Monday, December 11, 2006

I thought this was a lasting peace

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you remember only the basics from History, Nevile Chamberlain is of course, well known to you. He is one of the fools who thought that you could negotiate with a madman, and guarantee peace in our time. He was wrong, and Hitler broke his worthless word to everyone he ever gave it to in time.

The Government of Pakistan signed a peace deal with the Tribal Leaders in a remote boarder region near Afghanistan, where it was promised that in return for the Government pull out of the area, the Tribal Leaders would guarantee no Al Q, No Taliban, and No travel of Terrorists or Islamic Extremists across the area to Afghanistan.

The predictable result demonstrated time and time again through history, you can't negotiate with extremists. You can't, because it simply and succinctly put, wastes your time, and convinces the extremists that you are peace, love, and happiness, over logic and intelligence, fools. The Extremists always, always break their word, and do whatever they just promised not to do. They LIE, Historically demonstrable fact, they lie.

Since retreating from Afghanistan in 2002 under American military attacks, the Taliban and foreign fighters have again been using the tribal areas to organize themselves — now training their sights on the 40,000 American and NATO troops in Afghanistan.
After failing to gain control of the areas in military campaigns, the government cut peace deals in South Waziristan in 2004 and 2005, and then in North Waziristan on Sept. 5. Since the September accord, NATO officials say cross-border attacks by Pakistani and Afghan Taliban and their foreign allies have increased.
In recent weeks, Pakistani intelligence officials said the number of foreign fighters in the tribal areas was far higher than the official estimate of 500, perhaps as high as 2,000 today.
These fighters include Afghans and seasoned Taliban leaders, Uzbek and other Central Asian militants, and what intelligence officials estimate to be 80 to 90 Arab terrorist operatives and fugitives, possibly including the Qaeda leaders
Osama bin Laden and his second in command, Ayman al-Zawahri.

Well wait a minute, I thought this deal was going to guarantee that this wasn't possible. I know, Extremists lie, so what is it about the Press that they pretend that Extremists can be trusted. After every incident of an Extremists being caught doing something they promised not to, the Press and State Department fools all pretend to be shocked that Kim Jong Ill would continue to build Nuclear Weapons before the ink was dry on his treaty not to do that. Shocked that the peace treaty signed by Extremists in Pakistan was worthless.

Liberals, please listen carefully, you may think that all people have some sort of moral sense, a basic desire to live in peace and harmony. That is a bunch of fuzzy headed nonsense. It is utterly demolished by history, by current events, and by basic logic.

No one should ever consider a peace deal, or negotiations with extremists. You can't ever trust them. President Reagan said it rightly. Trust, but Verify.

UPDATE: Our friends at Sister Toldjah, and Right Voices have linked here, and have some nice roundups.


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