Friday, December 01, 2006

Journalism Students caught cheating on Ethics Exam

Ethics, something that Journalists have been under fire for quite some time, isn't being taught in such a way that the students understand.

Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, and Suitably Flip have this story, and like the rest of us, are enjoying it.

In Short, the Journalism Students appear to have leaked the question on an exam in their ethics class. OK, obviously a test is intended to see if certain knowledge has been gained, and understood. If the lessons can be applied to a given situation properly. An ethics test would obviously be intended to see if the ethical lessons were learned and understood. I think we can safely say, the very definition of ethics was not understood.

Ethics as defined. A set of principles of right conduct.

In short, it is the ability to determine what is right, and what is wrong. Cheating would be considered wrong. It is at a minimum unethical to cheat, that is generally understood, and should have been second nature for Graduate Level Students.

Us old fashioned conservatives believe that people should stand, or fail, on their own, based upon their own merits, and their own skills. Apparently, Journalism is continuing to sink into the abyss of faked news, and tests.



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