Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Democrats decide Darfur needs help

My Friends, you have to wonder about Liberals, and if they realize how hypocritical they are every day and night., home of some of the weirdest liberals you can imagine, are busy with two calls for action.

1) They want you to pressure Congress to impeach President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and any other administration official who is a Republican, for the war in Iraq. A war where we ended two decades of murders, rapes, and abuses on a grand scale. A war authorized by the Congress, and by numerous UN Resolutions over 10 years. Yet, that war where we ended the reign of a madman who raped, murdered, and tortured his own people is an impeachable offense to Liberals, because Haliburton might make some money doing what they do anyway.

2) The Liberals want you to demand that President Bush take action to end the Rapes, Murders, and torture in Darfur. I wish I was kidding.

From a email.

Dear Max,
As you may have read in the news, the violence in Darfur is spreading into the neighboring countries of Chad and the Central African Republic.
I hope you'll take a moment to
sign the petition to President Bush and the UN Secretary-General.
Bob Fertik

Wow, the audacity of some people. Demand impeachment in one breath, and demand the very same action you want to impeach him for in the next.

Perhaps we should try diplomacy, perhaps we should consult with Iran, after all they are one of the first nations named by Liberals when they demand Diplomacy in Iraq aren't they?

Perhaps we can consult with Syria, another of the nations that Liberals love to claim we should consult. How do Syria and Iraq feel about the Darfur situation. Are we certain the "Great Satan" will be welcomed in Darfur? I would really hate it if Darfur was turned into a Viet-Nam like quagmire for us wouldn't you?

I think that there is really no way for us to take action in Darfur, because if we did, it would be viewed as unilateral, and may upset our notional allies the French. Perhaps if the Liberals have some information about Osama bin Laden being in Darfur, but no, even then the Diplomatic Solution is probably best.

I have assurances from a friend that Sudan isn't starving the refugees, it seems that the individuals in question are fasting for world peace.

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