Friday, December 07, 2007

Police Detective charged with Perjury

I've written before about police corruption. I'm obviously opposed to it in case you were curious.

Today's story is about a New York Detective who lied on the stand. The suspect had recorded the interrogation on his MP3 player,and the cop lied about it on the stand. Now here is the bad part. If the suspect hadn't recorded the conversation, the cop would have been believed automatically. The cop being considered more trustworthy because he has a badge. Despite the number of times that police are shown to be excessive or extreme in their behavior towards a suspect. Despite the number of occasions that the police are accused of lying, none of them are ever given a polygraph test to determine the truth.

What if the police were required to take and pass a polygraph every six months in order to maintain their ability to be police? We have the same requirements for members of the CIA, NSA, and other Government agencies. If you are working in a field where trust is paramount, why wouldn't you want to see who is lying around you?

Instead, if it's two people, the cop is always believed over the civilian. No matter how many times the same behavior is outlined by witnesses, the police officers simple "I didn't do that." will trump all the witness testimony. In this case, the police officers own words were used to prove he lied under oath.

Now the obvious question. Are we supposed to believe that he never lied on the witness stand before? We're supposed to believe that this was his first time right? How many people were convicted based upon this Detectives testimony? How many people are in prison right now, their lives ruined because this Police Detective was comfortable lying on the stand?

Polygraph testing for Police and other public servants. It's past time to start that one rolling.


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