Sunday, December 31, 2006

Liberals bemoan the death of Saddam?????

In Between screeds demanding the impeachment of Bush, this weekends execution of Saddam has caused much wringing of hands on our favorite liberal site, the Democratic Underground, which many on the right refer to as DUmmies.

The Democratic Underground far left wing loonies are in a real lather over the Death Penalty, to be fair, there are a few who see a problem with the consistency of being Pro Choice in Abortion, yet against the Death Penalty, however those few are certainly dragged over the coals for this violation of accepted and approved liberal thought.

Now, let's take the argument that the Death Penalty is immoral. Immoral by what standard? If society has the value that certain crimes, Murder for example, have the potential of the ultimate punishment, what is immoral about the public view? If we can take a moment and consider the great Liberal cries of the past shall we?

James Byrd was a black man who was brutally tortured and murdered by three white men. The three white men were tried for capital murder, the highest crime under Texas Law, and two were sentenced to Death, one was sentenced to life in prison. That penalty wasn't enough for the Liberals who demanded additional legislation to prosecute Hate Crime. People like me correctly pointed out that this was in effect making a felony out of thought, and it was far better to try the criminal for the crime, MURDER in this instance, instead of the thought. Two criminals sentenced to death, one sentenced to life in prison, and the LIBERALS demand more punishment?

Matthew Sheppard was another barbaric murder, where the Liberals again demanded Hate Crime Legislation. Those who committed the crime were sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. In my opinion, a far more cruel punishment than the Death Penalty. It takes away the hope for rescue in the future, it puts the individual in a cell like the animal he is by nature, and leaves him there for the remainder of his life. That by the way is why I like the Life without possibility of parole, it steals the hope which we all need by our very nature. Again, Liberals demanded that those who committed the crime receive additional punishment under Hate Crimes legislation. OK, how can we punish these two any more? Life without parole with bamboo shoots under the fingernails?

Liberals love to decry that the Death Penalty is cruel and unusual, yet it's not enough punishment when they demand justice. Remember those who said Ken Lay of Enron fame got off light by dying before he was sentenced?

But now that he's died of a heart attack in the luxury of his Colorado getaway while awaiting sentencing for his crimes, none of his victims will be able to contemplate that he's locked away in a place that makes the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel look like Hawaii; that he might be spending long nights locked in a cell with a panting tattooed monster named Sumo, a man of strange and constant demands; and long days in the prison laundry or jute mill or license plate factory, gibbering with anguish as fire-eyed psychopaths stare at him for unblinking hours while they sharpen spoons into jailhouse stilettos.
He will not be ground into gray jailhouse paste by listening to the eardrum-scarring symphony of 131-decibel despair that is the Muzak of penitentiaries, by gagging on the dead prison air, by choking on the deader food, by watching the blue sky taunt him with freedom over the exercise yard, and by feeling his nervous system rent by the cruel grenades of memories -- explosions of nostalgia for the days when he knew he'd be swanning forever through the comfy laps and cool lawns of luxury and infinite possibility. Sweet Gulfstreams through sweet skies, the pools, the jewels, the Maybach limousines, a life in which he didn't just pimp his ride, he pimped the entire world as he knew it.

You see, for being a Conservative supporter, Death was too good for Ken Lay, apparently all of the above isn't cruel enough to punish someone who gave money to George Bush.

Libs, consistency in your argument is something you might want to try sometime. Those who are pointing out your positions on Abortion, the Death Penalty, and Euthanasia. These inconsistencies are problematic to say the least. You should probably spend a little time comparing the arguments you use for choice, and for Euthanasia, with the arguments you use to oppose the death penalty.

UPDATE: 4:30 pm. Just when I thought this post was done, I stumbled across a blog managed and operated by a number of Law Professors, or at least, two of the three owners are law professors, who are commenting on the liberal pundits idea that the video of Saddam being hung should be viewed by anyone who supports the Death Penalty.

The blog the Professor has quoted, Appellate law and practice, states.

Note: I considered editing out the links to the video, but then considered a disclaimer instead. Folks, if you follow the link, and are insulted, outraged, or otherwise disturbed, it's your own fault.

Video of the hanging of Saddam can be found here. Anyone who favors the death penalty, or the procedure applied in this case should watch this and share it with your children. If you can’t stand to watch it or you won’t show it to your children, you need to re-evaluate your position. US lawyers approved of the procedure and authorized the hand-over of Saddam. (Crafting it to avoid the jurisdiction of American courts, see here.) Hopefully, this will encourage the videotaping and dissemination of future executions in the US, so that they can be shown in schools so we can have an honest discussion about the merits of the death penalty. (The CNN video, with less graphic content is here.)

Libs, I have seen the video three times. I linked to the video of a French Execution in the 1930's. I still support the death penalty, and I can assure you that I am not put off by the mechanism of the sentence. It was far more humane than the executions that Saddam put forth on the people. It was far more humane than the poison gas he used on a town. In short, it doesn't bother me at all.

In fact, I believe that executions should be public, that would increase the deterrent factor that many of us believe that capital punishment has been lacking. Frankly, I wouldn't mind seeing similar actions during the halftime show of the Superbowl. I bet I would even hear muted complaints from the lefties if it was the men who murdered James Byrd wouldn't I?

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