Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Aren't we safer if Police have access to pertinant information?

In a post Christmas holiday posting, the same liberal lawyer who bemoaned all those non violent criminals who were wasting away over Thanksgiving in jail and prison, we have a new complaint.

The Department of Justice is finally joining the information age, and creating a massive database in which all the agencies information will be shared and stored. FBI, ATF, U.S. Marshall's, Secret Service, and many other agencies, will have information in this database which will be available to the Local Police Officers.

This is a much improved version of the NCIC, or National Crime Information Computer, which would provide only basic information on Wants, Warrants for arrest, and convictions. It would not provide any information on the suspects previous interaction with law enforcement personnel.

Let's say that you are a police Detective in a small town in rural America. You are talking to possible witness, and thanks to OneDOJ, the Department of Justice Database, you find that this same fellow was a witness to five other fires in four states, kind of a strange coincidence. You interview him more formally, and then serve a search warrant. Turns out the innocent sounding fellow as a serial arsonist. He moves around frequently, following his work he says, and that is about true. Fictional straw man argument? Certainly, however is that scenario impossible? NO.

Wait you say, our right to Privacy will be invaded. Invaded by a database that is only triggered when we interact with law enforcement? Invaded by a database which may be a useful tool in helping to solve crimes where people are murdered? How is it a bad thing to find a serial killer sooner rather than later? Explain to me why the criminals right to Privacy outweighs my Right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of my own happiness. I want to hear that one explained to me.

If we can share information between individuals, and do so efficiently, it has the potential of being a great tool to law enforcement. Will it be abused by the rare individual? Again, I use the word certainly. It will be abused by some nut who probably shouldn't be a mall security guard, but is a cop somewhere, but it will be symptomatic of his other abuses don't you think? It might even allow us to find him, again sooner, rather than later, before he has racked up hundreds of victims of his abuse of power needs. We might identify a bad cop before he has the chance to really hurt someone with this tool, properly implemented.

We might even find that a terrorist here on an expired student visa who is at truck driving school is really a terrorist wannabe. How many lives of Innocent Americans have to be sacrificed at the alter of the Liberal beliefs? How many stupid ideas will the Liberals put forth in an effort not to chase bad guys who are victimizing the population?

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