Saturday, December 16, 2006

New York Times chomping the bit to call for Iraq Surrender

The Drudge Report is reporting on a video shown on CSPAN, of an interview with the incoming Editorial Page Editor (title approved by the Department of Redundancy Department) of the New York Times, formally the Newspaper of Record. In the interview, the incoming editor, Andrew Rosenthal who is taking over a sinking ship.

According to Rosenthal, no Democracy is going to happen in Iraq, and he is prepared to call on Unilateral Surrender, based presumably on his left wing leanings, at the Times agenda.

I think I can take a page out of his book right? Isn't it time for the NY Times to surrender, and close up shop. With falling circulation and massive employee layoffs. And when you consider that coupled with the numerous scandals that have racked the times, and it's abuse of eminent domain by having New York City purchase the land for their current building, the New York Times must surrender, and close up shop.

I am calling on the New York Times to just surrender and go out of business, a change of leadership won't fix the problems that the New York Times is having, the entire operation has failed. Income for the company continues to fall, circulation is down, and the outlook remains one of continued losses. They blame the continued losses on things like taxes, but hope in the distant future, they will have layed off enough employees (read that as plant consolidation) to be able to stem the flow of cash from the company.

Many people, myself included, have called on the Times to abandon their liberal bias, and report News Fair and Balanced. Of course, the Times denies any such bias, and conducts an internal review to prove that they aren't biased. The review determined that there was indeed a bias, but that was just due to the cosmopolitan nature of the city they were in. So the bias supposedly reflected the main circulation target, New York City. Of course, there are 8 million people in New York City, and the circulation of the Times is just over 1 million papers a day. Of course, you have to include the hundreds of thousands of schools, both College and High Schools, and libraries, which take the times daily for it's availability to the students. Now, what is the market the Times is trying to reach ineptly? USA Today and the Wall Street Journal both have much higher circulation that the NY Times. Yet, we are told it is the Newspaper of Record.

I hope you will join me in calling on the New York Times to admit defeat and failure, and just close it's doors forever. We can't move forward until we are willing to be honest with our self.



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