Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Muslim Leaders ask for private room at Airport

Originally posted on 12-3-2006 Updated 12-6-2006

Muslim Leaders have asked the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to set aside a room for them (the Muslims) to have prayers in.

"When we pray, we don't want a problem. We don't want what happened last week," said Abdulrehman Hersi, an imam at Darul-Quba mosque in Minneapolis, referring to six clerics who were barred from a US Airways flight in Minneapolis after drawing the concern of some passengers.

As first reported on Pajamas Media, the police report a PDF version is available on PJM, backs up the actions of the police, including voluntary witness statements from the people who first reported the suspicious behavior of the individuals.

The Police and Federal Officers acted properly it would seem, in accordance with the security desires set forth after 9-11 to prevent another such attack. The Muslim Men, all of whom were acting suspiciously, two of whom were seated near an Arabic speaker, not by design, but by blind chance, and were outed for the Terrorists Wanabe's they were. I hope and pray that all of this is brought out at the trial so that the public may know the truth, instead of the Liberal Media Hype.

"We are users of the airport, too, and we don't want to get into a situation
where Muslims feel we are being marginalized at the airport," said Omar
Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in St. Paul and the meeting's organizer.

Pauline (sic. a passenger on the flight) revealed to Pajamas Media that the six
imams were doing things far more suspicious than praying -
an Arabic-speaking
passenger heard them repeatedly invoke “bin Laden,” and “terrorism
,” a gate attendant told the captain that she did not want to fly with them, and that

bomb-sniffing dogs were brought aboard. Other Muslim passengers were left undisturbed and later joined in a round of applause for the U.S. Airways crew.
“It wasn’t that they were Muslim. It was all of the suspicious things they did,”
Pauline said.

Well I hope that this comes out in the trial, I would love to hear CAIR, the Well Groomed and sweet smelling Council on American Islamic Relations explain why the Other Muslims weren't harassed in a supposed effort to target Muslims?

But their behavior Monday night at Gate C9 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was enough to trigger one airline passenger to jot a two-sentence note that would get the men kicked off one flight and eventually barred from another.

We already know that statement is untrue, there is a 24 page police report which includes statements of many people who found something improper in the behavior, not religion, of the individuals in question.

We now have an idea of what really happened, and people weren't targeted for their religion, but for their actions. It isn't anything that CAIR can scream about, despite their best efforts to try and demonstrate some hidden animosity towards Muslims.

UPDATE: It seems that the Police, Airline Pilot's Union, and the Airline have all reviewed the events, and concluded that the airline personnel behaved properly. HOT AIR has the follow up information.



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