on the scale of Pinatubo's estimated 10 million tons of sulfur — through supercomputer models of the climate, and he reported that Crutzen's idea would, indeed, seem to work. Even half that amount per year would help, he wrote.

Great news, we can end Global Warming with a little Air Pollution.



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