Sunday, May 28, 2006

Minutemen begin building fences while Washington waits

While Congress continues to debate how to forgive the organized criminal activity of illegal immigration, we are watching private citizens, organize, and defend this nation. The Minutemen Project has started building fences along private property to help slow the influx of the Illegals across the boarder.

While the President has categorized these individuals as Vigilantes which would be accurate if only our President had before demonstrated a classical education. The root of Vigilante is Vigil, which in Latin means to be watchful, or in Spanish, it means the Watchmen. However, with the Cowboy persona embodied by our President, complete to the Texas Ranch, we would have a hard time with the ideal that he was using the term Vigilante in either it's Spanish, or it's Latin frame. I am afraid that President Bush intended it more along the lines of the old western lynch mobs of fame than anything else.

For those who say that the fence won't stop the flood of illegal Aliens, you are actually right. The purpose of a fence or other obstacle is never to stop, but to delay and deter. Army Doctrine is clear on the purpose of obstacles, as quoted from FM 5-7 below.

The intent of a delay is to slow the enemy, cause it casualties, and stop it (where possible) without becoming decisively engaged.

When I was an Engineer in the Army, I was taught that the purpose of an obstacle, for example a fence, was never to stop, you can't build an obstacle that will stop a determined enemy. History clearly shows that no fortification will ever stop a determined attack. Instead, the obstacles are intended to slow the assault, or in this case, invasion by illegal Aliens. Those fences must be backed up by people, who in this case will arrest, and hopefully repatriate the illegals back to their home nations.

Like nearly every conservative out there, many of whom have spoken quite eloquently about this issue, I am not opposed to immigration. I am opposed to illegal Immigration, with the obvious emphasis on illegal.

If Congress were to just propose an increase in the number of LEGAL immigrants that are allowed entry into our nation, while not decriminalizing the millions who have already broken multiple laws, and are unilaterally forgiven for Felony behavior in addition to entering our nation illegally, most would not oppose. We may even support a comprehensive reform package, that addresses all the aspects of the issue, including severe penalties for the employers of illegal immigrants. Instead, we are told it just can't happen. Many of the same people who voted for the Brady Bill with it's "instant background check" requirement before purchasing a weapon, are the same ones who declare that it would be impossible to set up any system to see if a worker is illegal. I have purchased a weapon under those conditions, and the background check seemed to work, I was authorized in about an hour. Are you telling me that we can't wait even one hour to hire a prospective employee?

As is now obvious, the excuses that the Senate used in passing this legislation, is frankly false before any logical or common sense argument. In the next year, Senator McCain (Rino) will be asking many of us to support his next run on the White House, and the Conservatives should remember this if nothing else. He has consistently be part of the Problem, instead of the solution, and shouldn't be given any promotion to another job. His incompetence at his current position should mean his removal, but thanks to his incumbent protection law (McCain Feingold) you aren't allowed to run any negative advertisements before the election. It would appear that his current job is safe, but we should work hard to insure he doesn't get the promotion he desires.


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