Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Usual suspects whine about Immigration round up.

Greeley Colorado has been part of a large scale Immigration round up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. The usual Anti-Enforcement of immigration laws groups are screaming about how unfair it is that laws are enforced. Let's take a moment and consider which laws were broken, and what the effect is on our society.

First is Illegal entry into our nation. That is a crime. Then the criminals compound the list of crimes endured by our citizens by committing Identity Fraud. How did Federal Agents learn that Illegal Immigrants may be committing further crimes, and how did the Feds learn that the people were working in Greeley Colorado?

A woman claiming to be Theresa Sanchez provided Swift with a Social Security card and Colorado I.D. on April 8, 2005. The FTC shows Sanchez actually lives in Texas and filed a complaint after she got a letter from the IRS. The letter said the agency was holding her $5,400 refund because she had failed to report $120,000 in wages since 1996. Sanchez told ICE she had never lived in Colorado. The FTC said someone used her information for jobs, college and to receive unemployment benefits.
Sanchez told an agent she stands about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. The woman suspected of impersonating her is 5 inches shorter and 10 pounds lighter. Sanchez said the suspect may have gotten her personal information from an ex-husband

Ms. Sanchez is one story, there are others, lots of others. You may be one soon, if you aren't one now. An illegal using your identity, screwing up your life for YEARS, making it difficult, or even impossible, for you to buy a home, a car, get a job, or file your taxes. You can't live by the rules, obey the laws, and be treated fairly because some CRIMINAL is using your identity to break the law.

We are all victims of Illegal Immigration, and the other crimes committed to cover up that one.

GREELEY, Colo. (AP) - Outside a meatpacking plant fence here, a frustrated Tony Garcia watched as Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents swarmed inside.
"We need help," he yelled to them. "We need answers."
There were few of those Tuesday as agents began their initial sweep through Swift & Co. plants in six states, arresting illegal immigrants who had bought or stolen other people's identities to help them get Swift jobs.
Garcia, who said he has friends who work at the Greeley plant, was worried about the fate of schoolchildren whose parents were arrested. "Who is going to pick them up?" he asked.

I noticed something interesting, it seems that the newsphotos in Denver may be staged as well.
It's interesting that both photos have the exact same placard, thus making the picture worth a thousand words right? FYI, the Girls in the photo to the right are there concerned about their boyfriends, who work at the plant. The girl being hugged is 13. I would assume that the meat packing plant would not hire a minor, as insurance companies normally frown on minors being exposed to risk filled work environments. So we have a person who should be at least 18 dating a girl of 13 according to the Denver Post slideshow. I understand that the girls parents do not work at the plant, so we have to wonder how those parents feel about their extremely underage daughter dating a much older man. I wonder if her boyfriend was one of the identity thief/illegal aliens, who may be committing other crimes in the community.



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