Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gov. Richardson says NO to boarder fence.

Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico has declared that the Boarder Fence approved by Congress isn't needed, what is needed is more Boarder Patrol Agents. Well he is half right, we need both a good fence, more agents, and landmines on the Boarder. We saw what happened when we sent a brick to Congress, we saw what happened when we the people shouted at Washington to build a damn fence, the politicians started with a measly 700 mile fence, and a few National Guardsmen. They also informed us the people, the voters, the folks that want action, that we had to get used to Immigration Amnesty.

OK, now Governor Richardson is going to announce he is opposed to a boarder fence. The Yahoo News Story for those who can't click on Newsmax because of political beliefs. The newsmax story has a good background to keep the story in perspective though.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., has promised to "revisit" the fence issue as the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee in the 110th Congress.
Thompson said that the high-technology Secure Border Initiative, or SBI Net with its monitors, cameras, and other integrated surveillance systems was an attractive alternative.
"We might do away with [the fence], or look at [integrating it into the] SBI Net," he said, "A virtual fence rather than a real one." Richardson may be against the fence for more boots on the ground and more black boxes, but the grim facts emanating from the Department of Homeland Security augur against his kinder, gentler stance.
Recently, the department reported that the U.S. had "effective control" over only 284 miles of its 1,992-mile Southern frontier as of March, up from a "whopping" 241 miles in October 2005.

We control about 10 percent of our own boarder, and we think a fence isn't the answer? Landmines and massive deployment of armed combat soldiers with orders to shoot to kill anything that moves is the RIGHT answer in that situation. A physical fence or wall is sad third choice in the meantime since killing those who are invading our country would be a major topic of outrage of the far left wing surrender now folks. They like to call on us to use Virtual Fences and techno solutions.

Virtual Fences. Anyone think the Governor is protected by Virtual Fences? We know the White House, and Congress are protected by REAL Fences and WALLS of giant Concrete Barriers. They closed Pennsylvania Ave. to protect the President, tossed up a WALL to protect the President, and announce WE little people don't need a wall or a fence. Hello Hypocrites, you might want to look out your window and see that the fences, walls, and lines of police keeping US back from you is part of your PROTECTION from US. Whenever there is a protest of the Washington Elite, Police are lined up shoulder to shoulder to keep the Protesters out of buildings where the elected and appointed work and live. Yet, when we are being overrun, murdered, slaughtered by the dozens each day by these illegal immigrants and we don't get any protection, and only minor enforcement of the existing laws.

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