Monday, December 10, 2007

Libs, please follow the NY Times.

In 2000, the press, especially the NY Times, believed that Al Gore was the most electable Candidate. We watched as the people's choice in the form of Howard Dean was nuked by this belief that he wasn't "electable." After that debacle. We watched in interest as the Democrats once again consulted the press, and found to their shock that John Kerry was the most electable.

We watched the Kerry campaign sunk by their own advertisements. Edwards told us that if we wanted to know about Kerry, all we had to do was ask those who served with him. All but two of the people in the picture they used to show Kerry's service said "don't vote for Kerry."

Stupid mistake for Edwards, a Lawyer, to make. First rule of asking a question. If you don't know the answer, don't ask it in public. In public, people might surprise you with their answer.

A dozen or more people said they would never support Kerry. Well, OK. Mr. Edwards, those who served with John Kerry, say we should not vote for him. Edwards then said "Ignore them, listen to these two guys." It was asinine. Damn foolish, and set up the explosion of a minor group, the Swift Boaters to the national scene. You all did the work to make them relevant.

Now, we are informed that Hillary Clinton is the most Electable. Despite the many polls done nationally which shows that Hillary has negatives in excess of 50%. Half the people in the nation say they will never vote for Hillary. Obama doesn't have that high of a negative.

Now, that aside, who do I want the Democrats to pick? None of them. Frankly there aren't any candidates out there that have inspired me thus far. Perhaps that's in the future, but so far, none of them are espousing truly conservative ideals.

Conservatism works, that isn't really debatable in reality. Conservative principals and ideals are the ones that have made America, and the world great. I had a friend talking about this. We were discussing my willingness to serve in the Military, and my understanding of the risks associated with that service. I told him that was the game, and the way it's played. You place your bets, and you take your chances. The risk is worth the gain in my opinion.

He didn't understand, couldn't see anything in the country that was worth defending.

I told him about a man, named Herman Cain. Herman was the son of a Janitor. The elder Mr. Cain worked as a Janitor at the Coca Cola company. His son became a Vice President of that company. Demonstrating that in this nation, your merits and excellence will get you much farther than who your father was.

My friend said it was a nice story, but that couldn't ever happen for a Black Man.

I told him Herman Cain was black, and I had proudly supported Mr. Cain when he ran for the Senate. I was disappointed that he hadn't won the nomination, and then the seat. However I was still one to believe that opportunity for hard work, and education existed here in this country. In very few others could the son of a janitor become a corporate vice president. You could about count them on one hand. My friend looked at me astounded. "You supported a Black man for Senator?"

Yes, not because he was black, that doesn't matter a whit. I supported him because he espoused true Conservative ideals in my opinion. I respected him because he was a successful businessman. Conservative ideals of hard work and effort pay off.


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