Sunday, December 31, 2006

Iraq send two captured Iranian Military Commanders home

On Christmas day, I posted a story about how two Iranian Military officers, high ranking officers, were captured in Iraq during a sweep of suspected "insurgents" (you can call them that, it's fairly accurate, however TERRORIST is more accurate don't you think?) with plans and documents on them which were meant to aid terrorists in Iraq. These two officers have been further identified, and HOT Air is where I found this story.

One of the commanders, identified by officials simply as Chizari, was the third-highest-ranking official of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' al-Quds Brigade, the unit most active in aiding, arming and training groups outside Iran, including Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, U.S. officials said. The other commander was described as equally significant to Iran's support of foreign militaries but not as high-ranking.
American military forces nabbed the two men in raids last week. Their capture, U.S. officials said, represents the strongest evidence yet that Tehran's Shiite theocracy is meddling in Iraq's affairs and strengthening its relationship with the government in Baghdad.
U.S. defense officials familiar with the raids said the captured Iranians had detailed weapons lists, documents pertaining to shipments of weapons into Iraq, organizational charts, telephone records and maps, among other sensitive intelligence information. Officials were particularly concerned by the fact that the Iranians had information about importing modern, specially shaped explosive charges into Iraq, weapons that have been used in roadside bombs to target U.S. military armored vehicles.

Of course, the State Department types which recognizes Diplomatic Immunity to be sacrosanct, has decided that overall this is a good thing.

Despite their frustration at the release of the Iranians, U.S. officials said a strong message has been sent to Iran that its operatives will be tracked down and that it will be held accountable for its activities in Iraq.
"Iranians have been pushing the envelope in Iraq and elsewhere, and it's a good thing they learn there are consequences," a U.S. official said, on condition of anonymity.

Yes, apparently the consequences for assisting a Terrorist Organization is two people with diplomatic immunity are sent home. I bet the State Department even recommended a time out for the bad boys.

It is called being PNG'd, or Persona Non Grata. That is Diplomatic Speak, or Diplospeak, for Go Home NOW. Usually within 24 hours. As you can guess, being told to leave someone else's house isn't exactly a big punishment. I mean, being told to go home isn't exactly an insult is it? Of course, that is the Diplomatic manner in which the game is played. Of course, the Diplomatic Status is one of those things we demand be recognized, and it's been abused since it was first put into practice. Always has been, probably always will be abused by all the nations who use it.

I'm going to point out that Hot Air is giving credit to a blog that is new to me, Uncommon Misconceptions. I have read a few of his articles, and like it so far.

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